Synaptotagmin IV Proteine (SYT4)

Synaptotagmin IV Proteine (SYT4)
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CG10047, D.Syt IV, DKFZp459O022, Dmel\\CG10047, dsyt4, HsT1192, MGC172491, syt4, syt 4, sytIV, wu:fj05d11, zgc:73240
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SYT4 6860 Q9H2B2
SYT4 20983 P40749
SYT4 64440 P50232

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  1. Human SYT4 Protein expressed in Escherichia coli (E. coli) - ABIN1098555 : Ferguson, Chen, Korenberg, Herschman: The human synaptotagmin IV gene defines an evolutionary break point between syntenic mouse and human chromosome regions but retains ligand inducibility and tissue specificity. in The Journal of biological chemistry 2001 (PubMed)
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Fruit Fly (Drosophila melanogaster) Synaptotagmin IV (SYT4) Interaktionspartner

  1. A retrograde signal mediated by Synaptotagmin 4 is transmitted to the postsynaptic cell through anterograde delivery of Synaptotagmin 4 via exosomes.

  2. Rat and Drosophila synaptotagmin 4 have opposite effects during SNARE (zeige NAPA Proteine)-catalyzed membrane fusion.

  3. Synaptotagmins I and IV promote transmitter release independently of Ca(2 (zeige CA2 Proteine)+) binding in the C(2)A domain

  4. results demonstrate that acute plasticity and synapse-specific growth require Syt 4-dependent retrograde signaling at Drosophila neuromuscular junctions

  5. Syt 4 regulates activity-dependent release of postsynaptic retrograde signals that promote synaptic plasticity, similar to the role of Syt 1 (zeige SYT1 Proteine) as a Ca(2 (zeige CA2 Proteine)+) sensor for presynaptic vesicle fusion.

Human Synaptotagmin IV (SYT4) Interaktionspartner

  1. Data show although no any significant differences between patient groups and lean subjects of proteins SYT4, BAG3 (zeige BAG3 Proteine), APOA1 (zeige APOA1 Proteine), and VAV3 (zeige VAV3 Proteine), except for VGF (zeige VGF Proteine) protein, there was a trend between the expression of these four genes and their protein levels.

  2. Synaptotagmin 4 negatively regulates oxytocin exocytosis, and dietary obesity is associated with increased synaptotagmin 4 binding to vesicles.

Mouse (Murine) Synaptotagmin IV (SYT4) Interaktionspartner

  1. BDNF (zeige BDNF Proteine) secretion mediated by syt (zeige SS18 Proteine)-IV is subject to extensive temporal and spatial control to modulate the spatial pattern of synaptic efficacy in networks of neurons

  2. Somatodendritic dopamine release requires synaptotagmin 4 and 7 and the participation of voltage-gated calcium channels.

  3. these data suggest that syt (zeige SS18 Proteine) IV plays a role both in the Golgi and in the maintenance of normal numbers of synaptic vesicles in presynaptic terminals

  4. propose that Syt (zeige SS18 Proteine) IV is essential for the regulated release of glutamate (zeige GRIN1 Proteine) from astrocytes and is a candidate Ca2 (zeige CA2 Proteine)+ sensor for gliotransmission by these nonneuronal cells

  5. Syt (zeige SS18 Proteine) IV plays a role in rodent mood-related behavior by regulating synaptic function in the neuronal networks that modulate these behaviors.

  6. Syt (zeige SS18 Proteine) IV is a presynaptic negative regulator of short-term plasticity in area CA1 (zeige CA1 Proteine) of the hippocampus and is required for some, but not all, forms of hippocampus-dependent memory.

  7. Given the neuroendocrine functions of the posterior pituitary, changes in Syt (zeige SS18 Proteine) IV levels could be involved in endocrine transitions involving alterations in the release of the neuropeptides oxytocin and vasopressin (zeige AVP Proteine)

  8. Thus, regulation of BDNF (zeige BDNF Proteine) secretion by syt (zeige SS18 Proteine)-IV emerges as a mechanism for maintaining synaptic strength in a useful range during LTP (zeige SCP2 Proteine).

  9. From the results of this study the author proposed that the differential expression of synaptotagmins determines the characteristic Ca2 (zeige CA2 Proteine)+ sensitivity of vesicle fusion at hair cell synapses.

Synaptotagmin IV (SYT4) Protein Überblick

Protein Überblick

The protein encoded by this gene belongs to the synaptotagmin family. Members of this family are multi-domained, integral membrane proteins of synaptic vesicles, and are thought to serve as Ca2+ sensors in the process of vesicular trafficking and exocytosis. This gene is primarily expressed in the nervous tissues.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with Synaptotagmin IV (SYT4)

  • Synaptotagmin 4 (Syt4)
  • synaptotagmin IV (syt4)
  • synaptotagmin IV (SYT4)
  • synaptotagmin IV (TcasGA2_TC011462)
  • synaptotagmin IV (Syt4)
  • CG10047 Protein
  • D.Syt IV Protein
  • DKFZp459O022 Protein
  • Dmel\\CG10047 Protein
  • dsyt4 Protein
  • HsT1192 Protein
  • MGC172491 Protein
  • syt4 Protein
  • syt 4 Protein
  • sytIV Protein
  • wu:fj05d11 Protein
  • zgc:73240 Protein

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CG10047-PA , Syt4-PA , synaptotagmin 4 , synaptotagmin IV , synaptotagmin-4 , GLEAN_11462 , Synaptotagmin-4 , synaptotagmin-4-like , sytIV

40876 Drosophila melanogaster
335357 Danio rerio
447980 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
468526 Pan troglodytes
657001 Tribolium castaneum
694191 Macaca mulatta
751606 Taeniopygia guttata
100068405 Equus caballus
100174749 Pongo abelii
100195401 Salmo salar
100465772 Ailuropoda melanoleuca
100568218 Anolis carolinensis
100593910 Nomascus leucogenys
6860 Homo sapiens
20983 Mus musculus
64440 Rattus norvegicus
422960 Gallus gallus
490474 Canis lupus familiaris
539867 Bos taurus
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