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96 tests
Mouse (Murine)
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  • ELISA Kit Sensitivity
    The recommended ELISA Kit will likely detect the antigen better in the approved sample types than the available alternatives.
  • ELISA Kit Specificity
    The recommended ELISA Kit will likely detect the antigen in question with higher specificity in approved samples than the available alternatives.
  • Experiment Reproducibility
    The results will be likely more reproducible, with high inter- or intra-assay CV and Recovery (for values within the std curve) than the available alternatives.
  • ELISA Kit Robustness
    The recommended assay will likely function better with approved sample types, and will not suffer from undue matrix interference than the available alternatives.
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Relevance Score uniqeid Catalogue Id Detection Method Sample Type Analytical Method Detection Range Sensitivity Hersteller Referenzen Menge Preis
6 element-ABIN5521185 ABIN5521185 Colorimetric
Plasma, Serum, Tissue Homogenate Quantitative Sandwich ELISA 7.81 pg/mL - 500 pg/mL 4.688 pg/mL Anmelden zum Anzeigen
96 tests $601.54
5 element-ABIN4971272 ABIN4971272 Colorimetric
Quantitative Sandwich ELISA 7.813-500 pg/mL < 4.688 pg/mL Anmelden zum Anzeigen
96 tests $589.86
2 element-ABIN5074507 ABIN5074507 Colorimetric Anmelden zum Anzeigen
96 tests $795.14

MSI1 Antigen Profile

Beschreibung des Gens

This gene encodes a protein containing two conserved tandem RNA recognition motifs. Similar proteins in other species function as RNA-binding proteins and play central roles in posttranscriptional gene regulation. Expression of this gene has been correlated with the grade of the malignancy and proliferative activity in gliomas and melanomas. A pseudogene for this gene is located on chromosome 11q13.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with MSI1

  • musashi (msi) ELISA Kit
  • musashi RNA binding protein 1 (msi1) ELISA Kit
  • GD21224 gene product from transcript GD21224-RD (Dsim\msi) ELISA Kit
  • musashi RNA binding protein 1 (MSI1) ELISA Kit
  • musashi RNA-binding protein 1 (Msi1) ELISA Kit
  • musashi RNA binding protein 1 S homeolog (msi1.S) ELISA Kit
  • CG5099 ELISA Kit
  • Dmel\\CG5099 ELISA Kit
  • Msi ELISA Kit
  • anon-EST:Liang-2.35 ELISA Kit
  • clone 2.35 ELISA Kit
  • Msi1h ELISA Kit
  • Musashi ELISA Kit
  • Musashi-1 ELISA Kit
  • Musashi1 ELISA Kit
  • XNrp-1 ELISA Kit
  • nrp-1B ELISA Kit
  • Dsim\\GD21224 ELISA Kit
  • GD21224 ELISA Kit
  • dsim_GLEANR_4982 ELISA Kit
  • msi ELISA Kit
  • musashi ELISA Kit
  • Musahi1 ELISA Kit
  • m-Msi-1 ELISA Kit
  • msi1h ELISA Kit

Bezeichner auf Proteinebene für MSI1

CG5099-PA , CG5099-PB , CG5099-PC , CG5099-PD , CG5099-PE , CG5099-PF , CG5099-PH , msi-PA , msi-PB , msi-PC , msi-PD , msi-PE , msi-PF , msi-PH , mushashi , musashi homolog 1 , Musashi 1 , Dsim\\GD21224-PA , Dsim\\msi-PA , GD21224-PA , msi , musashi 1 , RNA-binding protein Musashi homolog 1 , RNA-binding protein Musashi-1 , musashi-1 , musashi1 , Musashi homolog 1(Drosophila) , nrp-1B

43087 Drosophila melanogaster
496961 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
6729631 Drosophila simulans
100352797 Oryctolagus cuniculus
527436 Bos taurus
4440 Homo sapiens
17690 Mus musculus
259272 Rattus norvegicus
399271 Xenopus laevis
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