COL2A1 Proteine (COL2A1)

Collagen, Type II, alpha 1 Proteine (COL2A1)
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ANFH, AOM, CB11, CG2A1A, Col2, Col2a, Col2a-1, COL2A1, col2a1a, COL11A3, COLLII, Del1, Dmm, Lpk, M100856, Rgsc856, SEDC
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COL2A1 12824 P28481
COL2A1 1280 P02458
COL2A1 25412 P05539

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  1. Human COL2A1 Protein expressed in Human Cells - ABIN2004775 : Ala-Kokko, Kvist, Metsäranta, Kivirikko, de Crombrugghe, Prockop, Vuorio: Conservation of the sizes of 53 introns and over 100 intronic sequences for the binding of common transcription factors in the human and mouse genes for type II procollagen (COL2A1). in The Biochemical journal 1997 (PubMed)
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Horse (Equine) Collagen, Type II, alpha 1 (COL2A1) Interaktionspartner

  1. In contrast to previous studies using C2C the present study demonstrated that synovial levels of Coll2 (zeige SEMA3D Proteine)-1 were significantly elevated in tarsocrural joints affected with osteochondrosis

  2. These results suggested that serum and synovial fluid (SF) collagen type II (CTX (zeige VSIG1 Proteine)-II) concentrations and SF:serum CTX (zeige VSIG1 Proteine)-II ratio may be used to detect cartilage degradation in horses with joint injury.

Rabbit Collagen, Type II, alpha 1 (COL2A1) Interaktionspartner

  1. These results suggest that PEP-1-SIRT2 (zeige SIRT2 Proteine) promotes matrix metalloproteinases-induced dedifferentiation via ERK (zeige MAPK1 Proteine) signaling in articular chondrocytes.

  2. Collagen type II serum levels, along with COMP (zeige COMP Proteine) levels, were effective for early osteoarthritis diagnosis in an animal model.

  3. The expression of II type collagen and MMP-7 (zeige MMP7 Proteine) is correlated to a retrogression of acetabular cartilage and increases obviously in early developmental dysplasia. [MMP7 (zeige MMP7 Proteine)]

Mouse (Murine) Collagen, Type II, alpha 1 (COL2A1) Interaktionspartner

  1. These findings suggest a novel mechanism of action of SOX5 (zeige SOX5 Proteine)/6; namely, the SOX9 (zeige SOX9 Proteine)/5/6 combination enhances Col2a1 transcription through a novel enhancer in intron 6 together with the enhancer in intron 1.

  2. this study shows role of Del-1 in the regulation of platelet-monocyte interplay and the subsequent heterotypic aggregate formation in the blood-mediated inflammatory reaction in islet transplantation

  3. Alpha-tectorin and beta-tectorin (zeige TECTB Proteine) crosslink type II collagen fibrils and connect the tectorial membrane to the spiral limbus.

  4. Col2 expression was seen in the prehypertrophic zone of the mandibular condyle cartilage.

  5. Rspo2 (zeige RSPO2 Proteine) activates Wnt (zeige WNT2 Proteine)/beta-catenin (zeige CTNNB1 Proteine) signaling to reduce Col2a1 and Sox9 (zeige SOX9 Proteine) and to facilitate differentiation of proliferating chondrocytes into hypertrophic chondrocytes in growth cartilage

  6. The MC13 mutation in Col2a1 causes an incompletely penetrant splicing defect.

  7. The mutant G1170S Col2a1 gene in mice clearly alters the transgenic murine phenotype and cartilage matrix homeostasis.

  8. Data indicate that tamoxifen decreased collage type II COL2A1 by activating matrix metallopeptidases MMP-2 (zeige MMP2 Proteine)/13 expression.

  9. The increased expressions of the cartilage-associated proteins Collagen2 and alpha-SMA (zeige SMN1 Proteine) during scleral chondrogenesis accompany myopia development.

  10. Results indicate the ability of type II collagen (CII) to generate CII-specific anterior chamber-associated immune deviation (ACAID)-mediated immune tolerance in vivo and in vitro in both DBA/1 (zeige RPS19 Proteine) mice and C57BL/6 mice.

Human Collagen, Type II, alpha 1 (COL2A1) Interaktionspartner

  1. High type II collagen expression is associated with intervertebral disc degeneration.

  2. Endoplasmic reticulum stress participates in the progress of senescence and apoptosis of osteoarthritic chondrocytes, which manifested in increased expression of ADAMTS5 (zeige ADAMTS5 Proteine), MMP13 (zeige MMP13 Proteine), and decreased COL2A1 expression.

  3. results highlight the contribution of ELF3 (zeige ELF3 Proteine) to transcriptional regulation of COL2A1

  4. Half of the Stickler patients (46%) carried a COL2A1 variant, and the molecular spectrum was different across the phenotypes.

  5. Femoral and tibial cartilage show a different behaviour concerning expression values for the genes Col1A1 (zeige COL1A1 Proteine), Col2A1 and Agg.

  6. These findings suggest a novel mechanism of action of SOX5 (zeige SOX5 Proteine)/6; namely, the SOX9 (zeige SOX9 Proteine)/5/6 combination enhances Col2a1 transcription through a novel enhancer in intron 6 together with the enhancer in intron 1.

