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Histone H2A Variant Antikörper

(Histone H2A Variant (HIS2AV))
Variant histone H2A which replaces conventional H2A in a subset of nucleosomes. Nucleosomes wrap and compact DNA into chromatin, limiting DNA accessibility to the cellular machineries which require DNA as a template. Histones thereby play a central role in transcription regulation, DNA repair, DNA replication and chromosomal stability. DNA accessibility is regulated via a complex set of post-translational modifications of histones, also called histone code, and nucleosome remodeling. Acts as a Polycomb group (PcG) protein required to maintain the transcriptionally repressive state of homeotic genes of the animal throughout development. Required for histone H3 'Lys-9' methylation and histone H4 'Lys-12' acetylation, two modifications that are essential for heterochromatin formation. Also involved in DNA double strand break (DSB) repair. Essential for early development.
Histone H2A Variant (HIS2AV) (Internal Region), (pSer137) Antikörper Histone H2A Variant (HIS2AV) (Internal Region), (pSer137) Antikörper Histone H2A Variant (HIS2AV) (Internal Region), (pSer137) Antikörper (ABIN129671)

HIS2AV Reaktivität: Drosophila melanogaster ELISA, WB Wirt: Kaninchen Polyclonal unconjugated

Histone H2A Variant Antikörper nach Reaktivität

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Histone H2A Variant Antikörper nach Anwendung

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Histone H2A Variant Antikörper nach Wirt

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Histone H2A Variant Antikörper nach Bindungsspezifität

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Histone H2A Variant Antikörper nach Klonalität

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Häufig verwendete Histone H2A Variant Antikörper

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