anti-Mannose-6-Phosphate Receptor (Cation Dependent) (M6PR) Antikörper

M6PR encodes a member of the P-type lectin family. Zusätzlich bieten wir Ihnen M6PR Proteine (10) und M6PR Kits (8) und viele weitere Produktgruppen zu diesem Protein an.

Alle Antikörper anzeigen Gen GeneID UniProt
M6PR 16004 Q07113
M6PR 4074 P20645
M6PR 312689 Q6AY20
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Katalog Nr. Reaktivität Wirt Konjugat Applikation Bilder Menge Anbieter Lieferzeit Preis Details
Rind (Kuh) Kaninchen Unkonjugiert WB <b>WB Suggested Anti-M6PR Antibody Titration: </b>5.0ug/ml<br><b>Positive Control: </b>Jurkat cell lysate 100 μL Anmelden zum Anzeigen 2 bis 3 Tage
Human Kaninchen Unkonjugiert FACS, IF, WB M6PR Antibody (C-term) (ABIN650726) western blot analysis in A549 cell line lysates (35 µg/lane).This demonstrates the M6PR antibody detected the M6PR protein (arrow). M6PR Antibody (C-term) (ABIN650726) flow cytometric analysis of A549 cells (right histogram) compared to a negative control cell (left histogram).FITC-conjugated goat-anti-rabbit secondary antibodies were used for the analysis. 400 μL Anmelden zum Anzeigen 10 bis 11 Tage
Human Kaninchen Unkonjugiert IHC (p), WB Western blot analysis of M6PR Antibody (N-term)(ABIN389291) in mouse brain tissue lysates (35 µg/lane). M6PR (arrow) was detected using the purified polyclonal antibody. Formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded human testis tissue reacted with M6PR antibody (N-term) (ABIN389291), which was peroxidase-conjugated to the secondary antibody, followed by DAB staining. 400 μL Anmelden zum Anzeigen 10 bis 11 Tage
Human Kaninchen Unkonjugiert EIA, IHC (p) 0.4 mL Anmelden zum Anzeigen 6 bis 8 Tage
Human Ziege Unkonjugiert ELISA, WB   100 μg Anmelden zum Anzeigen 6 bis 7 Tage
Rind (Kuh) Ziege Unkonjugiert ELISA   0.1 mg Anmelden zum Anzeigen 7 bis 9 Tage
Maus Kaninchen Unkonjugiert IHC, WB WB on rat brain lysate using Rabbit antibody to internal region of MPRD (Cation dependent mannose-6-phosphate receptor): whole serum (ABIN350471) at 1 : 1000 dilution. Pre-absorption of the antibody with the immunising peptide completely abolishes the detected band. 100 μL Anmelden zum Anzeigen 7 bis 8 Tage
Human Maus Unkonjugiert ELISA, WB Western Blot detection against Immunogen (33.48 KDa) . 50 μL Anmelden zum Anzeigen 11 bis 12 Tage
Hund Kaninchen Unkonjugiert WB 100 μg Anmelden zum Anzeigen 7 bis 9 Tage
Fledermaus Ziege Unkonjugiert ELISA   100 μg Anmelden zum Anzeigen 7 bis 9 Tage

M6PR Antikörper nach Reaktivität, Anwendung, Klonalität and Konjugat

Attribute Applikationen Wirt Klonalität Konjugat
Mouse (Murine) , ,
, , ,
Human , , , ,
, , ,
, , , , ,
Rat (Rattus) , ,
, , ,

Am meisten referenzierte anti-M6PR Antikörper

  1. Human Polyclonal M6PR Primary Antibody für ELISA, WB - ABIN561704 : Steffan, Williams, Welbourne, Cardelli: HGF-induced invasion by prostate tumor cells requires anterograde lysosome trafficking and activity of Na+-H+ exchangers. in Journal of cell science 2010 (PubMed)
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  2. Cow (Bovine) Polyclonal M6PR Primary Antibody für ELISA - ABIN408673 : Frei, Jeon, Kilcher, Moest, Henning, Jost, Plückthun, Mercer, Aebersold, Carreira, Wollscheid: Direct identification of ligand-receptor interactions on living cells and tissues. in Nature biotechnology 2012 (PubMed)
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Weitere Antikörper gegen M6PR Interaktionspartner

Zebrafish Mannose-6-Phosphate Receptor (Cation Dependent) (M6PR) Interaktionspartner

