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    The recommended assay will likely function better with approved sample types, and will not suffer from undue matrix interference than the available alternatives.
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SSTR4 Antigen Profile

Beschreibung des Gens

Somatostatin acts at many sites to inhibit the release of many hormones and other secretory proteins. The biologic effects of somatostatin are probably mediated by a family of G protein-coupled receptors that are expressed in a tissue-specific manner. SSTR4 is a member of the superfamily of receptors having seven transmembrane segments and is expressed in highest levels in fetal and adult brain and lung.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with SSTR4

  • somatostatin receptor 4 (SSTR4) ELISA Kit
  • somatostatin receptor 4 (Sstr4) ELISA Kit
  • SS4R ELISA Kit
  • LOC100303655 ELISA Kit
  • SS-4-R ELISA Kit
  • SS4-R ELISA Kit
  • Smstr4 ELISA Kit
  • sst4 ELISA Kit

Bezeichner auf Proteinebene für SSTR4

somatostatin receptor type 4 , somatostatin receptor 4 , G-protein coupled receptor , SS-4-R , SS4-R , SS4R , Somatostatin receptor subtype 4 Rattus norvegicus Sprague-Dawley major hippocampal somatostatin receptor (SSTR4) mRNA

428547 Gallus gallus
469897 Pan troglodytes
702017 Macaca mulatta
100303655 Papio anubis
100352400 Oryctolagus cuniculus
6754 Homo sapiens
20608 Mus musculus
25555 Rattus norvegicus
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