Argininosuccinate Lyase Proteine (ASL)

Argininosuccinate Lyase Proteine (ASL)
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2510006M18Rik, ASAL, ASL, BA4879, CRYD2, PSPTO0125, zgc:63532
alle Proteine anzeigen Gen GeneID UniProt
ASL 435 P04424
ASL 109900 Q91YI0
ASL 59085 P20673

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  1. Human ASL Protein expressed in Escherichia coli (E. coli) - ABIN667597 : Zhao, Xu, Jiang, Yu, Lin, Zhang, Yao, Zhou, Zeng, Li, Li, Shi, An, Hancock, He, Qin, Chin, Yang, Chen, Lei, Xiong, Guan: Regulation of cellular metabolism by protein lysine acetylation. in Science (New York, N.Y.) 2010 (PubMed)
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Human Argininosuccinate Lyase (ASL) Interaktionspartner

  1. Overexpression of ASL (zeige ADSL Proteine) may be a contributing factor in drug resistance for arginine deprivation therapy.

  2. ASL (zeige ADSL Proteine)-targeting shRNA-induced growth inhibition is associated with decreased cyclin A2 (zeige CCNA2 Proteine) expression and Nitric oxide content in colon cancer.

  3. the mechanism induced by ASL (zeige ADSL Proteine) shRNA which occurred in human breast cancer may be attributed to a decrease in cyclin A2 (zeige CCNA2 Proteine) and NO.

  4. The clinical and biochemical course in variant forms of ASL (zeige ADSL Proteine) deficiency is associated with relevant residual levels of ASL (zeige ADSL Proteine) activity as well as instability of mutant ASL (zeige ADSL Proteine) proteins.

  5. Point mutation of ASS1 (zeige ASS1 Proteine), ASL (zeige ADSL Proteine) and SLC25A13 (zeige slc25a13 Proteine) is associated with citrullinemia (zeige ASS1 Proteine).

  6. Data show that in patients with Argininosuccinate lyase deficiency, the ASl (zeige ADSL Proteine) gene is subject to several mutations, the majority are missense; some more frequent then others.

  7. Our results suggest that ASL (zeige ADSL Proteine) transcripts can contribute to the highly variable phenotype in ASA (zeige ARSA Proteine) patients if expressed at high levels.

  8. Cox (zeige COX8A Proteine) regression analysis showed that ASL (zeige ADSL Proteine) is an independent prognostic marker for HCC (zeige FAM126A Proteine). Therefore, reduced ASL (zeige ADSL Proteine) expression may be a novel maker for poor prognosis in HCC (zeige FAM126A Proteine) patients

  9. analysis of mutant argininosuccinate lyase in argininosuccinic aciduria

  10. extent of protection of ASL (zeige ADSL Proteine) and delta-crystallin at different ratios of alphaA-crystallin (zeige CRYAA Proteine)

Mouse (Murine) Argininosuccinate Lyase (ASL) Interaktionspartner

  1. Enterocyte-derived ASL (zeige ADSL Proteine) has a protective role in necrotizing enterocolitis.

Argininosuccinate Lyase (ASL) Protein Überblick

Protein Überblick

This gene encodes a member of the lyase 1 family. The encoded protein forms a cytosolic homotetramer and primarily catalyzes the reversible hydrolytic cleavage of argininosuccinate into arginine and fumarate, an essential step in the liver in detoxifying ammonia via the urea cycle. Mutations in this gene result in the autosomal recessive disorder argininosuccinic aciduria, or argininosuccinic acid lyase deficiency. A nontranscribed pseudogene is also located on the long arm of chromosome 22. Alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been described.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with Argininosuccinate Lyase (ASL)

  • argininosuccinate lyase (argH-2)
  • argininosuccinate lyase (argH)
  • argininosuccinate lyase (SPBC1539.03c)
  • argininosuccinate lyase (arg7)
  • argininosuccinate lyase (CNC04420)
  • argininosuccinate lyase (STHERM_c13370)
  • argininosuccinate lyase (ASL)
  • argininosuccinate lyase (Asl)
  • argininosuccinate lyase (asl)
  • argininosuccinate lyase (ASL2)
  • 2510006M18Rik Protein
  • ASAL Protein
  • ASL Protein
  • BA4879 Protein
  • CRYD2 Protein
  • PSPTO0125 Protein
  • zgc:63532 Protein

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argininosuccinate lyase , argininosuccinase , arginosuccinase , ASAL , delta crystallin II , delta-2 crystallin , delta-2-crystallin

1085916 Bacillus anthracis str. Ames
1168161 Shewanella oneidensis MR-1
1181733 Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato str. DC3000
2539950 Schizosaccharomyces pombe 972h-
2539980 Schizosaccharomyces pombe 972h-
2687872 Geobacter sulfurreducens PCA
2797120 Listeria monocytogenes serotype 4b str. F2365
3104272 Methylococcus capsulatus str. Bath
3229429 Dehalococcoides ethenogenes 195
3231520 Campylobacter jejuni RM1221
3256327 Cryptococcus neoformans var. neoformans JEC21
3726611 Carboxydothermus hydrogenoformans Z-2901
9756591 Spirochaeta thermophila DSM 6192
3196544 Ruegeria pomeroyi DSS-3
3927223 Ehrlichia chaffeensis str. Arkansas
435 Homo sapiens
109900 Mus musculus
59085 Rattus norvegicus
393423 Danio rerio
447450 Xenopus laevis
417545 Gallus gallus
479704 Canis lupus familiaris
512771 Bos taurus
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