  1. Analysis of full-length sequences for MPR 46 from zebrafish (Danio rerio) and its functional analysis.

Rhesus Monkey Mannose-6-Phosphate Receptor (Cation Dependent) (M6PR) Interaktionspartner

  1. Rotaviruses reach late endosomes and require M6PR and cathepsin proteases to enter the cell.

Mouse (Murine) Mannose-6-Phosphate Receptor (Cation Dependent) (M6PR) Interaktionspartner

  1. After 6 weeks of environmental tobacco smoke exposure, the Sirt-1 (zeige SIRT1 Antikörper) protein level was decreased and cardiac autophagy was increased in C57BL mice. Furthermore, the IGF2R (zeige IGF2R Antikörper) cardiac hypertrophy signaling pathway was also triggered, although cardiac apoptosis and hypertrophy were not induced.

  2. Finally, Chlamydia trachomatis infection interferes with the SNX5 (zeige SNX5 Antikörper):cation-independent mannose-6-phosphate receptor (zeige IGF2R Antikörper) interaction, suggesting that Chlamydia IncE and cation-independent mannose-6-phosphate receptor (zeige IGF2R Antikörper) are dependent on the same binding surface on SNX5 (zeige SNX5 Antikörper).

  3. Selective M6PR down-regulation has a critical role in CD8 (zeige CD8A Antikörper)(+) T cell survival.

  4. Expression of imprinted gene Igf2r (zeige IGF2R Antikörper) was unregulated in haploid androgenetic/gynogenetic blastocysts.

  5. that an elevation in IGF-II receptor (zeige IGF2R Antikörper) levels can influence the expression profiles of transcripts as well as proteins that are involved in AD pathogenesis.

  6. DNA methylation (zeige HELLS Antikörper) changes were noted in the Igf2r (zeige IGF2R Antikörper) gene during chronic cystitis in a murine model.

  7. Airn expression is both necessary and sufficient to silence Igf2r (zeige IGF2R Antikörper) throughout embryonic stem cell differentiation.

  8. We conclude that M6PR is an important receptor used by HIV-1 to cross the blood-brain barrier.

  9. The results excluded a role for spliced and unspliced Airn lncRNA products and for Airn nuclear size and location in silencing Igf2r. Instead, silencing only required Airn transcriptional overlap of the Igf2r promoter, which interferes with RNA polymerase II recruitment in the absence of repressive chromatin.

  10. mannose 6-phosphate/IGF2R knock-down in receptor-positive mouse hepatocytes causes increased cathepsin secretion as well as enhanced cell motility and invasiveness

Human Mannose-6-Phosphate Receptor (Cation Dependent) (M6PR) Interaktionspartner

  1. In light of existing report suggesting critical role of Nef-GCC185 (zeige GCC2 Antikörper) interaction reveals valuable mechanistic insights affecting specific protein transport pathway in docking of late endosome derived Rab9 (zeige RAB9A Antikörper) bearing transport vesicle at TGN (zeige TG Antikörper) elucidating role of Nef during viral pathogenesis.

  2. Results suggest that Rab (zeige HRB Antikörper) protein Rab29 (zeige RAB7L1 Antikörper) is essential for the integrity of the trans-Golgi network (TGN (zeige TG Antikörper)) and participates in the retrograde trafficking of mannose-6-phosphate receptor (M6PR).

  3. These data indicate that clathrin is required for the function of AP-1 (zeige FOSB Antikörper)- and GGA-coated carriers at the trans-Golgi network but may be dispensable for outward traffic en route to the plasma membrane.

  4. Sortilin (zeige SORT1 Antikörper) is a new alpha-Gal A receptor expressed in renal endothelial cells and that this receptor together with the M6PR (zeige IGF2R Antikörper) is able to internalize circulating alpha-Gal A.

  5. Mannose receptor (MR) engagement by mesothelin (zeige MSLN Antikörper) GPI (zeige GNPDA1 Antikörper) anchor polarizes tumor-associated macrophages and is blocked by anti-MR human recombinant antibody

  6. sorting of the CD-MPR in late endosomes requires a distinct di-aromatic motif with only limited possibilities for variations

  7. We conclude that the CI-MPR (zeige IGF2R Antikörper) participates in lysosomal and granular targeting of serglycin (zeige SRGN Antikörper) and basic proteins such as lysozyme (zeige LYZ Antikörper) associated with the proteoglycan (zeige Vcan Antikörper) in hematopoietic cells.

