Plexin A3 Proteine (PLXNA3)

Plexin A3 Proteine (PLXNA3)
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6.3, HSSEXGENE, MGC89495, mKIAA4078, PlexA3, plexin-A3, plexina3, Plxa3, Plxn3, Plxn4, PLXNA3, SEX, XAP-6
alle Proteine anzeigen Gen GeneID UniProt
PLXNA3 55558 P51805
PLXNA3 18846 P70208
Ratte PLXNA3 PLXNA3 309280 D3ZPX4

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Human Plexin A3 (PLXNA3) Interaktionspartner

  1. Data indicate that plexin A1 (zeige PLXNA1 Proteine)-4 (PLXNA1 (zeige PLXNA1 Proteine)-4) mediation of neuroanatomical traits can be detected using in vivo neuroimaging techniques.

  2. in vitro analysis on PLXNA3 also suggest that this gene may have some form of growth suppressive role in breast cancer, in addition to a similar role for the gene previously reported in ovarian cancer.

  3. Data show that the expression of Sema3A (zeige SEMA3A Proteine) receptors (neuropilin-1 (NRP-1 (zeige NRP1 Proteine)), NRP-2 (zeige NELL2 Proteine), plexin A1 (zeige PLXNA1 Proteine), plexin A2 (zeige Plxna2 Proteine), and plexin A3) significantly increased during M-CSF (zeige CSF1 Proteine)-mediated differentiation of monocytes into macrophages.

Mouse (Murine) Plexin A3 (PLXNA3) Interaktionspartner

  1. genetic findings demonstrate that Sema3a (zeige SEMA3A Proteine) repellent signaling plays a role in the establishment of proper afferent projections in SAG (zeige RNF7 Proteine) neurons, and this signaling likely occurs through a receptor complex involving Npn1 (zeige NRP1 Proteine) and either plexinA1 (zeige PLXNA1 Proteine) or plexinA3

  2. plexin-A3 and plexin-A4 (zeige PLXNA4 Proteine) are expressed in newly-differentiated sympathetic neurons, but not their neural crest precursors. They function cooperatively to regulate the migration of sympathetic neurons and then differentially to guide the sympathetic axons.

  3. These results indicate that the stereotyped pruning of the visual and motor CST (zeige CORT Proteine) axon collaterals is differentially regulated and that this specificity arises from the differential expression of plexin receptors in the cortex.

  4. the signaling of plexin-A3, plexin-A4 (zeige PLXNA4 Proteine), and Sema6A (zeige SEMA6A Proteine) is at least partially required for dorsal turning of the corticospinal tract axons

  5. The combined loss of PLXNA3 and PLXNA4 (zeige PLXNA4 Proteine) impaired facial branchiomotor axon guidance more severely than loss of either plexin alone, suggesting that SEMA3A (zeige SEMA3A Proteine) and SEMA3F (zeige SEMA3F Proteine) signals, even though both essential, are partially redundant.

  6. the plexin A3 GAP domain adopts a closed conformation and cannot accommodate R-Ras/M-Ras (zeige MRAS Proteine) in its substrate-binding site, providing a structural basis for the autoinhibited state of plexins

Zebrafish Plexin A3 (PLXNA3) Interaktionspartner

  1. \Homodimerization of PlxnA3 caused by mutation M1281L remains in the presence of ligand semaphorin 3F (zeige SEMA3F Proteine) and co-receptor neuropilin (zeige NRP1 Proteine)-2a.

  2. Data show that null mutants of the guidance receptor plexin A3 display motor axon branching defects.

  3. in vivo demonstration of the intersection of spontaneous electrical activity with the PlexinA3 guidance molecule receptor in regulation of axon pathfinding

  4. study shows plexinA3 is a crucial receptor for axon guidance cues in primary motor neurons

  5. Plexin A3 plays an additional role in motor axonal morphogenesis.

  6. Plxna3 acts with its ligand Sema3a1 for fasciculation and correct target selection of the Vp and VII (zeige TH Proteine) motor axons.

Plexin A3 (PLXNA3) Protein Überblick

Protein Überblick

The protein encoded by this gene is a member of the plexin class of proteins. The encoded protein is a transmembrane protein that is exposed on the cell surface. This gene is thought to be involved in epithelial and neural tissue development.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with Plexin A3 (PLXNA3)

  • plexin A3 (plxna3)
  • plexin A3 (PLXNA3)
  • plexin A3 (Plxna3)
  • 6.3 Protein
  • HSSEXGENE Protein
  • MGC89495 Protein
  • mKIAA4078 Protein
  • PlexA3 Protein
  • plexin-A3 Protein
  • plexina3 Protein
  • Plxa3 Protein
  • Plxn3 Protein
  • Plxn4 Protein
  • PLXNA3 Protein
  • SEX Protein
  • XAP-6 Protein

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plexin A3 , plexin-A3 , plexin-A3-like , Sex chromosome X transmembrane protein of HGF receptor family 3 , plexin-4 , semaphorin receptor SEX , plexin 3 , Plexin 4, SEX, homolog to the cMet/HGF receptors , set , sidetracked , vermicelli , vmc

448633 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
473835 Pan troglodytes
700399 Macaca mulatta
733179 Xenopus laevis
782382 Bos taurus
100058349 Equus caballus
100087728 Ornithorhynchus anatinus
100328763 Oryctolagus cuniculus
100450590 Pongo abelii
100564961 Anolis carolinensis
100590157 Nomascus leucogenys
55558 Homo sapiens
18846 Mus musculus
309280 Rattus norvegicus
492251 Canis lupus familiaris
567422 Danio rerio
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