Myosin, Heavy Polypeptide 10, Non-Muscle (MYH10) ELISA Kits

MYH10 encodes a member of the myosin superfamily. Zusätzlich bieten wir Ihnen MYH10 Antikörper (30) und und viele weitere Produktgruppen zu diesem Protein an.

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Anti-Maus MYH10 MYH10 77579 Q61879
Anti-Ratte MYH10 MYH10 79433 Q9JLT0
MYH10 4628 P35580
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Human 0.055 ng/mL 0.15 ng/mL - 10 ng/mL 96 Tests Anmelden zum Anzeigen 13 bis 16 Tage
Schwein 0.094 ng/mL 0.156-10 ng/mL   96 Tests Anmelden zum Anzeigen 12 bis 14 Tage
Kaninchen 37.5 pg/mL 62.5-4000 pg/mL   96 Tests Anmelden zum Anzeigen 12 bis 14 Tage
Huhn 0.094 ng/mL 0.156-10 ng/mL   96 Tests Anmelden zum Anzeigen 12 bis 14 Tage
Affe 0.094 ng/mL 0.156-10 ng/mL   96 Tests Anmelden zum Anzeigen 12 bis 14 Tage
Schaf 0.469 ng/mL 0.781 ng/mL - 50 ng/mL   96 Tests Anmelden zum Anzeigen 11 bis 18 Tage

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Mouse (Murine) Myosin, Heavy Polypeptide 10, Non-Muscle (MYH10) Interaktionspartner

  1. A novel mechanism linking epicardial formation and epicardial function to the activity of the cytoplasmic motor protein NMIIB.

  2. Positional cloning and candidate gene analysis revealed that the EHC phenotype results from a point mutation in a splice donor site of the Myh10 gene, which encodes NMHC IIB. Our studies on the EHC mutant demonstrate a requirement for NMHC IIB in epicardial function and coronary vessel formation, highlighting the importance of this protein in cardiac development and ultimately, embryonic survival.

  3. Data show that deletion of myosin heavy chain II-A (Myh9 (zeige MYH9 ELISA Kits))/myosin heavy chain II-B (Myh10) caused severe hydroureter/hydronephrosis at birth.

  4. Hsc70 (zeige HSPA8 ELISA Kits) interacts with FILIP to mediate its effects on non-muscle myosin IIb and to regulate spine morphology

  5. cytokinesis failure in megakaryocytes is the consequence of both the absence of NMIIB and a low RhoA activity that impairs NMIIA localization at the cleavage furrow through increased actin turnover.

  6. The experimental and in silico results suggest two divergent evolutionary pathways: NMIIA and NMIIB evolved to possess S100A4 (zeige S100A4 ELISA Kits)-dependent and -independent regulations, respectively.

  7. The novel finding that calponin 2 (zeige CNN2 ELISA Kits) regulates myosin-dependent CTF (zeige NFIA ELISA Kits) in non-muscle cells demonstrates a mechanism for controlling cell motility-based functions

  8. Study suggests that NMIIB remains constitutively active in support of methamphetamine associations, continuing to drive actin polymerization, such that memories associated with methamphetamine can be selectively targeted without the need for retrieval days to weeks after learning

  9. These results supported the hypothesis that, like NMHC-IIA, NMHC-IIB associated with herpes simplex virus 1 gB and mediated herpes simplex virus 1 entry.

  10. Point mutation in Myh10 causes major defects in heart development and ventral body wall closure.

Xenopus laevis Myosin, Heavy Polypeptide 10, Non-Muscle (MYH10) Interaktionspartner

  1. Morphogenesis of the primitive gut tube is generated by Rho/ROCK/myosin II-mediated endoderm rearrangements.

  2. anillin has a role in spatially regulating the contractile activity of myosin II during cytokinesis

  3. Results show that myosin IIB is required for actin-cytoskeletal organization in both superficial and deep layers of the Xenopus neural plate.

Human Myosin, Heavy Polypeptide 10, Non-Muscle (MYH10) Interaktionspartner

  1. cellular quiescence induces Mec17 to couple the production of acetylated microtubules and Myh10, whose accumulation overcomes the inhibitory role of Myh9 (zeige MYH9 ELISA Kits) and initiates ciliogenesis

  2. We identify three mosaic missense and likely-gene disrupting mutations in genes previously implicated in ASD (zeige ARSD ELISA Kits) (KMT2C, NCKAP1 (zeige NCKAP1 ELISA Kits), and MYH10) in probands but none in siblings. We find a strong ascertainment bias for mosaic mutations in probands relative to their unaffected siblings

  3. A receptor type-protein tyrosine phosphatase alpha (zeige PTPRA ELISA Kits)-Src (zeige SRC ELISA Kits) family kinase-Rap1 (zeige RABGEF1 ELISA Kits) pathway was identified as responsible for recruiting myosin IIB to the zonula adherens in epithelial cells and supporting contractile tension.

