Hook Microtubule-Tethering Protein 3 Proteine (HOOK3)

Hook Microtubule-Tethering Protein 3 Proteine (HOOK3)
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HOOK3 84376 Q86VS8

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  1. This work reveals the structural details of Hook3's interaction with dynein and offers insight into how cargo adaptors form processive dynein-dynactin (zeige DCTN1 Proteine) motor complexes.

  2. Single-molecule motility assays using total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy indicate that both Hook1 and Hook3 effectively activate cytoplasmic dynein, inducing longer run lengths and higher velocities than the previously characterized dynein activator bicaudal D2 (BICD2).

  3. results of our study identify HOOK3 as a strong candidate prognostic marker with a possible role in maintaining genomic integrity in prostate cancer, which may have potential for inclusion into clinical routine assays

  4. Results found that downregulation of Hook3 expression slows down endosomal transport and increases beta-amyloid production suggesting that Hook3 might play a critical role in pathogenic events exacerbating Alzheimer disease.

  5. Hook3 is recruited to pericentriolar satellites through interaction with pericentriolar material 1 protein PCM1 (zeige PCM1 Proteine).

  6. Salmonella SpiC (zeige SPIC Proteine) targets the function of Hook3, a mammalian protein implicated in cellular trafficking.

  7. Hook3 interacts with a cytoplasmic domain of scavenger receptor A

  8. A fusion product between exon 11 of HOOK3 and exon 12 of RET (zeige RET Proteine) gene was identified by 5'RACE, and the presence of chimeric HOOK3-RET (zeige RET Proteine) protein of 88 kDa was detected by western blot analysis with an anti-RET (zeige RET Proteine) antibody.

Hook Microtubule-Tethering Protein 3 (HOOK3) Protein Überblick

Protein Überblick

Hook proteins are cytosolic coiled-coil proteins that contain conserved N-terminal domains, which attach to microtubules, and more divergent C-terminal domains, which mediate binding to organelles. The Drosophila Hook protein is a component of the endocytic compartment.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with Hook Microtubule-Tethering Protein 3 (HOOK3)

  • hook microtubule-tethering protein 3 (HOOK3)
  • HK3 Protein

Bezeichner auf Proteinebene für HOOK3

h-hook3 , hHK3 , hook homolog 3 , protein Hook homolog 3

84376 Homo sapiens
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