Carbonic Anhydrase VIII (CA8) ELISA Kits

The protein encoded by CA8 is localized to the nucleus of endothelial cells and is induced by IL-1 and TNF-alpha stimulation. Zusätzlich bieten wir Ihnen Carbonic Anhydrase VIII Antikörper (57) und Carbonic Anhydrase VIII Proteine (15) und viele weitere Produktgruppen zu diesem Protein an.

list all ELISA KIts Gen GeneID UniProt
CA8 12319 P28651
Anti-Ratte CA8 CA8 297814 Q5PPN4
CA8 767 P35219
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Katalog Nr. Reaktivität Sensitivität Bereich Bilder Menge Anbieter Lieferzeit Preis Details
Maus 13.91 pg/mL 31.25-2000 pg/mL This standard curve is only for demonstration purposes. A standard curve should be generated for each assay. This assay recognizes recombinant Mouse CA8. The factors listed below were prepared at 50 ng/mL in dilution buffer and assayed for cross-reactivity. No cross-reactivity was observed. Cross-reactivity was observed to be 7% with 50 ng/mL of recombinant human CA8. 96 Tests Anmelden zum Anzeigen 20 bis 21 Tage
  96 Tests Anmelden zum Anzeigen 31 bis 41 Tage

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Carbonic Anhydrase VIII (CA8) Antigen-Profil

Beschreibung des Gens

The protein encoded by this gene was initially named CA-related protein because of sequence similarity to other known carbonic anhydrase genes. However, the gene product lacks carbonic anhydrase activity (i.e., the reversible hydration of carbon dioxide). The gene product continues to carry a carbonic anhydrase designation based on clear sequence identity to other members of the carbonic anhydrase gene family. The absence of CA8 gene transcription in the cerebellum of the lurcher mutant in mice with a neurologic defect suggests an important role for this acatalytic form.

Genbezeichner und Symbole assoziert mit CA8

  • carbonic anhydrase 8 (CAH8) Antikörper
  • carbonic anhydrase 8 (Car8) Antikörper
  • carbonic anhydrase VIII (ca8) Antikörper
  • carbonic anhydrase 8 (CA8) Antikörper
  • AW546993 Antikörper
  • CA-VIII Antikörper
  • Ca8 Antikörper
  • CALS Antikörper
  • Cals1 Antikörper
  • CAMRQ3 Antikörper
  • CARP Antikörper
  • wdl Antikörper
  • zgc:110118 Antikörper

Bezeichner auf Proteinebene für CA8

carbonic anhydrase 8 , CA-RP VIII , CA-VIII , carbonic anhydrase VIII , carbonic anhydrase-like sequence 1 , carbonic anhydrase-related protein , CARP , CARP VIII , CA-related protein , carbonate dehydratase , carbonic anhydrase-like sequence

5723211 Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
12319 Mus musculus
297814 Rattus norvegicus
550233 Danio rerio
421139 Gallus gallus
767 Homo sapiens
486965 Canis lupus familiaris
515918 Bos taurus
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