Vang-Like 1 (Van Gogh, Drosophila) (Vangl1) ELISA Kits

Vangl1 encodes a member of the tretraspanin family. Zusätzlich bieten wir Ihnen Vangl1 Antikörper (50) und Vangl1 Proteine (8) und viele weitere Produktgruppen zu diesem Protein an.

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Anti-Ratte Vangl1 Vangl1 690366  
Vangl1 229658 Q80Z96
Vangl1 81839 Q8TAA9
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Human < 0.094 ng/mL 0.156 ng/mL - 10 ng/mL   96 Tests Anmelden zum Anzeigen 11 bis 18 Tage
Maus < 0.094 ng/mL 0.156 ng/mL - 10 ng/mL   96 Tests Anmelden zum Anzeigen 11 bis 18 Tage

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Zebrafish Vang-Like 1 (Van Gogh, Drosophila) (Vangl1) Interaktionspartner

  1. The identification of zebrafish vangl1; the first spatiotemporal expression and functional analysis of a vertebrate vangl1 homologue are described.

Mouse (Murine) Vang-Like 1 (Van Gogh, Drosophila) (Vangl1) Interaktionspartner

  1. In Pax2-Cre; V1V2 Conditional knockout mice, the loss of both VANGL proteins significantly disrupts planar polarity throughout the utricular maculae

  2. Exogenously introduced expression of green fluorescent protein (GFP)-tagged core PCP (zeige BMP1 ELISA Kits) factors by electroporation revealed that Vangl1, Vangl2 (zeige VANGL2 ELISA Kits) and Prickle2 are localized on the ovarian side of the cell periphery in the oviduct.Our data collectively suggest that the mechanism for maintenance of Vangl2 (zeige VANGL2 ELISA Kits) asymmetry in mature mouse oviduct is different from the microtubule dependent polarized transport model

  3. Elevated coexpression of KITENIN and ErbB4 (zeige ERBB4 ELISA Kits)-CYT (zeige CYGB ELISA Kits)-2 promotes the transition of colon adenoma to adenocarcinoma within an APC (zeige APC ELISA Kits) loss-associated tumor microenvironment

  4. Findings identify that KITENIN-targeting miR (zeige MLXIP ELISA Kits)-124, miR (zeige MLXIP ELISA Kits)-27a, and miR (zeige MLXIP ELISA Kits)-30b function as endogenous inhibitors of colorectal cancer cell motility and demonstrate that miR (zeige MLXIP ELISA Kits)-124 plays a suppressor role in colorectal tumorigenesis.

  5. Vangl1 and Vangl2 (zeige VANGL2 ELISA Kits) may play a key role in the embryo implantation of mice

  6. Celsr2 (zeige CELSR2 ELISA Kits)-3 and Fzd3 (zeige FZD3 ELISA Kits) regulate axonal navigation in the forebrain by using mechanisms different from classical epithelial core planar cell polarity, and require interacting partners other than Vangl1-2 that remain to be identified.

  7. Vangl1 transcript downregulation might be implicated in the occurrence of mouse NTDs induced by retinoic acid.

  8. Genetic interaction between Vangl1 and Vangl2 (zeige VANGL2 ELISA Kits) genes causes neural tube defects. Vangl1(gt/+);Vangl2(lp (zeige VANGL2 ELISA Kits)/+) double heterozygotes show profound developmental defects

Human Vang-Like 1 (Van Gogh, Drosophila) (Vangl1) Interaktionspartner

  1. two rare missense mutations in VANGL1, encoding a receptor involved in WNT (zeige WNT2 ELISA Kits)/PCP (zeige PRCP ELISA Kits) signaling, may be associated with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

  2. Study provides evidence that KITENIN functions in the maintenance of a higher expression level of ErbB4 in advanced colorectal cancer tissues, independent of ubiquitin-mediated degradation via Nrdp1.

  3. We first propose the use of a DNA biosensor to detect the missense single nucleotide polymorphism (rs4839469 c.346G>A p.Ala116Thr) of the vangl1 gene

  4. a novel and ultrasensitive sandwich-type immunosensor was fabricated to detect Vangl in human serum using C60-templated AuPt as labels and rGO-TEPA-PTC (zeige F9 ELISA Kits)-NH2 as the platform.

  5. Results found that KITENIN is associated with tumor progression by enhancing angiogenesis in colorectal cancer.

  6. Authors silenced VANGL1 gene expression in the HepG2 HCC cell line by stable transfection with a vector containing siRNA template for VANGL1 and investigated the change in cell invasion and motility.

  7. High levels of KITENIN increased glioma invasiveness and progression, and are associated with the up-regulation of EMT (zeige ITK ELISA Kits) and stemness markers.

  8. The rs4839469 allele of VANGL1 was obviously associated with neural tube defects (NTDs). And genotype GC increased the risk of NTDs, changes in the three-dimensional protein structure may have impacted its biological functions.

  9. VANGL1 mutations are associated with neural tube defects.

  10. Elevated KITENIN expression is associated with drug resistance in colorectal cancer.

Vangl1 Antigen-Profil

Beschreibung des Gens

This gene encodes a member of the tretraspanin family. The encoded protein may be involved in mediating intestinal trefoil factor induced wound healing in the intestinal mucosa. Mutations in this gene are associated with neural tube defects. Alternate splicing results in multiple transcript variants.

Genbezeichner und Symbole assoziert mit Vangl1

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vang, van gogh-like 1 , vang-like 1 (van gogh, Drosophila) , vang-like protein 1 , van gogh-like 1 , vang-like protein 1-like , loop-tail protein 2 , strabismus , van Gogh-like protein 1 , KAI1 C-terminal interacting tetraspanin , loop-tail protein 2 homolog , strabismus 2

690366 Rattus norvegicus
403076 Danio rerio
418337 Gallus gallus
457149 Pan troglodytes
483133 Canis lupus familiaris
513056 Bos taurus
100059585 Equus caballus
100157791 Sus scrofa
100342211 Oryctolagus cuniculus
100386072 Callithrix jacchus
100469442 Ailuropoda melanoleuca
100546784 Meleagris gallopavo
100565559 Anolis carolinensis
100595061 Nomascus leucogenys
229658 Mus musculus
81839 Homo sapiens
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