Co-NTA Cartridge

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Purification (Purif)
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Verwendungszweck Specific binding and purification of his-tagged proteins
Marke PureCube 100
Proben Cell Culture Supernatant, Cell Lysate, Tissue Lysate
Spezifität Affinity to His-tagged proteins
  • Pre-packed column containing PureCube 100 Co-NTA Agarose
  • Specificity higher than with Ni-NTA
  • Suitable for high flow rates on FPLC instruments
  • Stable in buffer containing 10 mM DTT and 1 mM EDTA
  • Delivered as 5 x prepacked cartridges containing 1 mL bed volume each.
Bestandteile Pre-packed affinity cartridges
Benötigtes Material
  • FPLC instrument Lysis
  • Wash
  • Elution Buffers
  • Ice bath
  • Refrigerated centrifuge for 50 mL tube (min 10,000 x g)
  • 50 mL centrifuge tube
  • Micropipettor and Micropipetting tips
  •  pH meter
  • End-over-end shaker
  • SDS-PAGE buffers, reagents and equipment
    Optional: Western Blot reagents and equipment
Bead Ligand Co-NTA
Bead Matrix Agarose beads
Bead Size 100 μm
Applikationshinweise Technical features of Cartridges:
- Bed volume: 1 mL
- Dimensions (mm): 6.2 X 50
- Body material: Polypropylene
- Inlet: 10-32 UNF female thread
- Outlet:10-32 UNF female thread

Sample Volume for an assay: >200 mL E.coli culture volume or corresponding quantity. Protocol can be scaled up easily.

Probenmenge 200 mL
Testdauer 4 - 5 h
Protokoll Purification of his-tagged protein on FPLC instruments
Aufbereitung der Reagenzien

A Purification under native conditions:

  • Native Lysis buffer: NaH2PO4 50 mM, NaCl 300 mM, Imidazole 10 mM, pH 8
    Optional: Add 1 tablet protease inhibitor cocktail to the Lysis Buffer.
    Tip: Lysis Buffer contains 10 mM imidazole to prevent binding of untagged proteins. If His-tagged proteins do not bind under these conditions, reduce the imidazole concentration to 1-5 mM.
  • Native Wash buffer: NaH2PO4 50 mM, NaCl 300 mM, Imidazole 20 mM, pH 8
  • Native Elution buffer: NaH2PO4 50 mM, NaCl 300 mM, Imidazole 250- 500 mM, pH 8

    Additional chemicals required: Lysozyme, Benzonase® nuclease,
    Optional: Protease inhibitor cocktail

B Purification under denaturing conditions:
  • Denaturing Lysis buffer: NaH2PO4 100 mM, Tris base 10 mM, Urea 8 M, pH 8.0,
    Optional: Benzonase® nuclease (e.g. Merck Milipore, #707464)
  • Denaturing Wash buffer: NaH2PO4 100 mM, Tris base 10 mM, Urea 8 M, pH 6.3NaH2PO4 100 mM
  • Denaturing Elution buffer: NaH2PO4 100 mM, Tris base 10 mM, Urea 8 M, pH 4.5
    Tip: If the target protein is acid-labile, elution can be performed with 250-500 mM imidazole.
    Note: Due to urea dissociation, adjust the pH immediately before use.


Standard protocols for His affinity purification can be applied. Please also refer to the FPLC instrument manufacturer's instructions.


Analyze by SDS-PAGE, Bradford Assay or spectrophotometrically.

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Lagerung 4 °C
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