Pre-B Lymphocyte 1 Proteine (VPREB1)

Pre-B Lymphocyte 1 Proteine (VPREB1)
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CD179a, IGI, IGVPB, VpreB, Vpreb-1
alle Proteine anzeigen Gen GeneID UniProt
VPREB1 7441 P12018
VPREB1 303782  
VPREB1 22362 P13372

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Human Pre-B Lymphocyte 1 (VPREB1) Interaktionspartner

  1. Irrespective of subtype, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia with high levels of IGHM, IGLL1 (zeige IGLL1 Proteine) and VPREB1 are arrested at the pre-B stage and correlate with good prognosis in high-risk pediatric B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

  2. VPREB1 focal deletions are common in B-ALL and occur independent of V(D)J light chain recombination. Focal deletions of VPREB1 correlate with decreased expression levels and high-risk patients with focal deletions tend to have poorer overall survival

  3. The proportion of the individuals with <2 copies of the VPREB1 gene was significantly higher in the patient group than that in the controls, while that of the individuals with >2 copies was lower in the patient group than that in the controls.

  4. The 5' region of the VpreB gene contains a promoter which displays higher relative activity in preB (zeige PREB Proteine) cells compared with cells at other stages or from other lineages.

  5. Pre-B cell integrins and their stromal cell ligands together with the pre-B cell receptor and galectin-1 (zeige LGALS1 Proteine) form a homogeneous lattice at the contact area between bone marrow pre-B and stromal cells.

Mouse (Murine) Pre-B Lymphocyte 1 (VPREB1) Interaktionspartner

  1. Data show no autoantibody production was detectable in surrogate light chain (SLC (zeige CCL21A Proteine)) components VpreB/CD179a and lambda5/CD179b (zeige IGLL1 Proteine) transgenic mice.

  2. VpreB probes the fitness of newly generated VH domains of IgH chains for later pairing with IgL chains, and its non-Ig part fixes the preBCRs on the surface.

  3. Mice triply deficient for VpreB1 show B cell developmental defects but functional allelic exclusion of the IgH locus.

  4. To identify the sequences that regulate lambda5 and VpreB1 (zeige IGLL1 Proteine) expression during B cell development, the DNaseI (zeige DNASE1 Proteine) hypersensitive sites in the lambda5-VpreB1 (zeige IGLL1 Proteine) functional domain were mapped.

  5. Multiple receptor-dependent mechanisms operating at all stages of B cell development limit the contribution of B cells with Dmu (zeige SCN8A Proteine) heavy chain alleles to the repertoire.

Pre-B Lymphocyte 1 (VPREB1) Protein Überblick

Protein Überblick

The protein encoded by this gene belongs to the immunoglobulin superfamily and is expressed selectively at the early stages of B cell development, namely, in proB and early preB cells. This gene encodes the iota polypeptide chain that is associated with the Ig-mu chain to form a molecular complex which is expressed on the surface of pre-B cells. The complex is thought to regulate Ig gene rearrangements in the early steps of B-cell differentiation.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with Pre-B Lymphocyte 1 (VPREB1)

  • pre-B lymphocyte 1 (VPREB1)
  • immunoglobulin omega chain-like (VPREB1)
  • pre-B lymphocyte 1 (Vpreb1)
  • pre-B lymphocyte gene 1 (Vpreb1)
  • CD179a Protein
  • IGI Protein
  • IGVPB Protein
  • VpreB Protein
  • Vpreb-1 Protein

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pre-B lymphocyte 1 , pre-B lymphocyte gene 1 , CD179 antigen-like family member A , CD179a , immunoglobulin iota chain , v(pre)B protein , Immunoglobulin lambda Vpreb1 chain

458686 Pan troglodytes
698810 Macaca mulatta
486411 Canis lupus familiaris
7441 Homo sapiens
407114 Bos taurus
100328957 Oryctolagus cuniculus
303782 Rattus norvegicus
22362 Mus musculus
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