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Modifier of Mdg4 Produkte

(Modifier of Mdg4 (MOD(MDG4)))
Component of the gypsy chromatin insulator complex which is required for the function of the gypsy chromatin insulator and other endogenous chromatin insulators. Chromatin insulators are regulatory elements which establish independent domains of transcriptional activity within eukaryotic genomes. Insulators have two defining properties\; they can block the communication between an enhancer and a promoter when placed between them and can also buffer transgenes from position effect variegation (PEV). Insulators are proposed to structure the chromatin fiber into independent domains of differing transcriptional potential by promoting the formation of distinct chromatin loops. This chromatin looping may involve the formation of insulator bodies, where homotypic interactions between individual subunits of the insulator complex could promote the clustering of widely spaced insulators at the nuclear periphery. Within the gypsy insulator complex, this protein may control the nature of the repressive exerts a bidirectional silencing effect, whereas in the presence of mod(mdg4), the silencing effect is unidirectional. Isoform H is specifically required to maintain the pairing of achiasmate homologs in male meiosis I which is mediated by the rDNA repeats on the achiasmate X-Y bivalents. Isoform H also plays a role in apoptotic regulatory pathways. steht für hochwertige Forschungsprodukte. Suchen, finden und bestellen Sie Tools mit umfangreichen Validierungsdaten, Bildern, Referenzen. Unser wissenschaftlicher Kundenservice steht Ihnen jederzeit zur Verfügung, wenn Sie Fragen zur Auswahl oder Anwendung unserer Produkte haben.

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Modifier of Mdg4 Antikörper

High quality antibodies with extensive validation data.

Empfohlene Modifier of Mdg4 Antikörper

Kat. Nr.
Reaktivität Drosophila melanogaster
Applikation IF, WB, ELISA
Kat. Nr. ABIN780402
Menge 100 μL
Datenblatt Datenblatt
Reaktivität Drosophila melanogaster
Applikation IF, WB, EIA
Kat. Nr. ABIN1108274
Menge 0.2 mL
Datenblatt Datenblatt

Synonyme und alternative Namen zu Modifier of Mdg4

modifier of mdg4 (mod(mdg4)), BcDNA:GH07769, BcDNA:SD03001, bpd, CG7836, CG7859, CG8076, CG15500, CG15501, CG15802, CG18151, CG32491, Dmel\\CG32491, Doom, doom, E(var)3-93D, E(var)93D, E(var)129, E-(var)3-93D, E-var(3)1, E-var(3)3, l(3)03852, l(3)j2B7, l(3)L3101, mdg4, mnm, mnn, mod, mod(gypsy), Mod(mdg)4, mod(mdg-4), mod(mdg4, MOD(MDG4), Mod(mdg4), Mod(mdg4)-67.2, mod(mdg4)-67.2, Mod(mdg4)2.2, MOD(MDG4)56.3, Mod(mdg4)67.2, mod(mdg4)67.2, MOD2.2, mod2.2, Mod[mdg4], mod[mdg4], pf-2

Bezeichner auf Proteinebene für Modifier of Mdg4

  • CG32491-PA
  • CG32491-PAA
  • CG32491-PAB
  • CG32491-PAC
  • CG32491-PAD
  • CG32491-PAE
  • CG32491-PB
  • CG32491-PC
  • CG32491-PD
  • CG32491-PE
  • CG32491-PF
  • CG32491-PG
  • CG32491-PH
  • CG32491-PI
  • CG32491-PJ
  • CG32491-PK
  • CG32491-PL
  • CG32491-PM
  • CG32491-PN
  • CG32491-PO
  • CG32491-PP
  • CG32491-PQ
  • CG32491-PR
  • CG32491-PS
  • CG32491-PT
  • CG32491-PU
  • CG32491-PV
  • CG32491-PW
  • CG32491-PX
  • CG32491-PY
  • CG32491-PZ
  • Modifier67.2
  • branch point disrupted
  • enhancer of variegation 93D
  • mod(mdg4)-PA
  • mod(mdg4)-PAA
  • mod(mdg4)-PAB
  • mod(mdg4)-PAC
  • mod(mdg4)-PAD
  • mod(mdg4)-PAE
  • mod(mdg4)-PB
  • mod(mdg4)-PC
  • mod(mdg4)-PD
  • mod(mdg4)-PE
  • mod(mdg4)-PF
  • mod(mdg4)-PG
  • mod(mdg4)-PH
  • mod(mdg4)-PI
  • mod(mdg4)-PJ
  • mod(mdg4)-PK
  • mod(mdg4)-PL
  • mod(mdg4)-PM
  • mod(mdg4)-PN
  • mod(mdg4)-PO
  • mod(mdg4)-PP
  • mod(mdg4)-PQ
  • mod(mdg4)-PR
  • mod(mdg4)-PS
  • mod(mdg4)-PT
  • mod(mdg4)-PU
  • mod(mdg4)-PV
  • mod(mdg4)-PW
  • mod(mdg4)-PX
  • mod(mdg4)-PY
  • mod(mdg4)-PZ
  • modifier mdg4
  • modifier of mdg4 67.2
  • modifier of mdg4 in meiosis
  • modifier of midget4
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