GNA11 (GNA11) ELISA Kits

Guanine Nucleotide Binding Protein (G Protein), alpha 11 (Gq Class) ELISA Kits (GNA11)
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Dsk7, E430025L19, G-alpha-11, GNA-11, HHC2, HYPOC2
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GNA11 2767 P29992
Maus GNA11 GNA11 14672 P21278
Ratte GNA11 GNA11 81662 Q9JID2

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Human Guanine Nucleotide Binding Protein (G Protein), alpha 11 (Gq Class) (GNA11) Interaktionspartner

  1. Sporadic melanotic schwannoma with overlapping features of melanocytoma bearing a GNA11 mutation in an adolescent girl.

  2. we find iris melanomas to be related genetically to choroidal and ciliary body melanomas, frequently harboring GNAQ (zeige GNAQ ELISA Kits), GNA11, and EIF1AX (zeige EIF1AX ELISA Kits) mutations.

  3. GNAQ and GNA11 mutations occur frequently in mucosal melanoma and may be a prognostic factor for MM. Our data implicate that GNAQ/11 may be potential targets for targeted therapy of mucosal melanoma.

  4. CGRP (zeige S100A12 ELISA Kits) family of receptors displays both ligand- and RAMP-dependent signaling bias among the Galphas (zeige GNAS ELISA Kits), Galphai, and Galphaq (zeige GNAQ ELISA Kits)/11 pathways.

  5. The identified GNA11 mutation results in biochemical abnormalities typical for autosomal dominant hypocalcemia. Additional features, including short stature and early intracranial calcifications, cosegregated with the mutation.

  6. In 33 CASR (zeige CASR ELISA Kits)-negative patients with suspected FHH (zeige CASR ELISA Kits), Data found two (~6%) with a mutation in AP2S1 (zeige AP2S1 ELISA Kits) (p.Arg15Leu and p.Arg15His). Family screening confirmed the genotype-phenotype correlations. Data did not identify any pathogenic mutations in GNA11.

  7. Driver mutations are rare in mutational hotspots of BRAF (zeige BRAF ELISA Kits), NRAS (zeige NRAS ELISA Kits), KIT, and GNAQ (zeige GNAQ ELISA Kits)/GNA11 in oral mucosal melanoma.

  8. These findings demonstrate that CaSR (zeige CASR ELISA Kits)-targeted compounds can rectify signaling disturbances caused by germline and somatic Galpha11 mutations, which respectively lead to calcium disorders and tumorigenesis; and that ADH2 (zeige ADH1B ELISA Kits)-causing Galpha11 mutations induce non-constitutive alterations in MAPK (zeige MAPK1 ELISA Kits) signaling.

  9. Mutations in GNA11 gene is associated with malignant uveal melanoma.

  10. extensive dermal melanocytosis and phakomatosis pigmentovascularis are associated with activating mutations in GNA11 and GNAQ (zeige GNAQ ELISA Kits), genes that encode Galpha (zeige SUCLG1 ELISA Kits) subunits of heterotrimeric G proteins

Cow (Bovine) Guanine Nucleotide Binding Protein (G Protein), alpha 11 (Gq Class) (GNA11) Interaktionspartner

  1. G protein-coupled receptor Kinase 2 reacts with this protein's signaling homology domain for binding G protein subunits

Pig (Porcine) Guanine Nucleotide Binding Protein (G Protein), alpha 11 (Gq Class) (GNA11) Interaktionspartner

  1. The phylogenetic trees reveal that porcine Gna11, is evolutionarily close to the human homolog.

Mouse (Murine) Guanine Nucleotide Binding Protein (G Protein), alpha 11 (Gq Class) (GNA11) Interaktionspartner

  1. the results have identified 138 and 150 ovarian genes that are up-regulated or down-regulated, respectively, at the end of gestation in a Galphaq (zeige GNAQ ELISA Kits)/11-dependent fashion.

  2. claudin-3 (zeige CLDN3 ELISA Kits) and claudin-5 (zeige CLDN5 ELISA Kits) expression is increased by DHEAS (zeige SULT2A1 ELISA Kits) and tight junction formation is stimulated via a Gnalpha11-coupled receptor in Sertoli cells

  3. ZIP9/Gna11 interactions mediate the non-classical testosterone signaling cascade in spermatogenic GC-2 cells.

  4. the conditional deletion of Galphaq (zeige GNAQ ELISA Kits)/11 from granulosa/luteal cells prevents the progesterone withdrawal that occurs at the end of pregnancy and impairs parturition.

  5. Loss of gq/11 genes does not abolish melanopsin (zeige OPN4 ELISA Kits) phototransduction.

  6. Mediated by lysophosphatidylinositol, Galpha(q (zeige GNAQ ELISA Kits)/11) is activated in sensory neurons.

  7. Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAS (zeige SULT2A1 ELISA Kits))-induced signaling is mediated through interaction with a membrane-bound G-protein-coupled receptor (zeige GPR34 ELISA Kits), since silencing of Gnalpha11 leads to the abolition of the DHEAS (zeige SULT2A1 ELISA Kits)-induced stimulation of Erk1/2 (zeige MAPK1/3 ELISA Kits), ATF-1 (zeige AFT1 ELISA Kits), and CREB (zeige CREB1 ELISA Kits).

  8. Pasteurella multocida toxin prevents osteoblast differentiation by transactivation of the MAP-kinase (zeige MAPK1 ELISA Kits) cascade via the Galpha(q (zeige GNAQ ELISA Kits)/11)--p63RhoGEF--RhoA (zeige RHOA ELISA Kits) axis.

  9. Myocytes from the Galpha(q (zeige GNAQ ELISA Kits)) and/or Galpha (zeige SUCLG1 ELISA Kits)(11) KO mice displayed genuine alterations in the action potentials, membrane capacitance, membrane currents, and Ca(2 (zeige CA2 ELISA Kits)+) handling

  10. Report differential expression of protein kinase C (zeige PKC ELISA Kits) isoforms in coronary arteries of diabetic mice lacking Gna11.

GNA11 Antigen-Profil

Beschreibung des Gens

may be involved in mediating second messenger signals from the endothelin receptor in adipocytes

Alternative names and synonyms associated with GNA11

  • guanine nucleotide binding protein (G protein), alpha 11 (Gq class) (GNA11) Elisa Kit
  • guanine nucleotide binding protein, alpha 11 (Gna11) Elisa Kit
  • guanine nucleotide regulatory protein G11 alpha subunit (gna11) Elisa Kit
  • Dsk7 Elisa Kit
  • E430025L19 Elisa Kit
  • G-alpha-11 Elisa Kit
  • GNA-11 Elisa Kit
  • HHC2 Elisa Kit
  • HYPOC2 Elisa Kit

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Guanine nucleotide-binding protein alpha-11 subunit , phospholipase C-activating G-protein , G-protein subunit alpha-11 , g alpha-11 , guanine nucleotide-binding protein G(y) subunit alpha , guanine nucleotide-binding protein subunit alpha-11 , guanine nucleotide-binding protein, Gq class, GNA11 , G-protein subunit GL2 alpha , G alpha-11 , guanine nucleotide binding protein alpha 11 , guanine nucleotide regulatory protein G alpha 11 , guanine nucleotide-binding protein alpha 11 subunit

100151748 Meleagris gallopavo
2767 Homo sapiens
281788 Bos taurus
403914 Canis lupus familiaris
733588 Sus scrofa
14672 Mus musculus
81662 Rattus norvegicus
779103 Xenopus laevis
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