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Caspase 4, Apoptosis-Related Cysteine Peptidase ELISA Kits (CASP4)
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CASP1, CASP4, Casp11, CASP13, Caspl, ICE(rel)II, ICEREL-II, ICH-2, ich-3, Mih1/TX, TX

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Human Caspase 4, Apoptosis-Related Cysteine Peptidase (CASP4) Interaktionspartner

  1. Pathophysiological studies showed that the overexpression of the CASP4 gene was involved in the loss of proximal tubules and renal injury in nephropathic cystinosis patients. Considering kidney's key roles in sodium filtration and reabsorption CASP4 genes are involved in Blood Pressure regulation.

  2. We propose that microglial caspase-4 expression contributes to the cognitive impairments in Alzheimer's disease (AD), and that further study of caspase-4 will enhance our understanding of AD pathogenesis and may lead to novel therapeutic targets in AD.

  3. this study shows that activation of caspase-4 is mediated by interactions with endotoxin-rich membrane interfaces rather than by endotoxin monomers

  4. Specific activation of caspase-3 (zeige CASP3 ELISA Kits) and caspase-4 was found in proplatelets. Consistent with previous observations of caspase-4 autoactivation in response to endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress, several ER stress marker proteins were expressed during proplatelet formation.

  5. apoptosis is induced by rhein traditional Chinese medicine via induction of endoplasmic reticulum stress, caspase-4 and intracellular calcium in primary human hepatic HL-7702 cells

  6. Caspase-4 and caspase-5 (zeige CASP5 ELISA Kits) mediate IL-1alpha and IL-1beta (zeige IL1B ELISA Kits) release from human monocytes after lipopolysaccharides stimulation.

  7. both caspase-4 and caspase-5 (zeige CASP5 ELISA Kits) are functionally important for appropriate responses to intracellular Gram-negative bacteria.

  8. caspase-4 activation alone is sufficient to induce pyroptosis, this process depends on the NLRP3 (zeige NLRP3 ELISA Kits) inflammasome activation to drive IL-1beta (zeige IL1B ELISA Kits) maturation.

  9. This study reveled that CASP4 having a central role in the bipolar disease and schizophrenia manifestation.

  10. NF-kappaB (zeige NFKB1 ELISA Kits) can mediate Fas (zeige FAS ELISA Kits)-induced apoptosis through caspase-4 protease

Mouse (Murine) Caspase 4, Apoptosis-Related Cysteine Peptidase (CASP4) Interaktionspartner

  1. Caspase-11 targets cofilin (zeige CFL1 ELISA Kits) via the RhoA GTPase, whereas caspase-1 (zeige CASP1 ELISA Kits) engages the Slingshot phosphatase

  2. Hyperactive dendritic cells induce potent adaptive immune responses and are elicited by caspase-11, an enzyme that binds oxidized phospholipids and bacterial lipopolysaccharide.

  3. Caspase-1 (zeige CASP1 ELISA Kits)-activated IL-18 (zeige IL18 ELISA Kits) induces IFN-gamma (zeige IFNG ELISA Kits) to prime caspase-11 and rapidly clear Burkholderia thailandensis infection.

  4. These results argue that caspase-1 (zeige CASP1 ELISA Kits), -4 or -5 can be recruited to inflammasomes under specific circumstances, often leading to distinctly organized and localized complexes that may impact the functions of these proteases

  5. gasdermin D is essential for caspase-11-dependent pyroptosis and interleukin-1beta maturation

  6. But not in Casp11(-/-), Panx1 (zeige PANX1 ELISA Kits)(-/-), or P2x7 (zeige P2RX7 ELISA Kits)(-/-) mice.

  7. active caspase-11 leads to a drop of intracellular potassium levels, which is necessary to activate NLRP3 (zeige NLRP3 ELISA Kits).

  8. Data show that caspase-1 (zeige CASP1 ELISA Kits) but not caspase-11 was essential for the functional activities of the NLRC4 (zeige NLRC4 ELISA Kits) inflammasome.

  9. Data indicate that genetic ablation of caspase-1 (zeige CASP1 ELISA Kits) and -11 from cpdm (zeige SHARPIN ELISA Kits) mice significantly reduced skin inflammation in sharpin (zeige SHARPIN ELISA Kits)-deficient mice.

  10. These results suggest a role for other caspase-11 effector mechanisms such as pyroptosis in protection against intestinal inflammation.

Caspase 4 (CASP4) Antigen-Profil

Beschreibung des Gens

This gene encodes a protein that is a member of the cysteine-aspartic acid protease (caspase) family. Sequential activation of caspases plays a central role in the execution-phase of cell apoptosis. Caspases exist as inactive proenzymes composed of a prodomain and a large and small protease subunit. Activation of caspases requires proteolytic processing at conserved internal aspartic residues to generate a heterodimeric enzyme consisting of the large and small subunits. This caspase is able to cleave and activate its own precursor protein, as well as caspase 1 precursor. When overexpressed, this gene induces cell apoptosis. Alternative splicing results in transcript variants encoding distinct isoforms.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with Caspase 4 (CASP4)

  • caspase 4 (CASP4) Elisa Kit
  • caspase 11 (LOC100101589) Elisa Kit
  • caspase 4, apoptosis-related cysteine peptidase (CASP4) Elisa Kit
  • caspase 4, apoptosis-related cysteine peptidase (Casp4) Elisa Kit
  • caspase-4-like (LOC100359184) Elisa Kit
  • CASP1 Elisa Kit
  • CASP4 Elisa Kit
  • Casp11 Elisa Kit
  • CASP13 Elisa Kit
  • Caspl Elisa Kit
  • ICE(rel)II Elisa Kit
  • ICEREL-II Elisa Kit
  • ICH-2 Elisa Kit
  • ich-3 Elisa Kit
  • Mih1/TX Elisa Kit
  • TX Elisa Kit

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caspase 4 , CASP-4 , ICE(rel)-II , apoptotic cysteine protease Mih1/TX , caspase 4, apoptosis-related cysteine protease , caspase-4 , protease ICH-2 , protease TX , CASP-11 , caspase 11, apoptosis-related cysteine peptidase , caspase 11, apoptosis-related cysteine protease , caspase-11 short form splicing , protease ICH-3 , caspase 11 , CASP-1 , ICE , IL-1 beta-converting enzyme , IL-1BC , caspase-1 , caspase-1/caspase-4 hybrid , interleukin-1 beta convertase , interleukin-1 beta-converting enzyme , p45 , CASP-13 , ERICE , caspase 13 , caspase-13 , evolutionary related interleukin-1-beta-converting enzyme

704864 Macaca mulatta
100101589 Oryctolagus cuniculus
837 Homo sapiens
12363 Mus musculus
114555 Rattus norvegicus
403724 Canis lupus familiaris
338039 Bos taurus
100359184 Oryctolagus cuniculus
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