Defensin, alpha 4, Corticostatin (DEFA4) ELISA Kits

Defensins are a family of microbicidal and cytotoxic peptides thought to be involved in host defense. Zusätzlich bieten wir Ihnen Defensin, alpha 4, Corticostatin Antikörper (38) und Defensin, alpha 4, Corticostatin Proteine (3) und viele weitere Produktgruppen zu diesem Protein an.

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DEFA4 1669 P12838
DEFA4 13238 P28311
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Katalog Nr. Reaktivität Sensitivität Bereich Bilder Menge Anbieter Lieferzeit Preis Details
Maus 0.078 ng/mL 0.312-20 ng/mL Typical standard curve 96 Tests Anmelden zum Anzeigen 15 bis 18 Tage
Human 13.8 pg/mL 31.25 pg/mL - 2000 pg/mL 96 Tests Anmelden zum Anzeigen 13 bis 16 Tage

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Human Defensin, alpha 4, Corticostatin (DEFA4) Interaktionspartner

  1. DEFA4 displays antimicrobial activity against E. coli, S. faecalis, and C. albicans.

  2. Results indicate that the gene expression of DEFA 1/3 and 4 was significantly increased in all tumours - except for a significant decrease of DEFA 4 gene expression in pleomorphic adenomas.

  3. DEFA1-3 and DEFA4 mRNA level in peripheral blood cells can be used to identify chronic myeloid leukaemia patients who are at risk of being imatinib-resistant, before initiation of the therapy.

  4. The combination of an increased expression of the antimicrobial peptide DEFA-4, the oncogene S100-A7, epidermal growth factor, and tenascin-c, and a decreased Doc-1 expression in oral leukoplakia might characterize its potency of malignant transformation.

  5. Crystal structure of HNP-4.

  6. DEFA4 was upregulated in IPF patients with acute exacerbation

Rhesus Monkey Defensin, alpha 4, Corticostatin (DEFA4) Interaktionspartner

  1. Lys-for-Arg substitutions in rhesus myeloid alpha-defensin improved microbicidal activity against certain bacteria

Mouse (Murine) Defensin, alpha 4, Corticostatin (DEFA4) Interaktionspartner

  1. Depleting CRP4 is incompatible with a proper cardiac development and function. CRP4 is a novel antiremodeling factor regulated, at least to some extent, by cardiac cGMP.

  2. Backbone cyclization provides a means for engineeringalpha-defensins to improve their biological activity while providing excellent stability to serum degradation and highlighting the potential of peptide scaffolds for development of novel compounds.

  3. bactericidal activity predominantly affects noncommensal bacteria

  4. MMP-7-dependent procryptdin activation in vivo provides mouse Paneth cells with functional peptides for apical secretion into the small intestine lumen

  5. the prosegment of Crp4 inhibits Crp4 bactericidal activity by blocking peptide-mediated perturbation of target cell membranes

  6. Crp4 disulfide arrangement confers essential protection from degradation by this critical activating proteinase, allowing antibacterial action.

  7. cryptdin-1 and cryptdin-4 exhibit circadian oscillation

  8. function of the conserved salt bridge in Crp4 is not linked to bactericidal activity or proteolytic stability of the mature peptide.

  9. CRP4 mediates cGMP/PKG stimulation of SM-specific gene expression, and PKG plays an important role in regulating the phenotype of VSMCs

  10. Kinetics of Crp4 translocation coupled with peptide-induced vesicle leakage are reported.

  11. Beta-sheet-containing Crp4 induces membrane permeabilization more effectively than disulfide-null Crp4 by translocating and forming transient membrane defects.

  12. Lys-for-Arg replacements in cryptdin 4 attenuated bactericidal activity

Defensin, alpha 4, Corticostatin (DEFA4) Antigen-Profil

Beschreibung des Gens

Defensins are a family of microbicidal and cytotoxic peptides thought to be involved in host defense. They are abundant in the granules of neutrophils and also found in the epithelia of mucosal surfaces such as those of the intestine, respiratory tract, urinary tract, and vagina. Members of the defensin family are highly similar in protein sequence and distinguished by a conserved cysteine motif. Several alpha defensin genes are clustered on chromosome 8. This gene differs from other genes of this family by an extra 83-base segment that is apparently the result of a recent duplication within the coding region. The protein encoded by this gene, defensin, alpha 4, is found in the neutrophils\; it exhibits corticostatic activity and inhibits corticotropin stimulated corticosterone production.

Genbezeichner und Symbole assoziert mit DEFA4

  • defensin alpha 4 (DEFA4) Antikörper
  • defensin, alpha 4, corticostatin (DEFA4) Antikörper
  • defensin, alpha, 4 (Defa4) Antikörper
  • Crp4 Antikörper
  • DEF4 Antikörper
  • DEFA4 Antikörper
  • Defa28 Antikörper
  • Defcr4 Antikörper
  • HNP-4 Antikörper
  • HP-4 Antikörper
  • HP4 Antikörper

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corticostatin , defensin, alpha 4, preproprotein , neutrophil defensin 4 , alpha-defensin 4, corticostatin , Paneth cell-specific alpha-defensin 4 , alpha-defensin 4 , alpha-defensin, 28 , defensin related cryptdin 4 , defensin, alpha, 28 , defensin-related cryptdin-4

1669 Homo sapiens
463971 Pan troglodytes
574311 Macaca mulatta
100307026 Equus caballus
13238 Mus musculus
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