Estrogen Receptor alpha Proteine (ESR1)

Estrogen Receptor 1 Proteine (ESR1)
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2610524P08Rik, 9130407C09Rik, AA420328, ACT1GP1, ACTGP1, AU019798, AU041214, ER, ER-alpha, ERa, ERAL1A, eralpha, ERbeta, ER[a], ER[b]2, ER[b]a, Esr, ESR1, ESRA, Estr, Estra, ESTRR, H-ERA, HERA-A, HERA-B, HY-psi-gamma-AC6, LOC398733, LOC398734, M-ERA, MERA-S, MERA-W, Nr3a1, RNESTROR, XER, xesr-1, xlERalpha1, xlERalpha2, zfER-beta2, zfER[a], zfER[b]2
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ESR1 73  
ESR1 57837 Q9CZU4
ESR1 24890 P06211

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Human Estrogen Receptor 1 (ESR1) Interaktionspartner

  1. higher CXCL8 (zeige IL8 Proteine) mRNA levels in breast cancer tissues together with estrogen receptor negativity was associated with significantly shorter overall survival.

  2. the estrogen- (ER), progesterone- (PgR (zeige PGR Proteine)) and HER2/neu (zeige ERBB2 Proteine) receptor status of the primary tumor with brain metastases in a series of 24 consecutive breast cancer patients, is reported.

  3. This study found a significant interaction between rs4680 in COMT (zeige COMT Proteine) and rs4986936 in ESR1 (P = .007) on opioid consumption.

  4. The methylation level of the ESR1 promoter observed in women with a body mass index (BMI) >/=30 kg/m(2) was higher than in the subgroups of women of BMI <25 kg/m(2) and BMI 25-29 kg/m(2) and was also higher in postmenopausal women compared with that in premenopausal women (p = 0.046).

  5. Results identify here a common ESR1 SNP, rs2144025-C>T, as a possible regulatory variant affecting ESR1 expression, and behavioral traits in mental diseases.

  6. MYST3 binds to the proximal promoter region of ERalpha gene, and inactivating mutations in its HAT (zeige MGEA5 Proteine) domain abolished its ability to regulate ERalpha, suggesting MYST3 functioning as a histone acetyltransferase that activates ERalpha promoter.

  7. Data indicate higher ASXL2 expression in ERalpha-positive patients, suggesting that ASXL2 could be a prognostic marker in breast cancer.

  8. Data show that mTOR (zeige FRAP1 Proteine) protein forms a complex with Raptor (zeige RPTOR Proteine) and estrogen receptor-alpha (ERalpha).

  9. These findings identify a molecular mechanism by which ERalpha signaling reduces the aggressiveness of cancer cells, and demonstrate that C/EBPdelta (zeige CEBPD Proteine) can have different functions in different types of cancer.

  10. these results highlight the involvement of ERa activation and of E2/ERa-dependent NGB (zeige GTPBP4 Proteine) upregulation in the insensitivity of MCF-7 to paclitaxel. These novel findings could have important implications in the development of targeted therapeutics for overcoming paclitaxel insensitivity in ERa-positive human breast cancer

Zebrafish Estrogen Receptor 1 (ESR1) Interaktionspartner

  1. Data suggest that endocrine disruptor, 17alpha-ethinylestradiol, disrupts primordial germ cell migration and distribution in embryonic zebrafish; this effect appears to be mediated through estrogen receptor Esr2a (not Esr1 or Esr2b).

  2. This study revealed similar patterns of transcript abundance across reproductive morphs for ERbeta1, ERbeta2, ERalpha, and aromatase in the forebrain and saccule.

  3. It was concluded that morpholino (MO) oligonucleotid technology in zebrafish embryos is an good approach for investigating the interplay of estrogen receptor subtypes in a true physiological context.

  4. Involvement of maternal esr2a mRNA, presumably transactivated by maternal 17beta-estradiol stored in the oocyte from enveloping granulosa cells, in the epigenetic programming of zebrafish development.

  5. during embryogenesis two of the three 17beta-estradiol receptor genes, esr1 and esr2b are expressed, and in presence of ligand the mRNA levels of these two genes increase

  6. show that inactivation of the estrogen receptor ESR1 results in ectopic expression of cxcr4b throughout the primordium, whereas ESR1 overexpression results in a reciprocal reduction in the domain of cxcr4b expression.