  8. sortilin (zeige SORT1 Antikörper) and mannose-6-phosphate receptors recycle to the TGN (zeige TG Antikörper) in SNX1 (zeige SNX1 Antikörper)-dependent carriers, which we named endosome-to-TGN (zeige TG Antikörper) transport carriers

  9. Missorting of cathepsin D (zeige CTSD Antikörper) in GARP (zeige CNGB1 Antikörper)-depleted cells results from accumulation of recycling MPRs in a population of light, small vesicles downstream of endosomes.

  10. Data demonstrate that Rab31 (zeige RAB31 Antikörper) is required for transport of mannose 6-phosphate receptors from the trans-Golgi network to endosomes and for the Golgi/TGN (zeige TG Antikörper) organization.

Cow (Bovine) Mannose-6-Phosphate Receptor (Cation Dependent) (M6PR) Interaktionspartner

  1. Rotaviruses reach late endosomes and require M6PR and cathepsin proteases to enter the cell.

  2. Expression and binding properties of mannose-6-phosphate receptors CD-MPR and CI-MPR (zeige IGF2R Antikörper) differ during perinatal development in rat liver.

M6PR Antigen-Profil

Protein Überblick

This gene encodes a member of the P-type lectin family. P-type lectins play a critical role in lysosome function through the specific transport of mannose-6-phosphate-containing acid hydrolases from the Golgi complex to lysosomes. The encoded protein functions as a homodimer and requires divalent cations for ligand binding. Alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding multiple isoforms have been observed for this gene. A pseudogene of this gene is located on the long arm of chromosome X.

Genbezeichner und Symbole assoziert mit M6PR

  • mannose-6-phosphate receptor (cation dependent) L homeolog (m6pr.L) Antikörper
  • mannose-6-phosphate receptor, cation dependent (M6PR) Antikörper
  • mannose-6-phosphate receptor (cation dependent) (m6pr) Antikörper
  • mannose-6-phosphate receptor (cation dependent) S homeolog (m6pr.S) Antikörper
  • mannose-6-phosphate receptor (cation dependent) (Ethha_1678) Antikörper
  • Cation-dependent mannose-6-phosphate receptor (mprd) Antikörper
  • insulin-like growth factor 2 receptor (Igf2r) Antikörper
  • mannose-6-phosphate receptor, cation dependent (M6pr) Antikörper
  • AI661837 Antikörper
  • CD-MPR Antikörper
  • CD222 Antikörper
  • CDMPR Antikörper
  • CI-MPR Antikörper
  • M6P/IGF2R Antikörper
  • M6PR Antikörper
  • MGC68896 Antikörper
  • MGC89423 Antikörper
  • MGC130765 Antikörper
  • MPR-46 Antikörper
  • MPR 46 Antikörper
  • Mpr46 Antikörper
  • Mpr300 Antikörper
  • mprd Antikörper
  • SMPR Antikörper
  • wu:fj81h11 Antikörper
  • zgc:77757 Antikörper

Bezeichner auf Proteinebene für M6PR

mannose-6-phosphate receptor (cation dependent) , Mannose 6-Phosphate Receptor , cation-dependent mannose-6-phosphate receptor , CD-MPR , Cation-dependent mannose-6-phosphate receptor , 300 kDa mannose 6-phosphate receptor , CI Man-6-P receptor , IGF-II receptor , IGF-II/CI-MPR , M6P/IGF2 receptor , M6PR , MPR 300 , cation-independent MPR , cation-independent mannose 6-phosphate receptor , cation-independent mannose-6-phosphate receptor , insulin-like growth factor II receptor , mannose-6-phosphate receptor, cation independent , 46-kDa mannose 6-phosphate receptor , CD Man-6-P receptor , Mr 46,000 Man6PR , small mannose 6-phosphate receptor , 46 kDa mannose 6-phosphate receptor , MPR 46

380564 Xenopus laevis
396044 Gallus gallus
406486 Danio rerio
493477 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
496207 Xenopus laevis
716696 Macaca mulatta
736013 Pan troglodytes
10092655 Ethanoligenens harbinense YUAN-3
100194796 Salmo salar
16004 Mus musculus
4074 Homo sapiens
477700 Canis lupus familiaris
281291 Bos taurus
312689 Rattus norvegicus
17113 Mus musculus
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