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anti-Spermine Oxidase (SMOX) Antikörper

Polyamines are ubiquitous polycationic alkylamines which include spermine, spermidine, putrescine, and agmatine. Zusätzlich bieten wir Ihnen Spermine Oxidase Kits (10) und Spermine Oxidase Proteine (7) und viele weitere Produktgruppen zu diesem Protein an.

Alle Antikörper anzeigen Gen GeneID UniProt
SMOX 308652  
SMOX 54498 Q9NWM0
SMOX 228608 Q99K82
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Katalog Nr. Reaktivität Wirt Konjugat Applikation Bilder Menge Anbieter Lieferzeit Preis Details
Human Kaninchen Unkonjugiert WB 100 μL Anmelden zum Anzeigen 6 bis 8 Tage
358,51 €
Human Kaninchen Unkonjugiert WB   50 μg Anmelden zum Anzeigen 11 bis 14 Tage
653,02 €
Human Kaninchen Unkonjugiert IHC, ELISA, WB   50 μL Anmelden zum Anzeigen 7 bis 10 Tage
298,57 €
Human Kaninchen Unkonjugiert ICC, IHC (fro), IHC (p), ELISA, WB   100 μg Anmelden zum Anzeigen 7 bis 10 Tage
366,67 €
Fruchtfliege Kaninchen FITC IP, ELISA, WB   100 μg Anmelden zum Anzeigen 5 bis 7 Tage
638,30 €
Fruchtfliege Kaninchen Unkonjugiert IP, ELISA, WB   100 μg Anmelden zum Anzeigen 5 bis 7 Tage
570,95 €
Human Kaninchen Unkonjugiert   50 μL Anmelden zum Anzeigen 7 bis 17 Tage
382,15 €
Human Kaninchen Unkonjugiert IHC, WB   200 μL Anmelden zum Anzeigen 7 bis 17 Tage
921,66 €
Human Kaninchen Unkonjugiert   100 μg Anmelden zum Anzeigen 67 Days
532,02 €

SMOX Antikörper nach Reaktivität, Anwendung, Klonalität and Konjugat

Attribute Applikationen Wirt Klonalität
Rat (Rattus)


Mouse (Murine)

Weitere Antikörper gegen Spermine Oxidase Interaktionspartner

Cow (Bovine) Spermine Oxidase (SMOX) Interaktionspartner

  1. A novel enzyme with spermine oxidase properties in bovine liver mitochondria has been isolated and characterized.

Arabidopsis thaliana Spermine Oxidase (SMOX) Interaktionspartner

  1. AtPAO1 is the first plant Polyamine oxidase (zeige PAOX Antikörper) reported to be involved in a polyamine back-conversion pathway.

Human Spermine Oxidase (SMOX) Interaktionspartner

  1. effect of Tat (zeige TAT Antikörper) on Nrf2 (zeige GABPA Antikörper) activation in human neuroblastoma (zeige ARHGEF16 Antikörper) cells and the role of NMDA receptor and spermine oxidase on Tat (zeige TAT Antikörper)-induced nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor 2 (Nrf2 (zeige NFE2L2 Antikörper)) activation

  2. During H. pylori infection, the enzyme spermine oxidase (SMOX) is induced, which generates hydrogen peroxide from the catabolism of the polyamine spermine, and increases gastric cancer risk.

  3. study postulates a mechanism for SAT1 (zeige SAT1 Antikörper) and SMOX down-regulation by post-transcriptional activity of miRNAs.

  4. Tat (zeige TAT Antikörper) was found to induce reactive oxygen species production and to affect cell viability in SH-SY5Y cells, these effects being mediated by spermine oxidase (SMO)

  5. Spermine oxidase mediates the gastric cancer risk associated with Helicobacter pylori CagA (zeige S100A8 Antikörper).

  6. each gene was associated with at least one main outcome: anxiety (SAT1 (zeige SAT1 Antikörper), SMS (zeige SMS Antikörper)), mood disorders (SAT1 (zeige SAT1 Antikörper), SMOX), and suicide attempts (SAT1 (zeige SAT1 Antikörper), OATL1 (zeige TBC1D25 Antikörper)).