  4. myosin IIA and IIB heavy chains play distinct and non-redundant roles in matrix remodeling

  5. Data show that myosin II supports a stable Rho zone at the at E-cadherin (zeige CDH1 ELISA Kits) junctions.

  6. Myosin isoforms impact single-fiber force generation and may lead to alterations in whole skeletal muscle performance.

  7. Our results indicate that MYH10 contributes to ciliogenesis in RPE1 cells by promoting cortical actin-dependent centriole migration.

  8. The role of nonmuscle myosin II (NMII)-B in front-back migratory cell polarity is controlled by a short stretch of amino acids containing five serines.

  9. The findings suggest that elevated NMHCIIb levels contribute to meningioma tumor formation and progression.

  10. Supervillin (zeige SVIL ELISA Kits) concentrates activated and total myosin II at the furrow, and simultaneous knockdown of supervillin (zeige SVIL ELISA Kits) and anillin (zeige ANLN ELISA Kits) additively increases cell division failure.

Zebrafish Myosin, Heavy Polypeptide 10, Non-Muscle (MYH10) Interaktionspartner

  1. myh10 gene expression was demonstrated to initiate after gastrulation stage; at 20 hpf, expression is mainly restricted in central nervous system; it was maintained and expanded to sensor organ including eye, otic vesicle, and olfactory bulb at 36 hpf and later; also detected myh10 mRNA hybridization signal in 48 hpf heart

MYH10 Antigen-Profil

Beschreibung des Gens

This gene encodes a member of the myosin superfamily. The protein represents a conventional non-muscle myosin\; it should not be confused with the unconventional myosin-10 (MYO10). Myosins are actin-dependent motor proteins with diverse functions including regulation of cytokinesis, cell motility, and cell polarity. Mutations in this gene have been associated with May-Hegglin anomaly and developmental defects in brain and heart. Multiple transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been found for this gene.

Genbezeichner und Symbole assoziert mit MYH10

  • myosin, heavy polypeptide 10, non-muscle (Myh10) Antikörper
  • myosin heavy chain 10 (Myh10) Antikörper
  • myosin, heavy chain 10, non-muscle S homeolog (myh10.S) Antikörper
  • myosin, heavy chain 10, non-muscle (MYH10) Antikörper
  • myosin heavy chain 10 (MYH10) Antikörper
  • myosin, heavy chain 10, non-muscle (myh10) Antikörper
  • 5730504C04Rik Antikörper
  • 9330167F11Rik Antikörper
  • dZ204D19.2 Antikörper
  • Fltn Antikörper
  • MCH-B Antikörper
  • mKIAA3005 Antikörper
  • Myhn-2 Antikörper
  • Myhn2 Antikörper
  • myosin Antikörper
  • myosin-10 Antikörper
  • NMHC-B Antikörper
  • NMHC II-B Antikörper
  • NMHCII-B Antikörper
  • NMMHC-B Antikörper
  • NMMHC-IIB Antikörper
  • NMMHCB Antikörper
  • NMMHC II-b Antikörper
  • non-muscle Antikörper
  • si:dz150i12.3 Antikörper
  • SMemb Antikörper
  • wu:fc46h07 Antikörper
  • wu:fy19d11 Antikörper

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cellular myosin heavy chain, type B , flectin , myosin IIB , myosin heavy chain 10, non-muscle , myosin heavy chain, non-muscle IIb , myosin heavy chain, nonmuscular, type B , myosin-10 , non-muscle myosin heavy chain B , non-muscle myosin heavy chain IIb , nonmuscle myosin heavy chain II-B , MCH-B(B2) , NMMHC II-b , NMMHC-IIB , myosin heavy chain 10 , myosin heavy chain, nonmuscle type B , myosin, heavy polypeptide 10, non-muscle , nonmuscle myosin heavy chain IIB , nonmuscle myosin heavy chain-B , nonmuscle myosin heavy chain b , heavy polypeptide 10 , nonmuscle myosin II heavy chain-B , nonmuscle myosin heavy chain , NMMHC-B , nonmuscle myosin heavy chain B , nm-mhc-b

77579 Mus musculus
79433 Rattus norvegicus
399266 Xenopus laevis
396465 Gallus gallus
4628 Homo sapiens
479497 Canis lupus familiaris
317655 Bos taurus
555454 Danio rerio
100731176 Cavia porcellus
100062708 Equus caballus
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