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Complement Component C7 ELISA Kits (C7)
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Human Complement Component C7 (C7) Interaktionspartner

  1. The complement C7 rs6876739 CC genotypes and mannan-binding lectin (MBL2 (zeige MBL2 ELISA Kits)) gene polymorphisms of liver donors were significantly associated with bacterial infection in recipients.

  2. Complement proteins C7 and CFH (zeige CFH ELISA Kits) control the stemness of liver cancer cells via LSF (zeige TFCP2 ELISA Kits)-1 pathway.

  3. Borrelial CspA binds the human terminal complement components C7 and C9 and blocks assembly and membrane insertion of the terminal complement complex (TCC (zeige SFXN1 ELISA Kits)).

  4. Complement C5b-9 induce a JNK (zeige MAPK8 ELISA Kits)/Bid (zeige BID ELISA Kits)-dependent and JNK (zeige MAPK8 ELISA Kits)-independent necrotic cell death.

  5. To determine transcriptional regulation of the human complement component C7, a 1 kb promoter fragment was cloned and the transcription start site was determined. C7 is expressed by the hepatoma-derived cell line Hep-3B, but not by Hep-G2.

  6. The interaction between the factor I domain of C7 and the C345C domain at the C terminus of the C5 alpha-chain (zeige FCGRT ELISA Kits) plays an essential role in complement membrane attack complex formation and complement lytic activity.

  7. recurrence of fulminant meningococcal disease in a complement component C7-deficient patient

  8. Cell cycle induction by C5b-9 in aortic endothelial cells is RGC-32 (zeige C13orf15 ELISA Kits) dependent and this is in part through regulation of Akt (zeige AKT1 ELISA Kits) and growth factor release.

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Beschreibung des Gens

C7 is a component of the complement system. It participates in the formation of Membrane Attack Complex (MAC). People with C7 deficiency are prone to bacterial infection.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with C7

  • complement component 7 (C7) Elisa Kit
  • complement component 7 (c7) Elisa Kit
  • complement component 7b (c7b) Elisa Kit
  • A530026G17 Elisa Kit
  • C7 Elisa Kit
  • cb349 Elisa Kit
  • Gm1238 Elisa Kit
  • MGC82368 Elisa Kit
  • wu:fa01f03 Elisa Kit

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complement component C7 , complement C7 , complement component 7 , C7-1 , complement component C7-like

730 Homo sapiens
100172681 Pongo abelii
397526 Sus scrofa
109828 Mus musculus
117517 Rattus norvegicus
427187 Gallus gallus
432189 Xenopus laevis
489221 Canis lupus familiaris
507339 Bos taurus
570832 Danio rerio
738238 Pan troglodytes
100066126 Equus caballus
100385053 Callithrix jacchus
100471278 Ailuropoda melanoleuca
100598163 Nomascus leucogenys
100713100 Cavia porcellus
101102931 Ovis aries
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