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Collagen Produkte

(Collagen (COL))


Collagen type IV is specific for basement membranes. steht für hochwertige Forschungsprodukte. Suchen, finden und bestellen Sie Tools mit umfangreichen Validierungsdaten, Bildern, Referenzen. Unser wissenschaftlicher Kundenservice steht Ihnen jederzeit zur Verfügung, wenn Sie Fragen zur Auswahl oder Anwendung unserer Produkte haben.

Ausgewählte Collagen Kategorien

Collagen Antikörper

High quality antibodies with extensive validation data.

Empfohlene Collagen Antikörper

Kat. Nr.
Reaktivität Human
Applikation IHC (fro), IHC (p)
  • (10)
  • (1)
Kat. Nr. ABIN3043119
Menge 100 μg
Datenblatt Datenblatt
Reaktivität Human
Applikation ELISA
Kat. Nr. ABIN2465542
Menge 0.1 mg
Datenblatt Datenblatt

Empfohlene Collagen Proteine

Kat. Nr.
Reaktivität Cow
Source Cow
Kat. Nr. ABIN5571442
Menge 1 g
Datenblatt Datenblatt

Neueste Publikationen zu unseren Collagen Produkten

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Marino, Converse, Monson, Wriggers: "Molecular-level collagen damage explains softening and failure of arterial tissues: A quantitative interpretation of CHP data with a novel elasto-damage model." in: Journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials, Vol. 97, pp. 254-271, (2019) (PubMed).

Abramowitz, Paredes, Zhang, Brightwell, Newsom, Kwon, Custodio, Buttar, Farooq, Zaidi, Pai, Pessin, Hawkins, Fry: "Skeletal muscle fibrosis is associated with decreased muscle inflammation and weakness in patients with chronic kidney disease." in: American journal of physiology. Renal physiology, Vol. 315, Issue 6, pp. F1658-F1669, (2019) (PubMed).

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Simsa, Padma, Heher, Hellström, Teuschl, Jenndahl, Bergh, Fogelstrand: "Systematic in vitro comparison of decellularization protocols for blood vessels." in: PLoS ONE, Vol. 13, Issue 12, pp. e0209269, (2019) (PubMed).

Bennink, Li, Kim, Shin, San, Zangari, Yoon, Yu: "Visualizing collagen proteolysis by peptide hybridization: From 3D cell culture to in vivo imaging." in: Biomaterials, Vol. 183, pp. 67-76, (2019) (PubMed).

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Szczesny, Aeppli, David, Mauck: "Fatigue loading of tendon results in collagen kinking and denaturation but does not change local tissue mechanics." in: Journal of biomechanics, Vol. 71, pp. 251-256, (2019) (PubMed).

Synonyme und alternative Namen zu Collagen

Collagen type IV alpha 1 (Col4a1), COLlagen (col-17), hypothetical protein (F59F5.4), alpha(IV)1/Cg25C, alpha1, CG25C, cg25C, cg25c, CG4145, Cgc25, Cgc25C, col4a1, Coll, Coll IV, CT12803, Dcg, DCg1, Dcg1, Dmel\\CG4145, gp125

Bezeichner auf Proteinebene für Collagen

  • CG4145-PA
  • CG4145-PB
  • CG4145-PC
  • Cg25C-PA
  • Cg25C-PB
  • Cg25C-PC
  • collagen
  • collagen IV
  • collagen type IV
  • collagenIV a1
  • laminin alpha3,5
  • preprocollagen alpha1(IV)
  • type IV collagen
  • type IV collagen, alpha-chain
  • COLlagen family member (col-17)
  • hypothetical protein
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