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AW107799, GB10372, shf, WIF-1, WIF1, zgc:110507
Alle Antikörper anzeigen Gen GeneID UniProt
WIF1 11197 Q9Y5W5
WIF1 24117 Q9WUA1
WIF1 114557 Q6IN38

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Human WNT Inhibitory Factor 1 (WIF1) Interaktionspartner

  1. Our data suggests that total cellular b-catenin levels decrease in the presence of secreted frizzled-related protein 1 (zeige SFRP1 Antikörper) and Wnt inhibitory factor 1, and a significant increase in cell death after tyrosine kinase (zeige TXK Antikörper) inhibitor treatment is observed. On the contrary, when secreted frizzled-related protein 1 (zeige SFRP1 Antikörper) is suppressed, total b-catenin levels increase in the cell and the cells become resistant to tyrosine kinase (zeige TXK Antikörper) inhibitors.

  2. Gallbladder cancer patients with hypermethylated WIF-1 exhibited worse overall survival than those with hypomethylated WIF-1.

  3. In astrocytoma specimens, tumor areas with numerous single cells were identified which strongly express Wif-1.

  4. Hypermethylation of WIF1 (WNT inhibitory factor 1) and NPY (neuropeptide Y (zeige NPY Antikörper)) genes was significantly higher in tumor tissue compared to normal tissue, independently of tumor stage.

  5. the expression levels of WIF-1 were low in gallbladder cancer tumor tissues and the GBC-SD, SGC (zeige SGCB Antikörper)-996 and NOZ gallbladder cancer cell lines. This low expression was associated with the methylation status of the WIF-1 gene promotor.

  6. Compared with adjacent normal tissues, the methylation frequencies of WIF-1, RASSF1A (zeige RASSF1 Antikörper), and CDH13 (zeige CDH13 Antikörper) genes were significantly higher but the mRNA levels of these 3 genes were significantly lower in EC tissues. The survival rates of patients with WIF-1, RASSF1A (zeige RASSF1 Antikörper), and CDH13 (zeige CDH13 Antikörper) methylations were significantly lower than those of patients without methylation

  7. Promoter hypermethylation WIF1 play an important role in the carcinogenesis of lung cancer.

  8. HOTAIR can affect the radiosensitivity of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) cells partly via regulating the expression of WIF-1, and HOTAIR-WIF-1 axis is a potential target for PDAC radiotherapy.

  9. beta-catenin (zeige CTNNB1 Antikörper) expression may also be a poor prognostic factor for cervical cancer (CC) while WIF1 could be a potential drug target for treatment of advanced CC.

  10. Reduced expression of Wif-1 and increased expression of beta-catenin (zeige CTNNB1 Antikörper) may be involved in the pathogenesis of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).

Mouse (Murine) WNT Inhibitory Factor 1 (WIF1) Interaktionspartner

  1. Wif1 localizes to the enamel knot (zeige KCNK7 Antikörper) in which Wif1 regulates apoptosis by mediating and regulating Wnt (zeige WNT2 Antikörper)-beta-catenin (zeige CTNNB1 Antikörper) signaling. Thus, Wif1 plays an essential role in tooth development.

  2. WIF1 has a role in breast neoplasms: its inhibition significantly relieves the cancer stem cell-limiting effects of dietary compound isoliquiritigenin

  3. results demonstrate that Wif1 is not targeted for silencing by DNA methylation (zeige HELLS Antikörper) in OS. Instead, the reduced expression of Wif1 in OS cells is in context with their stage in differentiation

  4. EZH2 (zeige EZH2 Antikörper)-induced downregulation of WIF1 expression may partially regulate Wnt (zeige WNT2 Antikörper)/beta-catenin (zeige CTNNB1 Antikörper)-dependent crypt hyperplasia in response to citrobacter rodentium infection

  5. Dysregulation of this endodermal Shh-Wif1-b-catenin signaling axis contributes to ARM pathogenesis.

  6. It is anticipated that our findings will contribute to expansion of our understanding of WIF1 biological function on heart development and possible modes of treatment of heart diseases

  7. WIF1 secretion by the Mullerian duct mesenchyme plays a role in Mullerian duct regression in fetal males

  8. These data suggest that WIF-1 may take part in the fine-tuning of cartilage and bone turnover, promoting the balance of cartilage versus bone anabolism.

  9. Wnt inhibitory factor 1 (Wif1) is regulated by androgens and enhances androgen-dependent prostate development

  10. Osteoblastic Wif1 overexpression disrupts stem cell quiescence, leading to a loss of self-renewal potential.

Xenopus laevis WNT Inhibitory Factor 1 (WIF1) Interaktionspartner

  1. In an examination of signaling pathways in developing Xenopus lung, wif1 was expressed in the mesenchyme layer of the entire lungs through stages 39-41.

Zebrafish WNT Inhibitory Factor 1 (WIF1) Interaktionspartner

  1. Data describe the importance of proper level of Wnt (zeige WNT2 Antikörper) signaling for normal development of swimbladder in Wif1 morphant zebrafish.

WIF1 Antigen-Profil

Beschreibung des Gens

The protein encoded by this gene functions to inhibit WNT proteins, which are extracellular signaling molecules that play a role in embryonic development. This protein contains a WNT inhibitory factor (WIF) domain and five epidermal growth factor (EGF)-like domains, and is thought to be involved in mesoderm segmentation. This gene functions as a tumor suppressor gene, and has been found to be epigenetically silenced in various cancers.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with WIF1

  • WNT inhibitory factor 1 (WIF-1) Antikörper
  • wnt inhibitory factor 1 (CpipJ_CPIJ003761) Antikörper
  • WNT inhibitory factor 1 (wif1) Antikörper
  • WNT inhibitory factor 1 (WIF1) Antikörper
  • Wnt inhibitory factor 1 (Wif1) Antikörper
  • wnt inhibitory factor 1 (wif1) Antikörper
  • AW107799 Antikörper
  • GB10372 Antikörper
  • shf Antikörper
  • WIF-1 Antikörper
  • WIF1 Antikörper
  • zgc:110507 Antikörper

Bezeichner auf Proteinebene für WIF1

shifted , wnt inhibitory factor 1 , WNT inhibitory factor 1 , wnt inhibitory factor 1-like , Wnt inhibitory factor-1 , WIF-1 , wnt inhibitory factor-1

552805 Apis mellifera
6035098 Culex quinquefasciatus
100127197 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
100484613 Ailuropoda melanoleuca
467056 Pan troglodytes
11197 Homo sapiens
24117 Mus musculus
417831 Gallus gallus
481148 Canis lupus familiaris
100511326 Sus scrofa
533672 Bos taurus
114557 Rattus norvegicus
399375 Xenopus laevis
30476 Danio rerio
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