  7. Data show that temperature and photoperiod significantly influence the transcription of the estrogen-responsive genes, Vtg1, Vtg2, ER alpha and ER beta (zeige ESR2 Proteine) after a 21-day exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals.

  8. Cloning of the cDNAs corresponding to three oestrogen receptors (esr1, ERalpha; esr2b (zeige ESR2 Proteine), ERbeta1; and esr2a, ERbeta2 ).

  9. Data show that the hepatic expression of estrogen receptor alpha, beta1 and beta2 genes responds differently to estradiol.

  10. genistein binds and activates the three zebrafish estrogen receptors ERalpha, ERbeta-A (zeige ESR2 Proteine) and ERbeta-B and induces apoptosis in an ER-independent manner

Xenopus laevis Estrogen Receptor 1 (ESR1) Interaktionspartner

  1. ESR1 inhibits the expression of Pitx2 (zeige PITX2 Proteine) gene by binding to a left side-specific enhancer region in Pitx2 (zeige PITX2 Proteine) gene and recruiting histone deacetylase 1 (zeige HDAC1 Proteine) to this region, leading to the suppression of Pitx2 (zeige PITX2 Proteine) gene in the left lateral plate mesoderm.

  2. Data suggest a dual regulation in which XESR5 produces a competent area for mesoderm formation by suppressing the gene expression of XESR1, while XESR1 sharpens the boundary of Xbra expression.

Mouse (Murine) Estrogen Receptor 1 (ESR1) Interaktionspartner

  1. Increased DNA methylation (zeige HELLS Proteine) accompanied this pattern, particularly at CpG dinucleotides located within binding or flanking regions for the transcriptional regulator CCCTC-binding factor (zeige CTCF Proteine) of ESR1 and ESR2 (zeige ESR2 Proteine), consistent with sustained transcriptional activation of ERa and ERb (zeige ESR2 Proteine)

  2. Ciliary length and beat frequency of the oviductal epithelial cells are regulated through ESR1.

  3. Loss of endothelial ERalpha reduces vascular stiffness in male mice fed a Western Diet with an associated outward hypertrophic remodeling of resistance arteries.

  4. Activation of HIF1A (zeige HIF1A Proteine) by prolonged in vivo hyperinsulinemia potentiates cancerous progression in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer cells.

  5. our findings show that Cl(-) channels can be activated by estrogen via ERa on the cell membrane and suggest that the ClC-3 (zeige CLCN3 Proteine) Cl(-) channel may be one of the targets of estrogen in the regulation of osteoblast activity.

  6. Data suggest that prenatal exposure to p,p'-DDT (zeige DDT Proteine) (an endocrine disrupting pesticide) causes sex- and age-independent attenuation of Esr1 in brain which may be involved in propagation of DDT (zeige DDT Proteine)-induced depressive-like neurotoxicity.

  7. Here, the authors demonstrate that mature miRNA-22 is more abundant in muscle from male mice relative to females and that this enables sex-specific regulation of muscular lipid metabolism and body weight by repressing estrogen receptor alpha (ERalpha) expression.

  8. The authors show that the defect in mitoribosomal assembly is a consequence of the accumulation of ERAL1 (zeige ERAL1 Proteine), a putative 12S rRNA chaperone, and novel ClpXP substrate.

  9. Estrogen response element-independent regulation in the arcuate nucleus is mainly mediated by tethering of ERalpha.

  10. ERalpha acts in a B cell-intrinsic manner to control B cell activation (zeige BLNK Proteine), autoantibody production, and lupus nephritis

Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Estrogen Receptor 1 (ESR1) Interaktionspartner

Cow (Bovine) Estrogen Receptor 1 (ESR1) Interaktionspartner

  1. The mRNA expression of ER-alpha and ER-beta (zeige ESR2 Proteine) in the hypothalamus of developing male and female bovines, is reported.

  2. Distribution of estrogen receptor alpha and progesterone receptor (zeige PGR Proteine) B in the bovine oviduct during the follicular and luteal phases of the sexual cycle: an immunohistochemical and semi-quantitative study

  3. ER-alpha is detected predominantly in the soma whereas ER-beta (zeige ESR2 Proteine) is only present in the nucleus of a few cells in the frontal cortex.