  7. analysis of the COL2A1 mutation in idiopathic osteonecrosis of the femoral head among patients from 22 Japanese hospitals

  8. The genotype and allele frequencies of the COL2A1 genetic polymorphisms (rs1793953 and rs2276454) and the Aggrecan (zeige ACAN Proteine) VNTR polymorphisms differed significantly between the case group and the control group.the genotype and allele frequencies of the COL2A1 genes, rs1793953 and rs2276454, and Aggrecan (zeige ACAN Proteine) VNTR significantly differed in terms of Pfirrmann grades III, IV, and V

  9. Collagen type II loss is induced by the down-regulation of miR (zeige MLXIP Proteine)-133a in intervertebral disc degeneration.

  10. Decrease in mRNA expression of COL2A1 is associated with Osteoarthritis.

Pig (Porcine) Collagen, Type II, alpha 1 (COL2A1) Interaktionspartner

  1. Data suggest that focal adhesion kinase (FAK)-SMAD 2/3 mediate signal crosstalk between type II collagen and TGF-beta1 and regulate glycosaminoglycan secretion in chondrocytic cells.

Cow (Bovine) Collagen, Type II, alpha 1 (COL2A1) Interaktionspartner

  1. a first example of a dominant COL2A1 splice site variant as candidate causal mutation of a severe lethal chondrodysplasia phenotype

  2. Denaturation of the chimeric collagen increased its affinity for fibronectin (zeige FN1 Proteine), as seen for mammalian collagens.

  3. Data show that expression of mRNAs for aggrecan (zeige ACAN Proteine), collagen type II, and versican (zeige Vcan Proteine) were significantly effected by the intervention.

  4. Data show that biglycan (zeige BGN Proteine), collagen type I, collagen type II, decorin (zeige DCN Proteine), and versican (zeige Vcan Proteine) were significantly affected by vibration duration, frequency, and amplitude.

  5. specific ADAMTS-2 domains cleave the aminopropeptide of fibrillar procollagens types I-III and V

  6. Changes in aggrecan (zeige ACAN Proteine) and type II collagen promoter activity in transfected chondrocyte-laden cylindrical constructs were evaluated in response to a range of loading frequencies and durations.

  7. SMase down-regulates type II collagen in articular chondrocytes via activation of the ERK signaling cascade, redistribution of SOX9, and recruitment of c-Fos

  8. Response of the chondrocyte to a cryptic sequence of denaturated type II collagen may play a role in naturally occurring hypertrophy in endochondral ossification and in the development of cartilage pathology in osteoarthritis.

  9. IGF-I (zeige IGF1 Proteine) dose-dependently maintained cartilage formation

COL2A1 Protein Überblick

Protein Überblick

This gene encodes the alpha-1 chain of type II collagen, a fibrillar collagen found in cartilage and the vitreous humor of the eye. Mutations in this gene are associated with achondrogenesis, chondrodysplasia, early onset familial osteoarthritis, SED congenita, Langer-Saldino achondrogenesis, Kniest dysplasia, Stickler syndrome type I, and spondyloepimetaphyseal dysplasia Strudwick type. In addition, defects in processing chondrocalcin, a calcium binding protein that is the C-propeptide of this collagen molecule, are also associated with chondrodysplasia. There are two transcripts identified for this gene.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with COL2A1

  • collagen, type II, alpha 1 (col2a1)
  • collagen, type II, alpha 1 (col2a1b)
  • collagen, type II, alpha 1 (COL2A1)
  • collagen, type II, alpha 1 (Col2a1)
  • type II Collagen (LOC100009005)
  • ANFH Protein
  • AOM Protein
  • CB11 Protein
  • CG2A1A Protein
  • Col2 Protein
  • Col2a Protein
  • Col2a-1 Protein
  • COL2A1 Protein
  • col2a1a Protein
  • COL11A3 Protein
  • COLLII Protein
  • Del1 Protein
  • Dmm Protein
  • Lpk Protein
  • M100856 Protein
  • Rgsc856 Protein
  • SEDC Protein

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alpha-1 type II collagen , collagen alpha-1(II) chain , alpha-1 type II' collagen , collagen, type II, alpha 1 (primary osteoarthritis, spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia, congenital) , collagen, type II, alpha 1 , collagen alpha-1(II) chain-like , type II collagen , collagen type IIA , chondrocalcin , disproportionate micromelia , procollagen, type II, alpha 1 , cartilage collagen , collagen II, alpha-1 polypeptide , alpha 1 type II procollagen , alpha 1 type IIA collagen , procollagen alpha 1(II) , Procollagen II alpha 1 , collagen type II (Col2A1) gene, enhancer region , pro alpha1 type II collagen , collagen type II , type II collagen alpha1 , cyanogen bromide , pro-alpha 1(II)

394828 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
397739 Xenopus laevis
451860 Pan troglodytes
100433193 Pongo abelii
100474711 Ailuropoda melanoleuca
791241 Equus caballus
100008672 Oryctolagus cuniculus
100588525 Nomascus leucogenys
12824 Mus musculus
1280 Homo sapiens
395069 Gallus gallus
25412 Rattus norvegicus
100009005 Oryctolagus cuniculus
100733907 Cavia porcellus
397323 Sus scrofa
407142 Bos taurus
100860743 Capra hircus
403826 Canis lupus familiaris
100196905 Ovis aries
397738 Xenopus laevis
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