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MICB ELISA Kit (MHC Class I Polypeptide-Related Sequence B) ELISA Kit

MICB Reaktivität: Human AA 23-298 Colorimetric Sandwich ELISA 62.5-4000 pg/mL Cell Culture Supernatant, Plasma (EDTA), Plasma (heparin), Serum
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96 tests
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    AA 23-298
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    Sandwich ELISA
    62.5-4000 pg/mL
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    62.5 pg/mL
    Sandwich High Sensitivity ELISA kit for Quantitative Detection of Human MICB
    Cell Culture Supernatant, Serum, Plasma (heparin), Plasma (EDTA)
    Analytische Methode
    Expression system for standard: NSO
    Immunogen sequence: A23-G298
    Kreuzreaktivität (Details)
    There is no detectable cross-reactivity with other relevant proteins.
    Benötigtes Material
    Microplate reader in standard size. Automated plate washer. Adjustable pipettes and pipette tips. Multichannel pipettes are recommended in the condition of large amount of samples in the detection. Clean tubes and Eppendorf tubes. Washing buffer (neutral PBS or TBS). Preparation of 0.01M TBS: Add 1.2g Tris, 8.5g Nacl
    Expression system for standard: NSO
    Immunogen sequence: A23-G298
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  • Applikationshinweise
    Before using Kit, spin tubes and bring down all components to bottom of tube. Duplicate well assay was recommended for both standard and sample testing.

    Sequence similarities: Belongs to the MHC class I family. MIC subfamily.

    Tissue Specificity: Widely expressed with the exception of the central nervous system where it is absent. Expressed in many, but not all, epithelial tumors of lung, breast, kidney, ovary, prostate and colon. In hepatocellular carcinomas, expressed in tumor cells but not in surrounding non-cancerous tissue. .

    human MICB ELISA Kit was based on standard sandwich enzyme-linked immune-sorbent assay technology. A monoclonal antibody from mouse specific for MICB has been precoated onto 96-well plates. Standards(NSO, A23-G298) and test samples are added to the wells, a biotinylated detection polyclonal antibody from goat specific for MICB is added subsequently and then followed by washing with PBS or TBS buffer. Avidin-Biotin-Peroxidase Complex was added and unbound conjugates were washed away with PBS or TBS buffer. HRP substrate TMB was used to visualize HRP enzymatic reaction. TMB was catalyzed by HRP to produce a blue color product that changed into yellow after adding acidic stop solution. The density of yellow is proportional to the human MICB amount of sample captured in plate.

    Aliquot 0.1 mL per well of the 4000pg/mL, 2000pg/mL,1000pg/mL, 500pg/mL, 250pg/mL, 125pg/mL, 62.5pg/mL human MICB standard solutions into the precoated 96-well plate. Add 0.1 mL of the sample diluent buffer into the control well (Zero well). Add 0.1 mL of each properly diluted sample of human cell culture supernates, serum or plasma(heparin, EDTA) to each empty well. See "Sample Dilution Guideline" above for details. It is recommended that each human MICB standard solution and each sample be measured in duplicate.

    • Sample 1: n=16, Mean(pg/ml): 317, Standard deviation: 20.3, CV(%): 6.4
    • Sample 2: n=16, Mean(pg/ml): 1323, Standard deviation: 68.8, CV(%): 5.2
    • Sample 3: n=16, Mean(pg/ml): 2334, Standard deviation: 100.4, CV(%): 4.3,
    • Sample 1: n=24, Mean(pg/ml): 426, Standard deviation: 32.4, CV(%): 7.6
    • Sample 2: n=24, Mean(pg/ml): 1518, Standard deviation: 97.2, CV(%): 6.4
    • Sample 3: n=24, Mean(pg/ml): 2544, Standard deviation: 150.1, CV(%): 5.9
    Nur für Forschungszwecke einsetzbar
  • Handhabung
    Avoid multiple freeze-thaw cycles.
    -20 °C,4 °C
    Informationen zur Lagerung
    Store at 4°C for 6 months, at -20°C for 12 months. Avoid multiple freeze-thaw cycles
    12 months
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    Andere Bezeichnung
    MICB (MICB Produkte)
    PERB11.2, MHC class I polypeptide-related sequence B, MHC class I-related protein-like, MICB, LOC512825

    Protein Function: Seems to have no role in antigen presentation. Acts as a stress-induced self-antigen that is recognized by gamma delta T cells. Ligand for the KLRK1/NKG2D receptor. Binding to KLRK1 leads to cell lysis. .

    Background: MHC class I polypeptide-related sequence B, also called MICB is a protein that in humans is encoded by the MICB gene. The MICB gene is mapped to 6p21.33. This gene encodes a heavily glycosylated protein which is a ligand for the NKG2D type II receptor. Binding of the ligand activates the cytolytic response of natural killer(NK) cells, CD8 alphabeta T cells, and gammadelta T cells which express the receptor. This protein is stress-induced and is similar to MHC class I molecules, however, it does not associate with beta-2-microglobulin or bind peptides. It seems to have no role in antigen presentation. This gene acts as a stress-induced self-antigen that is recognized by gamma delta T cells. It is the ligand for the KLRK1/NKG2D receptor and binds to KLRK1 leads to cell lysis.

    Synonyms: MHC class I polypeptide-related sequence B,MIC-B,MICB ,PERB11.2 ,

    Full Gene Name: MHC class I polypeptide-related sequence B

    Cellular Localisation: Cell membrane, Single-pass type I membrane protein . Binding to human cytomegalovirus glycoprotein UL16 causes sequestration in the endoplasmic reticulum..
    Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) in Adaptive Immune Response
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