  4. Occurrence of a quadruplex motif in a unique insert within exon C of the bovine estrogen receptor alpha gene (ESR1

  5. fetal ovary of cattle has the steroidogenic enzyme aromatase (zeige CYP19A1 Proteine) to convert androgens to estradiol-17beta, and estrogen receptors alpha and beta to facilitate an estrogen response within the fetal ovary

  6. there are different levels of ERalpha, ERbeta (zeige ESR2 Proteine) and PR in bovine oviducts at different cycle stages in vivo

  7. estrogen receptor alpha amounts within the intercaruncular uterine wall do not change during the peripartal period

  8. The expression of estrogen and progesterone receptors in ovarian follicular structures from cows with cystic ovarian disease (COD (zeige SNRPB Proteine)) and a comparison of these with normal ovarian structures are reported.

  9. These data indicate that PGF2alpha, TNFalpha (zeige TNF Proteine) and IFNgamma regulate ERalpha and ERbeta (zeige ESR2 Proteine) mRNA expressions in bovine luteal cells.

  10. The specific mRNA expression of ERalpha in various genotypes using real-time RT-PCR, was examined.

Pig (Porcine) Estrogen Receptor 1 (ESR1) Interaktionspartner

  1. These results will improve the understanding of the functions of the ESR1 in spermatogenesis within the reproductive tract and will shed light on ESR1 as a candidate in the selection of boar with good sperm quality and fertility.

  2. Results showed that the effects of FSHb (zeige FSHB Proteine), ESR, and PRLR (zeige PRLR Proteine) genes were significant in the Tibet pig population, and the effective genotypes of the three genes for reproductive traits were BB, BB, and AA, respectively.

  3. The aim of this work was to study the effects on litter size of variants of the porcine genes RBP4, ESR1 and IGF2, currently used in genetic tests for different purposes.

  4. ERalpha mRNA was present in type A and type B spermatogonia up to mid-pachytene primary spermatocytes in stage V-VIII (zeige COX8A Proteine) and stage I of the seminiferous epithelial cycle, but not in other cells.

  5. positive staining for ERalpha in the nuclei of skeletal muscle cells, while the ERbeta (zeige ESR2 Proteine) stain showed positive signals in nuclei and cytoplasm of skeletal myofibers and myoblasts derived from satellite cells

  6. The objective of this study was to search for polymorphisms in the coding region of the estrogen receptors 1 and 2 (ESR1 and ESR2 (zeige ESR2 Proteine)) and to analyze the effects of these variants and the well known intronic ESR1 PvuII polymorphism on litter size.

  7. These data demonstrate novel and differential mechanisms by which ERalpha and ERbeta (zeige ESR2 Proteine) activation control coronary artery vasoreactivity in males and females and regulate vascular NO and O(2)(-) formation.

  8. Pig ejaculated spermatozoa express estrogen receptor.

  9. The expression of mRNAs for ERalpha, ERbeta (zeige ESR2 Proteine) and PR in the sow uterus differed between endometrium and myometrium as well as with stages of the estrous cycle and early pregnancy.

Horse (Equine) Estrogen Receptor 1 (ESR1) Interaktionspartner

  1. The presence of a single isoform of ESR1 (66kDa) and ESR2 (61kDa) was found by Western-blot analysis in samples from seven stallions and the expression of the seven transmembrane estradiol binding receptor GPER in colt testis.

  2. The spatial arrangement of estrogen receptor alpha during early pregnancy showed cytoplasmic staining of endometrial epithelia and in the nuclei of occasional stromal cells.

  3. expression of estrogen receptor alpha and beta and progesterone receptor (zeige PGR Proteine) in equine microplacentomes gives evidence for a role of placental steroids as regulators of placental function

Rhesus Monkey Estrogen Receptor 1 (ESR1) Interaktionspartner

  1. synaptic abundance of ER-alpha in prefronal cortex is correlated with individual cognitive performance

Estrogen Receptor alpha (ESR1) Protein Überblick

Protein Überblick

This gene encodes an estrogen receptor, a ligand-activated transcription factor composed of several domains important for hormone binding, DNA binding, and activation of transcription. The protein localizes to the nucleus where it may form a homodimer or a heterodimer with estrogen receptor 2. Estrogen and its receptors are essential for sexual development and reproductive function, but also play a role in other tissues such as bone. Estrogen receptors are also involved in pathological processes including breast cancer, endometrial cancer, and osteoporosis. Alternative splicing results in several transcript variants, which differ in their 5' UTRs and use different promoters.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with Estrogen Receptor alpha (ESR1)

