WNT2 Proteine (WNT2)

Wingless-Type MMTV Integration Site Family Member 2 Proteine (WNT2)
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2610510E18Rik, CG1916, D-wnt-2, Dm-2, Dm DWnt2, Dmel\\CG1916, Dwnt-2, dWnt2, INT1L1, IRP, Mirp, Wnt, wnt-2, WNT2, Wnt2a, Xwnt-2, Xwnt2, ZfWnt2
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Maus WNT2 WNT2 22413 P21552
WNT2 7472 P09544
Ratte WNT2 WNT2 114487  

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  1. Human WNT2 Protein expressed in Wheat germ - ABIN1325356 : Habuchi, Nagai, Sugaya, Atsumi, Stevens, Kimata: Mice deficient in heparan sulfate 6-O-sulfotransferase-1 exhibit defective heparan sulfate biosynthesis, abnormal placentation, and late embryonic lethality. in The Journal of biological chemistry 2007 (PubMed)
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Fruit Fly (Drosophila melanogaster) Wingless-Type MMTV Integration Site Family Member 2 (WNT2) Interaktionspartner

  1. We discovered an otk paralog (otk2, CG8964), which is co-expressed with otk throughout embryonic and larval development. Otk and Otk2 bind to each other and form complexes with Frizzled, Frizzled2 (zeige FZD2 Proteine) and Wnt2, pointing to a function as Wnt (zeige WNT4 Proteine) co-receptors.

  2. Mutations in Wnt2 alter presynaptic motor neuron morphology and presynaptic protein localization at the neuromuscular junction.

  3. DWnt-2 promotes correct patterning of direct flight muscles through a mechanism that is independent of the attachment site differentiation initiated by stripe.

  4. Data show that Drosophila Naked cuticle (Nkd (zeige NKD1 Proteine)) engages the nuclear import adaptor Importin-alpha3 to antagonize Wnt (zeige WNT4 Proteine)/beta-catenin signaling.

  5. It activates beta-catenin-independent pathway, such as planar cell polarity pathway, calcium signaling. (review)

Mouse (Murine) Wingless-Type MMTV Integration Site Family Member 2 (WNT2) Interaktionspartner

  1. Upregulation of Wnt2 expression enhanced WISP-1 (zeige WISP1 Proteine) and promoted vascular smooth muscle cell migration and intimal thickening.

  2. Wnt 2 levels were markedly down-regulated by retinoic acid in pancreatic stellar cells and chronic pancreatitis.

  3. We propose that the WNT2/CTNNB1 (zeige CTNNB1 Proteine) pathway regulates CX43 (zeige GJA1 Proteine) expression and gap junction intercellular communication in granulosa cells by modulating CTNNB1 (zeige CTNNB1 Proteine) stability and localization in adherens junctions

  4. Pdgf (zeige PDGFA Proteine) signaling potentiates Wnt2-Wnt7b (zeige WNT7B Proteine) signaling to promote high levels of Wnt activity in mesenchymal progenitors that is required for proper development of endoderm-derived organs, such as the lung

  5. Expression of WNT2 in pancreatic cancer cells suppresses anoikis, enhances anchorage-independent sphere formation, and increases metastatic propensity in vivo.

  6. Wnt2 plays strong positive stage-specific role in cardiogenesis through non-canonical Wnt pathway in murine ES cells.

  7. show that Wnt2 signaling is necessary and sufficient for activation of a transcriptional and signaling network critical for smooth muscle specification and differentiation including myocardin/Mrtf-B (zeige MKL2 Proteine) and the signaling factor Fgf10 (zeige FGF10 Proteine)

  8. Wnt2 expression is downregulated at lung bud stage in the nitrofen model. Optical projection tomography is potentially a useful approach to visualize both gene expression and morphology during very early stages of lung development.

  9. The canonical WNT signaling pathway is intact in mouse granulosa cells and that WNT2 can act through beta-catenin, likely downstream of FZD9, to regulate DNA synthesis.

