Nephroblastoma Overexpressed Proteine (NOV)

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2600013D04Rik, C130088N23Rik, CCN3, IBP-9, IGFBP-9, IGFBP9, mKIAA4053, NOV, nov-A, NovH, PlexA1, Plxn1, xnov
alle Proteine anzeigen Gen GeneID UniProt
NOV 4856 P48745
NOV 81526 Q9QZQ5
NOV 18133 Q64299

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Human Nephroblastoma Overexpressed (NOV) Interaktionspartner

  1. Reduced levels of CCN1 (zeige CCNA2 Proteine) and CCN3, as found in early-onset preeclampsia, could contribute to a shift from invasive to proliferative extravillous trophoblasts and may explain their shallow invasion properties in this disease.

  2. our findings establish CCN3 as a pivotal regulator of androgen receptor (AR (zeige AR Proteine)) signaling and prostate cancer progression and suggest a functional intersection between EZH2 (zeige EZH2 Proteine) and AR signaling in castration-resistant prostate cancer

  3. The present study aimed to examine the clinical relevance of NOV along with CYR61 and CTGF in gastric cancer by analysing their transcript levels...the expression of NOV and CYR61 was increased in gastric cancer. The elevated expression of CYR61 was associated with poorer survival. NOV promoted proliferation and invasion of gastric cancer cells

  4. Studies indicate that the CYR61 (zeige CYR61 Proteine) CTGF (zeige CTGF Proteine) NOV matricellular proteins (CCN family of proteins) comprises the members CCN1 (zeige CCNA2 Proteine), CCN2 (zeige CTGF Proteine), CCN3, CCN4 (zeige WISP1 Proteine), CCN5 (zeige WISP2 Proteine) and CCN6 (zeige WISP3 Proteine) and have been identified in various types of cancer.

  5. NOV expression was highly increased in biopsies of patients with tubulointerstitial nephritis.

  6. Results revealed that NOV regulates the tumor growth of osteosarcoma cells through activation of the MAPK (zeige MAPK1 Proteine) signaling pathway and promotes osteosarcoma cell migration in vitro.

  7. our results argue that MZF-1 regulates the CTGF and NOV genes in the hematopoietic compartment, and may be involved in their respective functions in the stroma.

  8. Overexpression of CCN3 induces M2 macrophage infiltration and contributes to angiogenesis in prostate cancer microenvironment.

  9. NOV may promote carcinogenesis via promotion of EMT (zeige ITK Proteine) and association with increased mTOR (zeige FRAP1 Proteine) activity

  10. CCN3 can promote dentinogenesis by coordinating proliferation and odontoblastic differentiation of dental pulp stem cells via modulating Notch (zeige NOTCH1 Proteine) and BMP2 (zeige BMP2 Proteine) signaling pathways.

Mouse (Murine) Nephroblastoma Overexpressed (NOV) Interaktionspartner

  1. Administration of EET alters Wnt1 (zeige WNT1 Proteine), NOV, and HO-1 (zeige HMOX1 Proteine) signaling to prevent obesity-induced cardiomyopathy in obese mice.

  2. PLXNA1 (zeige PLXNA1 Proteine) mediates the acquisition of malignant phenotypes induced by autocrine SEMA3A (zeige SEMA3A Proteine) signaling in lung cancer cells.

  3. results show that NOV is a new adipocytokine that could be involved in obesity-associated insulin (zeige INS Proteine)-resistance.

  4. Study showed that progenitor cells lining the telencephalic ventricles express PlexinA1 (zeige PLXNA1 Proteine) and that absence of this receptor impairs neurogenesis in the developing forebrain

  5. Genetic and pharmacological approaches implicated the ERK1/2 pathway as a critical regulator of CCN3-dependent AAA (zeige AAAS Proteine) development.

  6. Reduced NOV expression limits inflammation and interstitial renal fibrosis after obstructive nephropathy in mice.

  7. NOV is required for the maintenance of articular cartilage and for joint homeostasis, with disruption of NOV in ageing Nov(del3)-/- male mice causing osteoarthritis-like disease.

  8. tight regulation of CCN3 expression is necessary for normal cortical neuronal connectivity during development, and RAB25 (zeige RAB25 Proteine) negatively regulates neuronal differentiation as a downstream effector of CCN3

  9. CCN3 overexpression is associated with control of inflammatory processes and reversion of dyslipidemia in the process of atherosclerosis, which implies that CCN3 may be a promising target in the treatment of atherosclerosis.

  10. PlexinA1 (zeige PLXNA1 Proteine) mediates both Semaphorin and Slit signaling

Nephroblastoma Overexpressed (NOV) Protein Überblick

Protein Überblick

The protein encoded by this gene is a small secreted cysteine-rich protein and a member of the CCN family of regulatory proteins. CNN family proteins associate with the extracellular matrix and play an important role in cardiovascular and skeletal development, fibrosis and cancer development.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with Nephroblastoma Overexpressed (NOV)

  • nephroblastoma overexpressed (NOV)
  • nephroblastoma overexpressed (Nov)
  • nephroblastoma overexpressed (nov)
  • nephroblastoma overexpressed gene (NOV)
  • nephroblastoma overexpressed gene (Nov)
  • plexin A1 (Plxna1)
  • 2600013D04Rik Protein
  • C130088N23Rik Protein
  • CCN3 Protein
  • IBP-9 Protein
  • IGFBP-9 Protein
  • IGFBP9 Protein
  • mKIAA4053 Protein
  • NOV Protein
  • nov-A Protein
  • NovH Protein
  • PlexA1 Protein
  • Plxn1 Protein
  • xnov Protein

Bezeichner auf Proteinebene für NOV

CCN family member 3 , IGF-binding protein 9 , insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 9 , nephroblastoma-overexpressed gene protein homolog , protein NOV homolog , nephroblastoma overexpressed gene protein homolog , novH , nephroblastoma overexpressed gene protein , nephroblastoma-overexpressed gene protein , protein NOV , plex 1 , plexin 1 , plexin-1 , plexin-A1

4856 Homo sapiens
81526 Rattus norvegicus
373662 Xenopus laevis
475083 Canis lupus familiaris
505727 Bos taurus
18133 Mus musculus
396204 Gallus gallus
18844 Mus musculus
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