  • actin, gamma 1 pseudogene 1 (ACTG1P1)
  • estrogen receptor 2a (esr2a)
  • estrogen receptor 1 (esr1)
  • estrogen receptor alpha 2 (LOC398733)
  • estrogen receptor alpha 1 (LOC398734)
  • Era (G-protein)-like 1 (E. coli) (Eral1)
  • Era-like 12S mitochondrial rRNA chaperone 1 (ERAL1)
  • estrogen receptor (er)
  • estrogen receptor 1 (ESR1)
  • estrogen receptor 1 (Esr1)
  • estrogen receptor 1 (alpha) (Esr1)
  • estrogen receptor alpha-like (LOC100351261)
  • 2610524P08Rik Protein
  • 9130407C09Rik Protein
  • AA420328 Protein
  • ACT1GP1 Protein
  • ACTGP1 Protein
  • AU019798 Protein
  • AU041214 Protein
  • ER Protein
  • ER-alpha Protein
  • ERa Protein
  • ERAL1A Protein
  • eralpha Protein
  • ERbeta Protein
  • ER[a] Protein
  • ER[b]2 Protein
  • ER[b]a Protein
  • Esr Protein
  • ESR1 Protein
  • ESRA Protein
  • Estr Protein
  • Estra Protein
  • ESTRR Protein
  • H-ERA Protein
  • HERA-A Protein
  • HERA-B Protein
  • HY-psi-gamma-AC6 Protein
  • LOC398733 Protein
  • LOC398734 Protein
  • M-ERA Protein
  • MERA-S Protein
  • MERA-W Protein
  • Nr3a1 Protein
  • RNESTROR Protein
  • XER Protein
  • xesr-1 Protein
  • xlERalpha1 Protein
  • xlERalpha2 Protein
  • zfER-beta2 Protein
  • zfER[a] Protein
  • zfER[b]2 Protein

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ERbeta-B , NR3A2-B , estrogen receptor beta2 , estrogen receptor 1 , estrogen receptor alpha , estrogen receptor alpha 2 , bER alpha1 , gER alpha1 , brain estrogen receptor alpha1 , gonad estrogen receptor alpha1 , estrogen receptor alpha 1 , CEGA , ERA-W , ERA-like GTPase , ERA-like protein 1 , GTP-binding protein era homolog , GTPase Era, mitochondrial , conserved ERA-like GTPase , Era G-protein-like 1 , GTPase, human homolog of E. coli essential cell cycle protein Era , era (E. coli G-protein homolog)-like 1 , hERA , estrogen receptor , ER-alpha , estradiol receptor , estrogen nuclear receptor alpha , estrogen receptor alpha 3*,4,5,6,7*/822 isoform , estrogen receptor alpha E1-E2-1-2 , estrogen receptor alpha E1-N2-E2-1-2 , estrogen receptor alpha delta 3*,4,5,6,7*,8*/941 isoform , estrogen receptor alpha delta 3*,4,5,6,7*/819-2 isoform , estrogen receptor alpha delta 4 +49 isoform , estrogen receptor alpha delta 4*,5,6,7*/654 isoform , estrogen receptor alpha delta 4*,5,6,7,8*/901 isoform , nuclear receptor subfamily 3 group A member 1 , Er alpha , estrogen receptor 1 (alpha) , estrogen receptor alpha variant delta 4 , estrogen receptor protein , ER , estrogen receptor, alpha , nuclear receptor , Estradiol receptor , Nuclear receptor subfamily 3 group A member 1

73 Homo sapiens
317734 Danio rerio
394461 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
398733 Xenopus laevis
398734 Xenopus laevis
57837 Mus musculus
26284 Homo sapiens
100136026 Oncorhynchus mykiss
2099 Homo sapiens
24890 Rattus norvegicus
407238 Bos taurus
397435 Sus scrofa
396099 Gallus gallus
443228 Ovis aries
100860768 Capra hircus
403640 Canis lupus familiaris
552888 Felis catus
791249 Equus caballus
613025 Macaca mulatta
100713276 Cavia porcellus
100136461 Salmo salar
259252 Danio rerio
751998 Taeniopygia guttata
101825539 Mesocricetus auratus
13982 Mus musculus
100351261 Oryctolagus cuniculus
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