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CD2 is a surface antigen of the human T-lymphocyte lineage that is expressed on all peripheral blood T cells (summarized by Sewell et al., 1986 [PubMed 3490670]). Zusätzlich bieten wir Ihnen CD2 Antikörper (849) und CD2 Proteine (36) und viele weitere Produktgruppen zu diesem Protein an.

list all ELISA KIts Gen GeneID UniProt
CD2 12481 P08920
CD2 914 P06729
CD2 497761 P08921
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Human 0.08 ng/mL   96 Tests Anmelden zum Anzeigen 13 bis 16 Tage
Ratte 0.08 ng/mL
  96 Tests Anmelden zum Anzeigen 15 bis 18 Tage
Maus 0.08 ng/mL
  96 Tests Anmelden zum Anzeigen 15 bis 18 Tage

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Mouse (Murine) CD2 Molecule (CD2) Interaktionspartner

  1. Ptpn22 (zeige PTPN22 ELISA Kits) and Cd2 (zeige CCND2 ELISA Kits) Variations Are Associated with Altered Protein Expression and Susceptibility to Type 1 Diabetes

  2. CD2 (zeige CCND2 ELISA Kits) stimuli were mandatory for Treg cell survival with reduced Bim (zeige BCL2L11 ELISA Kits) expression, but CD2 (zeige CCND2 ELISA Kits) may not function as a direct receptor for molecules on stromal cells.

  3. CD2 (zeige CCND2 ELISA Kits) is important for the efficient development of CD4 (zeige CD4 ELISA Kits) single-positive thymocytes and TCR-dependent activation of mature CD4 (zeige CD4 ELISA Kits) lymph node T cells, but does not direct a particular helper T cell subset polarity.

  4. molecular mechanism of heterophilic adhesion between the murine T-cell adhesion glycoprotein (zeige CD226 ELISA Kits) CD2 (zeige CCND2 ELISA Kits) and its ligand CD48 (zeige CD48 ELISA Kits)

  5. Despite normal T cell numbers, mice deficient in the costimulatory molecules CD2 (zeige CCND2 ELISA Kits) and CD28 (zeige CD28 ELISA Kits) spontaneously develop Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia.

  6. autoimmunity may be mediated by a combination of genes in the SLAM (zeige SLAMF1 ELISA Kits)/CD2 (zeige CCND2 ELISA Kits) family cluster

  7. Analysis of the ligand-receptor pairs involved in induction of germline transcripts (Igamma2a) necessary for switch recombination revealed that expression of CD48 (zeige CD48 ELISA Kits) on B cells and ligands CD2 (zeige CCND2 ELISA Kits) and CD244 (zeige CD244 ELISA Kits) on NK cells are able to stimulate Igamma2a

  8. CD2 (zeige CCND2 ELISA Kits) deficient mice are more resistant to T. gondii infection than wild type mice

  9. nanoscale increases in CD2 (zeige CCND2 ELISA Kits)-CD48 (zeige CD48 ELISA Kits)-mediated intermembrane spacing decrease adhesion and reorganize the immunological synapse

  10. CD244 (zeige CD244 ELISA Kits) inhibition and activation depends on CD2 (zeige CCND2 ELISA Kits) and phospholipase C (zeige PLC ELISA Kits)-gamma1

Human CD2 Molecule (CD2) Interaktionspartner

  1. These results reveal an unexpected redundancy in the human NK cell response to human cytomegalovirus and suggest that CD2 provides "signal 2" in antibody-driven adaptive NK cell responses.

  2. Establish CD2 as a new susceptibility factor for systemic sclerosis in a European Caucasian population.

  3. the fundamental mechanism of glycosylation of human CD2 is to promote CD2-CD58 (zeige CD58 ELISA Kits) binding by conformational adjustment of CD2

  4. CD58 (zeige CD58 ELISA Kits)/CD2 is the primary costimulatory pathway in human CD28 (zeige CD28 ELISA Kits)-CD8 (zeige CD8A ELISA Kits)+ T cells.

  5. Both the mRNA expression levels and protein expression levels of HSP27 (zeige HSPB1 ELISA Kits) were increased in astrocytes from POAG patients compared with those from normal control, suggesting that mutation in CD2 might pose a risk for POAG in Chinese population.

  6. Although sMCs displayed immunoreactivity for one of the neoplastic antigens in the majority of SM patients, the aberrant CD2 and/or CD25 (zeige IL2RA ELISA Kits) expression on sMCs is not as indicative of SM as the BMMC immunophenotype.

  7. ERGdel may be a pure surrogate of CD2-positivity--which has been suggested to be a good prognositc marker in childhood ALL

  8. Altogether, these results show that a high CD2 expression level is a hallmark of latently infected resting memory CD4 (zeige CD4 ELISA Kits)(+) T cells in vivo.

  9. Aberrant CD2 expression appears to further determine a shorter progression free survival

  10. CD2-CD58 (zeige CD58 ELISA Kits)/48 receptor-ligand interaction promotes and is required for nanotube formation in human natural killer cells.

Pig (Porcine) CD2 Molecule (CD2) Interaktionspartner

  1. CD2- gammadelta T cells showed CD2 de novo expression after ConA/IL-2 (zeige IL2 ELISA Kits)/IL-12 (zeige IL12A ELISA Kits)/IL-18 (zeige IL18 ELISA Kits) stimulation.

  2. Porcine gamma-delta T lymphocytes can be categorized into two functionally and developmentally distinct subsets according to expression of CD2 and level of TCR.

CD2 Antigen-Profil

Beschreibung des Gens

CD2 is a surface antigen of the human T-lymphocyte lineage that is expressed on all peripheral blood T cells (summarized by Sewell et al., 1986

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  • CD2 antigen (Cd2) Antikörper
  • Cd2 molecule (Cd2) Antikörper
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  • CD2R Antikörper
  • LFA-2 Antikörper
  • LFA2 Antikörper
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  • OX-34 Antikörper
  • OX34 Antikörper
  • SRBC Antikörper
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CD2 antigen (p50), sheep red blood cell receptor , T-cell surface antigen CD2 , cluster of differentiation 2 , CD2 antigen , CD2 molecule , LFA-3 receptor , T-cell surface antigen T11/Leu-5 , lymphocyte antigen 37 , erythrocyte receptor , lymphocyte-function antigen-2 , rosette receptor , OX-34 antigen , OX-45 surface antigen homolog to human T lymphocyte CD2 antigen , T-lymphocyte surface antigen precursor CD2

449512 Pan troglodytes
493790 Felis catus
677855 Macaca mulatta
768858 Gallus gallus
100126712 Papio anubis
100598578 Nomascus leucogenys
12481 Mus musculus
914 Homo sapiens
497761 Rattus norvegicus
497022 Bos taurus
101106727 Ovis aries
396662 Sus scrofa
100034205 Equus caballus
607448 Canis lupus familiaris
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