anti-Vacuolar Protein Sorting 52 Homolog (S. Cerevisiae) (VPS52) Antikörper

VPS52 encodes a protein that is similar to the yeast suppressor of actin mutations 2 gene. Zusätzlich bieten wir Ihnen VPS52 Proteine (3) und und viele weitere Produktgruppen zu diesem Protein an.

Alle Antikörper anzeigen Gen GeneID UniProt
VPS52 6293 Q8N1B4
VPS52 25218 O55166
VPS52 224705 Q8C754
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Katalog Nr. Reaktivität Wirt Konjugat Applikation Bilder Menge Lieferzeit Preis Details
Rind (Kuh) Kaninchen Unkonjugiert WB Rabbit Anti-VPS52 antibody Catalog Number: ARP57644 Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded Tissue: Human Skin Primary antibody Concentration: 1:100 Secondary Antibody: Donkey anti-Rabbit-Cy3 Secondary Antibody Concentration: 1:200 Magnification: 20x Exposure Time: 0.5-2.0sec WB Suggested Anti-VPS52 Antibody Titration: 0.2-1 ug/ml ELISA Titer: 1:312500 Positive Control: MCF7 cell lysate VPS52 is supported by BioGPS gene expression data to be expressed in MCF7 100 μL 2 bis 3 Tage
Human Kaninchen Unkonjugiert EIA, FACS, IF, IHC (p), WB VPS52 Antibody (C-term) flow cytometric analysis of MDA-MB435 cells (right histogram) compared to a negative control cell (left histogram). FITC-conjugated goat-anti-rabbit secondary antibodies were used for the analysis. Confocal immunofluorescent analysis of VPS52 Antibody (C-term) with MCF-7 cell followed by Alexa Fluor® 488-conjugated goat anti-rabbit lgG (green). DAPI was used to stain the cell nuclear (blue). 0.4 mL 6 bis 8 Tage
Human Kaninchen Unkonjugiert FACS, IF, IHC (p), WB Western blot analysis in MDA-MB435 cell line lysates (35ug/lane). VPS52 antibody immunohistochemistry analysis in formalin fixed and paraffin embedded human colon carcinoma followed by peroxidase conjugation of the secondary antibody and DAB staining. 400 μL 2 bis 3 Tage
Fledermaus Kaninchen Unkonjugiert IHC, IHC (p), WB Human Skin: Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE). This image was taken for the unconjugated form of this product. Other forms have not been tested. 100 μL 11 bis 14 Tage
Human Kaninchen Unkonjugiert WB Western blot analysis of SAC2 Antibody in WiDr cell line lysates (35ug/lane) 400 μL 2 bis 3 Tage
Human Maus Unkonjugiert WB Western Blot analysis of VPS52 expression in transfected 293T cell line by VPS52 MaxPab polyclonal antibody.Lane 1: VPS52 transfected lysate(79.53 KDa).Lane 2: Non-transfected lysate. 50 μg 11 bis 12 Tage
Human Kaninchen Unkonjugiert WB VPS52 antibody used at 1 ug/ml to detect target protein. 50 μg 9 bis 11 Tage
Human Kaninchen Unkonjugiert FACS, IF, IHC, ELISA, WB   200 μL 11 bis 16 Tage
Human Kaninchen APC FACS, IF, IHC, ELISA, WB   200 μL 16 Days
Human Kaninchen HRP IHC, ELISA, WB   200 μL 16 Days

Am meisten referenzierte anti-VPS52 Antikörper

  1. Cow (Bovine) Polyclonal VPS52 Primary Antibody für WB - ABIN2787317 : Harrison, Haga, Pechenick Jowers, Jasim, Cintrat, Gillet, Schmitt-John, Digard, Beard: Vaccinia virus uses retromer-independent cellular retrograde transport pathways to facilitate the wrapping of intracellular mature virions during viral morphogenesis. in Journal of virology 2016 (PubMed)

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Human Vacuolar Protein Sorting 52 Homolog (S. Cerevisiae) (VPS52) Interaktionspartner

  1. Loss of heterozygosity and stop-gain mutation of VPS52 were found in gastric cancer.

  2. These data demonstrate that the beneficial properties of SFN extend beyond activation of the KEAP1-Nrf2-ARE system and warrant further interrogation given the current use of this agent in multiple clinical trials

  3. our data indicate that cisplatin resistance in HOCCs is partially attributable to their high expression of p62, which plays an important role in preventing ROS stress-induced apoptosis by regulating the Keap1-Nrf2-ARE signaling pathway.

  4. Golgi-associated retrograde protein orchestrates retrograde transport from endosomes to the trans-Golgi network by promoting vesicle tethering and assembly of SNARE complexes in consecutive, independent steps.[Golgi associated retrograde protein]

  5. Golgi associated retrograde protein complex, consisting of the Vps52, Vps53, and Vps54 proteins, shows significant conservation between various species but diversification and specialization result in important differences in human cells.

  6. Missorting of cathepsin D in GARP-depleted cells results from accumulation of recycling MPRs in a population of light, small vesicles downstream of endosomes.

Mouse (Murine) Vacuolar Protein Sorting 52 Homolog (S. Cerevisiae) (VPS52) Interaktionspartner

  1. The Vps52 was responsible for the tw5 mutation, and revealed development-specific functions of this gene, which was formerly thought to be solely involved in retrograde endocytic transport.

VPS52 Antigen-Profil

Protein Überblick

This gene encodes a protein that is similar to the yeast suppressor of actin mutations 2 gene. The yeast protein forms a subunit of the tetrameric Golgi-associated retrograde protein complex that is involved in vesicle trafficking from from both early and late endosomes, back to the trans-Golgi network. This gene is located on chromosome 6 in a head-to-head orientation with the gene encoding ribosomal protein S18.

Genbezeichner und Symbole assoziert mit VPS52

  • VPS52, GARP complex subunit (VPS52) Antikörper
  • VPS52 GARP complex subunit (Vps52) Antikörper
  • VPS52, GARP complex subunit (Vps52) Antikörper
  • vacuolar protein sorting 52 homolog (S. cerevisiae) (vps52) Antikörper
  • Are1 Antikörper
  • D130068D18 Antikörper
  • D430041K17Rik Antikörper
  • dJ1033B10.5 Antikörper
  • fb94c11 Antikörper
  • RP5-1033B10 Antikörper
  • SAC2 Antikörper
  • sacm2l Antikörper
  • wu:fb94c11 Antikörper

Bezeichner auf Proteinebene für VPS52

SAC2 suppressor of actin mutations 2-like protein , vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein 52 homolog , SAC2

6293 Homo sapiens
25218 Rattus norvegicus
474871 Canis lupus familiaris
224705 Mus musculus
100732125 Cavia porcellus
556724 Danio rerio
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