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hamartin, LAM, mKIAA0243, TSC, tsc1, wu:fc38b04
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TSC1 7248 Q92574
TSC1 64930 Q9EP53
TSC1 60445 Q9Z136

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Zebrafish Tuberous Sclerosis 1 (TSC1) Interaktionspartner

  1. Tsc1 is involved in regulation of interactive network between the cilium and the TOR pathway.

Human Tuberous Sclerosis 1 (TSC1) Interaktionspartner

  1. our findings suggest the significance of previously undocumented mutation-dependent mTOR (zeige FRAP1 Antikörper) hyperactivation and frequent TSC1/2 mutations in HBV-associated HCCs (zeige HCCS Antikörper). They define a molecular subset of HCC (zeige FAM126A Antikörper) having genetic aberrations in mTOR (zeige FRAP1 Antikörper) signalling, with potential significance of effective specific drug therapy.

  2. The mTOR (zeige FRAP1 Antikörper)-dependent, epithelial phenotype of TSC (zeige SLC12A3 Antikörper) astrocytes suggests TSC1/2 and mTOR (zeige FRAP1 Antikörper) tune the phosphorylation level of catenin delta-1 (zeige CTNND1 Antikörper) by controlling PKCe (zeige PRKCE Antikörper) activity, thereby regulating the mesenchymal-epithelial-transition (MET)

  3. We conditionally ablated the tuberous sclerosis complex 1 (Tsc1) gene, an mTOR (zeige FRAP1 Antikörper) inhibitor, in the rods of the Pde6b (zeige PDE6B Antikörper)(H620Q/H620Q) preclinical RP mouse model and observed, functionally and morphologically, an improvement in the survival of rods and cones at early and late disease stages.

  4. TSC1 mutations leading to tuberous sclerosis in Chinese children.

  5. Our results indicate that TSC2 (zeige TSC2 Antikörper) and less commonly TSC1 alterations are the primary essential driver event in angiomyolipoma/Lymphangioleiomyomatosis, whereas other somatic mutations are rare and likely do not contribute to tumor development.

  6. brain somatic mutations in TSC1 and TSC2 (zeige TSC2 Antikörper) cause focal cortical dysplasia

  7. TSC1 expression is reduced in two subsets of clear-cell renal cell carcinomas, those with monoallelic VHL (zeige VHL Antikörper) gene inactivation and those with concurrent low HIF-1alpha (zeige HIF1A Antikörper) and high HIF-2alpha (zeige EPAS1 Antikörper) expression.

  8. Repression of TSC1/TSC2 (zeige TSC2 PLURAL_@4252@) mediated by MeCP2 (zeige MECP2 PLURAL_@4252@) regulates human embryo lung fibroblast cell differentiation and proliferation.

  9. TSC1 mutation is associated in patients, diagnosed with tuberous sclerosis associated vascular malformation.

  10. Novel TSC1 mutations in Chinese patients with tuberous sclerosis.

Mouse (Murine) Tuberous Sclerosis 1 (TSC1) Interaktionspartner

  1. This study suggests that mTOR (zeige FRAP1 Antikörper) activity in hepatocytes decreases hepatic vulnerability to injury through a mechanism dependent on NF-kappaB (zeige NFKB1 Antikörper) proinflammatory cytokine signaling pathway in both normal and steatotic liver.

  2. TSC1/TSC2 (zeige TSC2 Antikörper) complex upregulation of OPN (zeige SPP1 Antikörper) expression is mediated by transcription factor SOX9 (zeige SOX9 Antikörper) in an mTOR (zeige FRAP1 Antikörper)-independent manner. Moreover, ablation of OPN (zeige SPP1 Antikörper) by deficient TSC1/TSC2 (zeige TSC2 Antikörper) complex contributed to inactivation of AKT (zeige AKT1 Antikörper) in TSC (zeige SLC12A3 Antikörper) cells

  3. Here, we provide evidence that deletion of Tsc1 from OPCs, but not differentiating oligodendrocytes, is beneficial to remyelination. This finding contrasts with the loss of oligodendroglia and hypomyelination seen with Tsc1 or Tsc2 (zeige TSC2 Antikörper) deletion in the oligodendrocyte lineage during CNS development and points to important differences in the regulation of developmental myelination and remyelination.

  4. these findings highlight a critical role of TSC1 in regulating innate immunity by control of the mTOR1-C/EBPbeta (zeige CEBPB Antikörper) pathway.

  5. Recombination and loss of Tsc1 was demonstrated in skin fibroblasts in vivo and in cultured skin fibroblasts. Loss of Tsc1 in fibroblasts in mice does not lead to a model of angiomyolipoma or lymphangioleiomyomatosis.

  6. Tsc1 haploinsufficiency is sufficient to increase dendritic patterning and Filamin A (zeige FLNA Antikörper) levels. Reducing filamin A (FLNA (zeige FLNA Antikörper)) levels has been shown to decrease Tsc1(+/-) dendritic complexity, these data suggest that increased FLNA (zeige FLNA Antikörper) levels in Tsc1(+/-) mice contribute to abnormal dendritic patterning in the Tsc1 heterozygote condition of individuals with tuberous sclerosis complex.

  7. selective mTORC1 activation in smooth muscle cells induced by deleting the negative mTORC1 regulator tuberous sclerosis complex 1 gene (TSC1) was sufficient to produce pulmonary hypertension.

  8. The present study demonstrates for the first time evidence of microglial activation in a mouse model of TSC (zeige SLC12A3 Antikörper) with mutation tsc1.

  9. Repression of TSC1/TSC2 (zeige TSC2 PLURAL_@4252@) mediated by MeCP2 (zeige MECP2 PLURAL_@4252@) regulates human embryo lung fibroblast cell differentiation and proliferation.

  10. suppression of AKT (zeige AKT1 Antikörper) by hyperactivation of mTORC1, inhibition on nuclear ERalpha (zeige ESR1 Antikörper) signaling, and down-regulation of cell-cycle-driving proteins play important roles in the retarded mammary development induced by Tsc1 deletion.

TSC1 Antigen-Profil

Beschreibung des Gens

This gene encodes a growth inhibitory protein thought to play a role in the stabilization of tuberin. Mutations in this gene have been associated with tuberous sclerosis. Alternative splicing results in multiple transcript variants.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with TSC1

  • tuberous sclerosis 1 (TSC1) Antikörper
  • tuberous sclerosis 1b (tsc1b) Antikörper
  • tuberous sclerosis 1 (tsc1) Antikörper
  • tuberous sclerosis 1 (Tsc1) Antikörper
  • hamartin Antikörper
  • LAM Antikörper
  • mKIAA0243 Antikörper
  • TSC Antikörper
  • tsc1 Antikörper
  • wu:fc38b04 Antikörper

Bezeichner auf Proteinebene für TSC1

tuberous sclerosis 1 protein , tuberous sclerosis 1 , fc38b04 , hamartin , hamartin-like , tumor suppressor , tuberous sclerosis 1 protein homolog , chromosome 9 TSC1

100066615 Equus caballus
464818 Pan troglodytes
100017591 Monodelphis domestica
100080641 Ornithorhynchus anatinus
100330617 Danio rerio
100338695 Oryctolagus cuniculus
100380126 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
100407741 Callithrix jacchus
100471530 Ailuropoda melanoleuca
100539473 Meleagris gallopavo
100587112 Nomascus leucogenys
7248 Homo sapiens
64930 Mus musculus
60445 Rattus norvegicus
480688 Canis lupus familiaris
100154726 Sus scrofa
533440 Bos taurus
417166 Gallus gallus
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