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Hintergrund CGMP-peroxidase conjugate is a product most suitable for The THETM Anti cGMP monoclonal antibody
Applikations-hinweise Working concentrations for specific applications should be determined by the investigator. The appropriate concentrations may be affected by the antibody affinity, the sensitivity of the method of detection, temperature, the length of the incubations, and other factors. The suitability of this product for applications other than those listed below has not been determined. The following concentration ranges are recommended starting points for this product. ELISA: 1:10,000 - 1:20,000 Other: user-optimized
Beschränkungen Nur für Forschungszwecke einsetzbar
Format Liquid
Lagerung -20 °C
Informationen zur Lagerung The conjugate can be stored for up to two years at -20°C or below.
Haltbarkeit 24 months
Bilder des Herstellers
ELISA image for cGMP-HRP (ABIN1536526) cGMP-HRP
Produkt verwendet in: Yu, Rao, Shi, Li, Gao, Li, Wang: "A novel bioassay for the activity determination of therapeutic human brain natriuretic peptide (BNP)." in: PLoS ONE, Vol. 7, Issue 11, pp. e49934, 2012 (PubMed).