  7. Spermine oxidase (SMO) has a role in response to BENSpm and CPENSpm in breast tumor cells

  8. Increased expression of spermine oxidase is associated with ulcerative colitis.

  9. the genetic and epigenetic factors examined in this study show little influence on the expression level of SMOX in suicide completers.

  10. Knockdown studies suggest that induction of SSAT (zeige SAT1 Antikörper) and SMO is correlated with the antiproliferative effects of BENSpm with 5-FU or paclitaxel in MDA-MB-231 cells.

Mouse (Murine) Spermine Oxidase (SMOX) Interaktionspartner

  1. Spermine oxidase is an important regulator of muscle gene expression and fiber size.

  2. Data (including data from studies using recombinant mutant proteins) suggest that Glu216-Ser218 is a hot spot responsible for Smox substrate specificity; Smox with mutation E216L/S218A exhibits specificity for N'-acetylspermine rather than spermine.

  3. ROS (zeige ROS1 Antikörper) overexposure by mSMOX delivers an earlier adaptive response to radiation

  4. Spermine oxidase mediates the gastric cancer risk associated with Helicobacter pylori CagA (zeige S100A8 Antikörper).

  5. Spermine oxidase binds spermine in a similar conformation as that observed in the yeast polyamine oxidase (zeige PAOX Antikörper) FMS1-spermine complex and demonstrate a major role for residues His82 and Lys367 in substrate binding and catalysis.

  6. expression and characterization of mouse spermine oxidase

  7. we identified a second domain that is necessary for nuclear localization of the spermine oxidase splice variant

Spermine Oxidase (SMOX) Antigen-Profil

Protein Überblick

Polyamines are ubiquitous polycationic alkylamines which include spermine, spermidine, putrescine, and agmatine. These molecules participate in a broad range of cellular functions which include cell cycle modulation, scavenging reactive oxygen species, and the control of gene expression. These molecules also play important roles in neurotransmission through their regulation of cell-surface receptor activity, involvement in intracellular signalling pathways, and their putative roles as neurotransmitters. This gene encodes an FAD-containing enzyme that catalyzes the oxidation of spermine to spermadine and secondarily produces hydrogen peroxide. Multiple transcript variants encoding different isoenzymes have been identified for this gene, some of which have failed to demonstrate significant oxidase activity on natural polyamine substrates. The characterized isoenzymes have distinctive biochemical characteristics and substrate specificities, suggesting the existence of additional levels of complexity in polyamine catabolism.

Genbezeichner und Symbole assoziert mit SMOX

  • spermine oxidase (smox) Antikörper
  • spermine oxidase (SMOX) Antikörper
  • polyamine oxidase 1 (PAO1) Antikörper
  • spermine oxidase (Smox) Antikörper
  • APAO Antikörper
  • ATPAO1 Antikörper
  • B130066H01Rik Antikörper
  • C20orf16 Antikörper
  • cb1027 Antikörper
  • MGC81392 Antikörper
  • MSH12.17 Antikörper
  • MSH12_17 Antikörper
  • PAO Antikörper
  • PAO-1 Antikörper
  • PAOh1 Antikörper
  • polyamine oxidase 1 Antikörper
  • SMO Antikörper
  • wu:fq32f10 Antikörper
  • zgc:77167 Antikörper

Bezeichner auf Proteinebene für SMOX

spermine oxidase , flavin containing amine oxidase , flavin-containing spermine oxidase , polyamine oxidase 1 , putative cyclin G1 interacting protein , PAO-1

387290 Danio rerio
422934 Gallus gallus
432246 Xenopus laevis
458074 Pan troglodytes
485787 Canis lupus familiaris
527211 Bos taurus
733959 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
100052311 Equus caballus
100152781 Sus scrofa
100347645 Oryctolagus cuniculus
100462330 Pongo abelii
100480545 Ailuropoda melanoleuca
100540689 Meleagris gallopavo
100556339 Anolis carolinensis
100586685 Nomascus leucogenys
831215 Arabidopsis thaliana
308652 Rattus norvegicus
54498 Homo sapiens
228608 Mus musculus
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