NEGR1 Proteine (NEGR1)

Neuronal Growth Regulator 1 Proteine (NEGR1)
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5330422G01Rik, DMML2433, IGLON4, KILON, mKIAA3001, NEGR1, Ntra, NTRA-L, NTRA-S, zgc:100871
alle Proteine anzeigen Gen GeneID UniProt
NEGR1 257194 Q7Z3B1
NEGR1 320840 Q80Z24
Ratte NEGR1 NEGR1 59318 Q9Z0J8

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Human Neuronal Growth Regulator 1 (NEGR1) Interaktionspartner

  1. Single nucleotide polymorphism in NEGR1 gene is associated with major depressive disorder.

  2. Significant associations were identified at 3.5 years old for TMEM18 (zeige TMM18 Proteine) rs6548238, NEGR1 rs2815752, BDNF (zeige BDNF Proteine) rs10767664 and rs6265 (1 year old and 3.5 years old) with anthropometric phenotypes

  3. NEGR1 interacts with NPC2 (zeige NPC2 Proteine) and increases its protein stability; it has a role in obesity

  4. We observed novel selection signals in CDKAL1 (zeige CDKAL1 Proteine) and NEGR1, well-known diabetes and obesity susceptibility genes

  5. NEGR1 could be an important locus influencing certain personality dimensions in BN patients.

  6. First study to find an association between an obesity risk gene and differences in white matter integrity. As our subjects were young and healthy, our results suggest that NEGR1 has effects on brain structure independent of its effect on obesity.

  7. Data indicate strong associations with severe obesity for single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) rs9939609 within the FTO (zeige FTO Proteine) gene and SNP rs2815752 near the NEGR1 gene.

  8. Results imply a regulatory role for TMEM18 (zeige TMM18 Proteine), BDNF (zeige BDNF Proteine), MTCH2 (zeige MTCH2 Proteine) and NEGR1 in adipocyte differentiation and biology. In addition, we show a variation of MAF (zeige MAF Proteine) expression during adipogenesis, while NPC1 (zeige NPC1 Proteine), PTER (zeige PTER Proteine) and SH2B1 (zeige SH2B1 Proteine) were not regulated.

  9. Our study supports earlier reports of SH2B1 (zeige SH2B1 Proteine) to be of importance in insulin (zeige INS Proteine) sensitivity and, in addition, suggests potential roles of NEGR1 and MTCH2 (zeige MTCH2 Proteine).

  10. Meta-analysis of 4992 subjects revealed seven SNPs near four loci, including NEGR1, TMEM18 (zeige TMM18 Proteine), SH2B1 (zeige SH2B1 Proteine) /ATP2A1 (zeige ATP2A1 Proteine) and MC4R (zeige MC4R Proteine), showing significant association at 0.005

Mouse (Murine) Neuronal Growth Regulator 1 (NEGR1) Interaktionspartner

  1. The long non-coding RNA, BC048612, and microRNA-203 were determined to be positive and negative regulators of Negr1 gene expression respectively.

  2. Negr1 controls the development of neurite arborization in vitro and in vivo.

  3. a role of NEGR1 in the control of body weight and food intake

  4. These results suggest a function for neurotractin/kilon as a trans-neural growth-promoting factor for outgrowing axons following hippocampal denervation.

NEGR1 Protein Überblick

Protein Überblick

glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored cell adhesion protein

Alternative names and synonyms associated with NEGR1

  • neuronal growth regulator 1 (negr1)
  • neuronal growth regulator 1 (NEGR1)
  • neuronal growth regulator 1 (Negr1)
  • 5330422G01Rik Protein
  • DMML2433 Protein
  • IGLON4 Protein
  • KILON Protein
  • mKIAA3001 Protein
  • NEGR1 Protein
  • Ntra Protein
  • NTRA-L Protein
  • NTRA-S Protein
  • zgc:100871 Protein

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neuronal growth regulator 1 , neuronal growth regulator 1-like , IgLON family member 4 , a kindred of IgLON , neurotractin , kindred of IgLON , kilon protein , neurotractin-L , neurotractin-S

445374 Danio rerio
456941 Pan troglodytes
100016404 Monodelphis domestica
100053464 Equus caballus
100127726 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
100380985 Xenopus laevis
100402487 Callithrix jacchus
100595701 Nomascus leucogenys
257194 Homo sapiens
320840 Mus musculus
59318 Rattus norvegicus
395662 Gallus gallus
612706 Canis lupus familiaris
100271880 Sus scrofa
781106 Bos taurus
100174077 Pongo abelii
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