  10. Results identify Wnt2 as a novel regulator of dopaminergic progenitors and dopaminergic neuron development.

Human Wingless-Type MMTV Integration Site Family Member 2 (WNT2) Interaktionspartner

  1. High WNT2 expression is associated with Cervical Carcinoma Metastasis.

  2. targeting beta-catenin with lipofection-delivered small interfering RNA oligonucleotide inhibited the proliferation and cell cycle arrest in G0/G1 phase and increased apoptosis of fibroblast cells, accompanied by downregulation of Wnt2 and cyclin D1 as well as the phosphorylation level of glycogen synthase kinase 3 beta in the keloid fibrosis

  3. Genetic polymorphisms in the WNT2 and CTNNB1 genes were closely associated with hepatocellular carcinoma risk and progression in a Chinese Han population

  4. The WNT2 rs39315 G allele was associated with advanced tumor stage in hepatocellular carcinoma.

  5. Wnt2 complements Wnt/beta-catenin (zeige CTNNB1 Proteine) signaling in regulating colorectal cancer cell proliferation.

  6. Wnt2/beta-catenin (zeige CTNNB1 Proteine) signaling was involved in stromal-epithelial cells interaction in endometriosis.

  7. High expression of Wnt2 is associated with pancreatic cancer progression promoted by pancreatic stellate cells.

  8. Hypermethylation of WNT2 is associated with colorectal cancer.

  9. The study demonistrated that expressions of Wnt-2 in high-grade brainstem gliomas were significantly higher than that in low-grade brainstem gliomas and normal brain tissues and were positively correlated with the expression of Ki-67 (zeige MKI67 Proteine).

  10. Decreased placental expression of Wnt2 and increased placental expression of sFRP4 (zeige SFRP4 Proteine) may be associated with the pathogenesis of severe preeclampsia.

Cow (Bovine) Wingless-Type MMTV Integration Site Family Member 2 (WNT2) Interaktionspartner

  1. WNT2 gene is associated with resistance to paratuberculosis

  2. These data demonstrate for the first time that FSH (zeige BRD2 Proteine) regulates CTNNB1 (zeige CTNNB1 Proteine) protein and WNT2 mRNA expressions in bovine granulosa cells, suggesting a potential role of canonical WNT signaling in ovarian steroidogenesis and follicular growth of cattle.

Zebrafish Wingless-Type MMTV Integration Site Family Member 2 (WNT2) Interaktionspartner

  1. show that sequential functions of Wnt2bb and Wnt2 control liver specification and proliferation in zebrafish

WNT2 Protein Überblick

Protein Überblick

This gene is a member of the WNT gene family. The WNT gene family consists of structurally related genes which encode secreted signaling proteins. These proteins have been implicated in oncogenesis and in several developmental processes, including regulation of cell fate and patterning during embryogenesis. Alternatively spliced transcript variants have been identified for this gene.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with WNT2

  • Wnt oncogene analog 2 (Wnt2)
  • wingless-type MMTV integration site family member 2 (wnt2)
  • wingless-type MMTV integration site family member 2 (LOC100221216)
  • wingless-type MMTV integration site family member 2 (WNT2)
  • wingless-related MMTV integration site 2 (Wnt2)
  • wingless-type MMTV integration site family member 2 (Wnt2)
  • 2610510E18Rik Protein
  • CG1916 Protein
  • D-wnt-2 Protein
  • Dm-2 Protein
  • Dm DWnt2 Protein
  • Dmel\\CG1916 Protein
  • Dwnt-2 Protein
  • dWnt2 Protein
  • INT1L1 Protein
  • IRP Protein
  • Mirp Protein
  • Wnt Protein
  • wnt-2 Protein
  • WNT2 Protein
  • Wnt2a Protein
  • Xwnt-2 Protein
  • Xwnt2 Protein
  • ZfWnt2 Protein

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CG1916-PA , Wnt2-PA , wingless-type MMTV integration site family member 2 , INT-1-related protein , protein Wnt-2 , Int-1-related protein , int-1-like protein 1 , secreted growth factor , wingless-related MMTV integration site 2 , wingless-type MMTV integration site 2 , protein Wnt-2-like , Protein Wnt-2 , etID309852.18

35975 Drosophila melanogaster
100137508 Takifugu rubripes
100221216 Taeniopygia guttata
100303493 Saccoglossus kowalevskii
612141 Canis lupus familiaris
780953 Monodelphis domestica
100038261 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
100125382 Sus scrofa
22413 Mus musculus
7472 Homo sapiens
114487 Rattus norvegicus
417769 Gallus gallus
493729 Bos taurus
493672 Felis catus
100056092 Equus caballus
100126569 Oryctolagus cuniculus
100126577 Ovis aries
100137034 Pongo abelii
100411308 Callithrix jacchus
463673 Pan troglodytes
30127 Danio rerio
101651785 Echinops telfairi
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