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A-MYB, AMYB, G1-419-6, MYBL, repro9, xamyb
Alle Antikörper anzeigen Gen GeneID UniProt
MYBL1 17864 P51960
MYBL1 297783  
MYBL1 4603 P10243

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Mouse (Murine) Myb-Like Protein 1 (MYBL1) Interaktionspartner

  1. A-MYB regulation of piRNA pathway proteins and piRNA genes creates a coherent feedforward loop that ensures the robust accumulation of pachytene piRNAs during early meiosis in mouse testes.

  2. A-MYB (MYBL1) stimulates murine testis-specific (zeige AIF1 Antikörper) Ldhc (zeige LDHC Antikörper) expression via the cAMP-responsive element (CRE) site.

  3. Results reveal that MYBL1 is a master regulator of meiotic genes that are involved in multiple processes in spermatocytes, particularly those required for cell cycle progression through pachynema.

  4. RFX2 (zeige RFX2 Antikörper) is potentially an important transcriptional regulator in pachytene spermatocytes; Rfx2 (zeige RFX2 Antikörper) itself is a good candidate to be regulated by A-MYB, which is essential for meiotic progression.

  5. A-myb plays a role in the reactive gliosis signaling pathway in kainic acid-induced excitotoxic lesions

Human Myb-Like Protein 1 (MYBL1) Interaktionspartner

  1. Low MYBL1 expression is associated with colon cancer.

  2. Our study defines new molecular subclasses of ACC (zeige ACACA Antikörper) characterized by MYBL1 rearrangements and 5'-NFIB (zeige NFIB Antikörper) gene fusions.

  3. Thus, the LIMD1 (zeige LIMD1 Antikörper)-MYBL1 Index had considerable clinical value for DLBCL subtype classification and prognosis.

  4. analysis of genetic alterations in MYBL1 in diffuse pediatric low-grade gliomas

MYBL1 Antigen-Profil

Beschreibung des Gens

Strong transcriptional activator\; DNA-binding protein that specifically recognize the sequence 5'-YAACG-3'. Could have a role in the proliferation and/or differentiation of neurogenic, spermatogenic and B-lymphoid cells.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with MYBL1

  • myeloblastosis oncogene-like 1 (Mybl1) Antikörper
  • v-myb avian myeloblastosis viral oncogene homolog-like 1 (mybl1) Antikörper
  • v-myb avian myeloblastosis viral oncogene homolog-like 1 (MYBL1) Antikörper
  • v-myb myeloblastosis viral oncogene homolog (avian)-like 1 (MYBL1) Antikörper
  • v-myb myeloblastosis viral oncogene homolog-like 1 (MYBL1) Antikörper
  • A-MYB Antikörper
  • AMYB Antikörper
  • G1-419-6 Antikörper
  • MYBL Antikörper
  • repro9 Antikörper
  • xamyb Antikörper

Bezeichner auf Proteinebene für MYBL1

myb-like protein 1 , myb-related protein A , A-Myb , MYB-related protein 2 , XMYB2 , v-myb myeloblastosis viral oncogene homolog-like 1 , myeloblastosis oncogene-like 1

17864 Mus musculus
297783 Rattus norvegicus
397697 Xenopus laevis
4603 Homo sapiens
486979 Canis lupus familiaris
338034 Bos taurus
396158 Gallus gallus
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