Calmodulin 2 Proteine (Calm2)

Calmodulin 2 (phosphorylase Kinase, Delta) Proteine (Calm2)
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1500001E21Rik, AL024017, ATCAL5, calm1, calmodulin 2, camii, phkd, phkd2, T3K9.12, T3K9_12
alle Proteine anzeigen Gen GeneID UniProt
Calm2 805 P62158
Maus Calm2 Calm2 12314 P62204
Ratte Calm2 Calm2 50663 P62161

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  1. Human Calmodulin 2 Protein expressed in Escherichia coli (E. coli) - ABIN667070 : James, Vorherr, Carafoli: Calmodulin-binding domains: just two faced or multi-faceted? in Trends in biochemical sciences 1995 (PubMed)
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  2. Human Calmodulin 2 Protein expressed in Wheat germ - ABIN1347887 : Lin, Hsieh, Lin, Fang, Yang, Tsai, Chiang, Pan, Chen: Label-free detection of protein-protein interactions using a calmodulin-modified nanowire transistor. in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2010 (PubMed)

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Human Calmodulin 2 (phosphorylase Kinase, Delta) (Calm2) Interaktionspartner

  1. the spectrum and prevalence of pathogenic CaM (zeige CALM1 Proteine) variants in a cohort of genetically elusive long QT syndrome, were determined.

  2. Calmodulin 2 Mutation N98S Is Associated with Unexplained Cardiac Arrest in Infants Due to Low Clinical Penetrance Electrical Disorders.

  3. 5 novel de novo CALM2 (zeige CALM1 Proteine) mutations in association with long-QT syndrome and exertioninduced arrhythmias.(p.N98S, p.N98I, p.D134H, p.D132E, p.Q136P)

  4. CaM-2-ext interacts biochemically with the C-terminus of Ca(v)2.3 similar to the classical CaM-2 as shown by co-immunoprecipitation

  5. Human calmodulin (zeige CALM1 Proteine) mutations disrupt calcium binding to the protein and are associated with cardiac arrest in early infancy.

  6. The 1.35 A structure of Ca(2 (zeige CA2 Proteine)+)-bound calmodulin (zeige CALM1 Proteine) in complex with the DIII-IV linker of Na(V)1.5 suggests that Ca(2 (zeige CA2 Proteine)+)/CaM (zeige CALM1 Proteine) destabilizes binding of the inactivation gate to its receptor, biasing inactivation toward more depolarized potentials.

  7. These findings suggest that the CALM2 (zeige CALM1 Proteine) gene may be a genetic determinant of hip Osteoarthritis.

  8. P53 (zeige TP53 Proteine) protein stimulates CAMII gene expression in 041 cells.

  9. These results suggest that calmodulin (zeige CALM1 Proteine) plays a crucial role in the processes of Ca(2 (zeige CA2 Proteine)+)-induced neuronal cell death and the possibility that the blockage of calmodulin (zeige CALM1 Proteine) attenuates brain injury after cerebral ischemia.

Calmodulin 2 (Calm2) Protein Überblick

Protein Überblick

Calmodulin mediates the control of a large number of enzymes, ion channels and other proteins by Ca(2+). Among the enzymes to be stimulated by the calmodulin-Ca(2+) complex are a number of protein kinases and phosphatases. Together with CEP110 and centrin, is involved in a genetic pathway that regulates the centrosome cycle and progression through cytokinesis.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with Calmodulin 2 (Calm2)

  • calmodulin 2 (phosphorylase kinase, delta) (CALM2)
  • calmodulin 2 (Calm2)
  • calmodulin 2 (phosphorylase kinase, delta) (calm2)
  • calmodulin 2 (CAM2)
  • 1500001E21Rik Protein
  • AL024017 Protein
  • ATCAL5 Protein
  • calm1 Protein
  • calmodulin 2 Protein
  • camii Protein
  • phkd Protein
  • phkd2 Protein
  • T3K9.12 Protein
  • T3K9_12 Protein

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LP7057 protein , caM , calmodulin , phosphorylase kinase delta , prepro-calmodulin 2 , calmodulin 2 (phosphorylase kinase, delta)

805 Homo sapiens
12314 Mus musculus
50663 Rattus norvegicus
380558 Xenopus laevis
443230 Ovis aries
818710 Arabidopsis thaliana
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