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anti-Damage-Specific DNA Binding Protein 2, 48kDa Antikörper (DDB2)
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2610043A19Rik, DDBB, si:dkey-45f10.3, UV-DDB2

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  1. Human Polyclonal DDB2 Primary Antibody für EIA, IP - ABIN117955 : Luijsterburg, Goedhart, Moser, Kool, Geverts, Houtsmuller, Mullenders, Vermeulen, van Driel: Dynamic in vivo interaction of DDB2 E3 ubiquitin ligase with UV-damaged DNA is independent of damage-recognition protein XPC. in Journal of cell science 2007 (PubMed)
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Mouse (Murine) Damage-Specific DNA Binding Protein 2, 48kDa (DDB2) Interaktionspartner

  1. UVRAG (zeige UVRAG Antikörper) is a regulator of CRL4(DDB2)-mediated nucleotide excision repair and its expression levels may influence melanoma predisposition.

  2. Results indicate a transcriptional regulatory pathway of DDB2 that is directly linked to the mechanisms that suppress metastasis of colon cancer.

  3. Data indicate that poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 (PARP-1 (zeige PARP1 Antikörper))collaborates with DNA-binding protein (zeige HSF4 Antikörper) 2 (DDB2) to increase the efficiency of the lesion recognition step of global genomic subpathway of NER (zeige NR1H2 Antikörper) (GG-NER (zeige NR1H2 Antikörper)).

  4. the anti-proliferative and the pro-senescence pathways of DDB2 and p21 (zeige D4S234E Antikörper) are critical protection mechanisms against skin malignancies.

  5. These results demonstrate direct activation of the human DDB2 gene by p53 (zeige TP53 Antikörper). The corresponding region in the mouse DDB2 gene shared significant sequence identity with the human gene but was deficient for p53 (zeige TP53 Antikörper) binding and transcriptional activation.

  6. results demonstrate that DDB2 is well conserved between humans and mice and functions as a tumor suppressor, at least in part, by controlling p53 (zeige TP53 Antikörper)-mediated apoptosis after UV-irradiation

  7. DDB2-deficient mice developed spontaneous malignant tumors at a high rate between the ages of 20 and 25 months.

  8. DDB2 is involved in global repair in mouse epithelial cells.

  9. Ddb2 heterozygosity can facilitate tumor development as a haploinsufficient tumor suppressor

  10. results indicate the bulk of DDB2 interacts with lesions independent of XPC (zeige XPC Antikörper) & there is little interaction between the two recognition proteins on damaged DNA; propose a scenario in which DDB2 prepares UV-damaged chromatin for assembly of the NER (zeige NR1H2 Antikörper) complex

Human Damage-Specific DNA Binding Protein 2, 48kDa (DDB2) Interaktionspartner

  1. UVRAG (zeige UVRAG Antikörper) is a regulator of CRL4(DDB2)-mediated nucleotide excision repair and its expression levels may influence melanoma predisposition.

  2. High DDB2 expression is associated with increased radioresistance of non-small cell lung cancer.

  3. data revealed that DDB2 is involved in early events occurring during metastatic progression of breast cancer cells and will contribute to define this protein as a new marker of metastatic progression in this type of cancer.

  4. DDB2 polymorphisms are associated with gastric cancer and atrophic gastritis risks.

  5. the release of NER (zeige NR1H2 Antikörper) components such as DNA damage binding protein 2 (DDB2) and Xeroderma Pigmentosum complementation group C (zeige XPC Antikörper) protein (zeige HNRNPC Antikörper) (XPC (zeige XPC Antikörper)) following oxidative stress might putatively involve their apoptotic role rather than DNA repair function.

  6. PKM2 interacts with DDB2 and reduces cell survival upon UV irradiation.

  7. DDB2 can bind to the promoter region of NEDD4L (zeige NEDD4L Antikörper) and recruit enhancer of zeste homolog 2 (zeige EZH2 Antikörper) histone methyltransferase to repress NEDD4L (zeige NEDD4L Antikörper) transcription by enhancing histone H3 (zeige HIST3H3 Antikörper) lysine 27 trimethylation at the NEDD4L (zeige NEDD4L Antikörper) promoter.

  8. data demonstrated that the DDB2 IRES activity was promoted during stress conditions. These results reveal a novel mechanism contributing to DDB2 expression

  9. DDB2 is involved in ubiquitination and degradation of PAQR3 (zeige PAQR3 Antikörper) in gastric cancer cells.

  10. DDB2 rs747650 is involved in androgen metabolism, inflammation processes and scar formation in severe acne.

DDB2 Antigen-Profil

Beschreibung des Gens

This gene encodes a protein that is necessary for the repair of ultraviolet light-damaged DNA. This protein is the smaller subunit of a heterodimeric protein complex that participates in nucleotide excision repair, and this complex mediates the ubiquitylation of histones H3 and H4, which facilitates the cellular response to DNA damage. This subunit appears to be required for DNA binding. Mutations in this gene cause xeroderma pigmentosum complementation group E, a recessive disease that is characterized by an increased sensitivity to UV light and a high predisposition for skin cancer development, in some cases accompanied by neurological abnormalities.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with DDB2

  • damage-specific DNA binding protein 2, 48kDa (DDB2) Antikörper
  • damage-specific DNA binding protein 2, 48kDa (ddb2) Antikörper
  • damage specific DNA binding protein 2 (Ddb2) Antikörper
  • damage-specific DNA binding protein 2 (ddb2) Antikörper
  • 2610043A19Rik Antikörper
  • DDBB Antikörper
  • si:dkey-45f10.3 Antikörper
  • UV-DDB2 Antikörper

Bezeichner auf Proteinebene für DDB2

damage-specific DNA binding protein 2 (48kD) , damage-specific DNA binding protein 2, 48kDa , DNA damage-binding protein 2 , Damage-specific DNA-binding protein 2 , DNA damage-binding protein 2-like , damage-specific DNA-binding protein 2 , DDB p48 subunit , UV-DDB 2 , UV-damaged DNA-binding protein 2 , xeroderma pigmentosum group E protein

100051180 Equus caballus
451165 Pan troglodytes
483626 Canis lupus familiaris
493565 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
713813 Macaca mulatta
100352386 Oryctolagus cuniculus
100390419 Callithrix jacchus
100454099 Pongo abelii
100605065 Nomascus leucogenys
107986 Mus musculus
100362121 Rattus norvegicus
100004133 Danio rerio
1643 Homo sapiens
519357 Bos taurus
423185 Gallus gallus
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