Plexin B2 Proteine (PLXNB2)

Plexin B2 Proteine (PLXNB2)
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1110007H23Rik, Debt, dJ402G11.3, mKIAA0315, MM1, Nbla00445, PLEXB2, PLXNB2
alle Proteine anzeigen Gen GeneID UniProt
PLXNB2 23654 O15031
PLXNB2 140570 B2RXS4
Ratte PLXNB2 PLXNB2 315217  

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Human Plexin B2 (PLXNB2) Interaktionspartner

  1. plexin-B2 is a downstream target for Rnd3 (zeige RND3 Proteine), which contributes to its cellular function.

  2. Results show that decreased expression of Sema4D (zeige SEMA4D Proteine), plexin-B1 (zeige PLXNB1 Proteine) and -B2 was associated with local recurrence and poor prognosis of breast neoplasm.

  3. Two related guanine nucleotide exchange factors (GEFs), PDZ-RhoGEF (zeige ARHGEF11 Proteine) and leukemia-associated RhoGEF (LARG (zeige ARHGEF12 Proteine)), use their PDZ domains to bind class B plexins and play critical roles in signaling.

  4. Plexin-B2 promotes glioma invasion and vascularization

  5. Blocking of CD100 (zeige SEMA4D Proteine), plexin B1 (zeige PLXNB1 Proteine) and/or B2 in adhesion experiments have shown that both CD100 (zeige SEMA4D Proteine) and plexins act as adhesion molecules involved in monocyte-endothelial cell binding.

  6. In endometrial luminal epithelium, cadherin 6 (zeige CDH6 Proteine), desmoglein 2 (zeige DSG2 Proteine) and plexin b2 were surprisingly found in the apical as well as the lateral membrane domain; their knock-down compromised epithelial integrity.

  7. High PLEXIN B2 expression is associated with high-grade gliomas.

  8. Plexin B2 associates directly with two members of a recently identified family of Dbl (zeige MCF2 Proteine) homology/pleckstrin (zeige PLEK Proteine) homology containing guanine nucleotide exchange factors for Rho, PDZ-RhoGEF (zeige ARHGEF11 Proteine), and Leukemia-associated Rho GEF (zeige SLC2A4RG Proteine) (LARG (zeige ARHGEF12 Proteine)).

Mouse (Murine) Plexin B2 (PLXNB2) Interaktionspartner

  1. During kidney morphogenesis and repair, renal tubular epithelial cells lacking the transmembrane receptor Plexin-B2 or its semaphorin ligands fail to correctly orient the mitotic spindle

  2. Data show that the Plexin B2 receptor interacts physically and functionally with Rnd3 (zeige RND3 Proteine) and stimulates RhoA (zeige RHOA Proteine) activity in migrating cortical neurons.

  3. In contrast to the GAP domain mutants, Plexin-B2 transgenic mice defective in Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factor binding are viable and fertile but exhibit abnormal development of the liver vasculature

  4. these results show that Plexin-B2 plays a role in postnatal neurogenesis and in the migration of subventricular zone-derived neuroblasts

  5. Data an association between Plexin-B2 and Plexin-D1 (zeige PLXND1 Proteine) with the negative regulation of IL-12 (zeige IL12A Proteine)/IL-23p40 in DCs.

  6. In vitro blocking of plexin B2 or CD100 (zeige SEMA4D Proteine) inhibited gamma-delta T cell activation.

  7. Data show that Plexin-B2 functions in macrophages as a negative regulator of the GTPases Rac (zeige AKT1 Proteine) and Cdc42 (zeige CDC42 Proteine) and as a negative regulator of basal cell motility and wound healing.

  8. deletion of Plexin B2 (Plxnb2), a semaphorin receptor that is expressed both in the pretubular aggregates and the ureteric epithelium in the developing kidney, results in renal hypoplasia and occasional double ureters

  9. We have identified here Sema4C (zeige SEMA4C Proteine) and Sema4G (zeige SEMA4G Proteine) as candidate ligands for Plexin-B2

  10. Plexin-B2 and Sema4C (zeige SEMA4C Proteine) are potential regulators of the vascular and endocrine system.

Plexin B2 (PLXNB2) Protein Überblick

Protein Überblick

Members of the B class of plexins, such as PLXNB2 are transmembrane receptors that participate in axon guidance and cell migration in response to semaphorins (Perrot et al. (2002)

Alternative names and synonyms associated with Plexin B2 (PLXNB2)

  • plexin B2 (PLXNB2)
  • plexin B2 (plxnb2)
  • plexin B2 (Plxnb2)
  • 1110007H23Rik Protein
  • Debt Protein
  • dJ402G11.3 Protein
  • mKIAA0315 Protein
  • MM1 Protein
  • Nbla00445 Protein
  • PLEXB2 Protein
  • PLXNB2 Protein

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plexin B2 , plexin-B2 , plexin-B2-like , differentially expressed in brain tumors

425938 Gallus gallus
494999 Xenopus laevis
508175 Bos taurus
550076 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
720646 Macaca mulatta
100011009 Monodelphis domestica
100056317 Equus caballus
100172633 Pongo abelii
100474699 Ailuropoda melanoleuca
100566684 Anolis carolinensis
23654 Homo sapiens
140570 Mus musculus
315217 Rattus norvegicus
474459 Canis lupus familiaris
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