Urocortin 3 Proteine (UCN3)

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RGD1562213, SCP, si:dkey-117n7.8, SPC, ucn3, UCNIII
alle Proteine anzeigen Gen GeneID UniProt
UCN3 114131 Q969E3
UCN3 83428 Q924A4
UCN3 498791  

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Human Urocortin 3 (UCN3) Interaktionspartner

  1. In summary, cardiac expression of CRFR1, CRF, and Ucn3 genes is elevated in heart failure and may contribute to the activation of the CRF/Ucn system in these patients.

  2. circulating levels elevated and positively correlated with C-reactive protein (zeige CRP Proteine) in polycystic ovary syndrome

  3. results show that activation of CRH (zeige CRH Proteine) receptors by CRH (zeige CRH Proteine) ligands stimulates VEGF-A (zeige VEGFA Proteine) expression in intestinal epithelial cells through the cAMP/CREB (zeige CREB1 Proteine) pathway

  4. The paracrine actions of Ucn3 activate a negative feedback loop that promotes somatostatin (zeige SST Proteine) release to ensure the timely reduction of insulin (zeige INS Proteine) secretion upon normalization of plasma glucose.

  5. The molecular modifications of urocortin 3[36-38] led to an improved understanding of the relationship between molecular structure and biological activity of this peptide, could be further tested for possible clinical treatment of depression

  6. Data suggest that UCN3 expression can serve as a late stage maturation/differentiation marker in beta-cells during pancreogenesis. [REVIEW]

  7. SCP (zeige RAG1AP1 Proteine) inhibits a subpopulation of PVN neurons, especially OTergic magnocellular neurons, by enhancing the activity of GIRK channels via CRF-R2 (zeige CRHR2 Proteine)

  8. study showed that Ucn2 (zeige UTS2 Proteine) and Ucn3 differentially regulate the LPS (zeige IRF6 Proteine)-induced TNF-alpha (zeige TNF Proteine) and IL-10 (zeige IL10 Proteine) expression and secretion in trophoblast explants acting through CRH-R2 (zeige CRHR2 Proteine). Ucn3 has an anti-inflammatory effect.

  9. These data suggest a possible involvement of urocortin 2 (zeige UCN2 Proteine) and Ucn 3 in the mechanisms of endometriosis.

  10. Confirm the anti-inflammatory function of VIP (zeige Vip Proteine), through the modulation of the expression of CRF (zeige CRH Proteine) system that impacts in a reduction of mediators with inflammatory/destructive functions.

Mouse (Murine) Urocortin 3 (UCN3) Interaktionspartner

  1. findings collectively suggest that the MeA (zeige MEA1 Proteine) Ucn3-CRF-R2 (zeige CRHR2 Proteine) system modulates the ability of mice to cope with social challenges

  2. Ucn3 KO mice displayed significantly increased ethanol intake and preference compared with WT. There were no long-term effects of chronic pain on alcohol drinking behavior, regardless of genotype.

  3. This study aims to investigate the cellular localization of CRF (zeige CRH Proteine) and UCNs in the ileum and to explore whether and how this cellular expression is altered in conditions of intestinal Schistosoma mansoni-induced inflammation.

  4. The paracrine actions of Ucn3 activate a negative feedback loop that promotes somatostatin (zeige SST Proteine) release to ensure the timely reduction of insulin (zeige INS Proteine) secretion upon normalization of plasma glucose.

  5. UCN3 expression enhances glucose disposal and signalling in muscle by an autocrine/paracrine mechanism that is separate from its pro-hypertrophic effects.

  6. Leptin (zeige LEP Proteine) regulates corticotropin-releasing factor (zeige CRH Proteine) and urocortin 2 (zeige UTS2 Proteine)/3 mRNA in hypothalamic neurons.

  7. Urocortin 3 acting on CRFR2 (zeige CRHR2 Proteine) in skeletal muscle of Ucn3(+) mice results in a metabolic phenotype, with lean body composition and protection against diet-induced obesity and hyperglycaemia.

  8. In this study, the intracerebroventricularly administered Ucn3 exerted an inhibitory effect on food intake, although the potency for decreasing food intake differed with the experimental conditions.

  9. The results of this study suggested a novel role for UCN3 and CRH-R2 (zeige CRHR2 Proteine) related to the processing of social cues and to the establishment of social memories.

  10. demonstrate the involvement of the hypothalamic neuropeptide Urocortin-3 in modulating septal and hypothalamic nuclei responsible for anxiety-like behaviors and metabolic functions, respectively.

Urocortin 3 (UCN3) Protein Überblick

Protein Überblick

This gene is a member of the sauvagine/corticotropin-releasing factor/urotensin I family. It is structurally related to the corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) gene and the encoded product is an endogenous ligand for CRF type 2 receptors. In the brain it may be responsible for the effects of stress on appetite. In spite of the gene family name similarity, the product of this gene has no sequence similarity to urotensin II.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with Urocortin 3 (UCN3)

  • urocortin-3-like (LOC100057172)
  • urocortin 3, like (ucn3l)
  • urocortin 3 (ucn3)
  • urocortin 3 (UCN3)
  • urocortin 3 (Ucn3)
  • urocortin 3 (stresscopin) (UCN3)
  • RGD1562213 Protein
  • SCP Protein
  • si:dkey-117n7.8 Protein
  • SPC Protein
  • ucn3 Protein
  • UCNIII Protein

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urocortin-3 , urocortin 3 , prepro-urocortin 3 , stresscopin , ucn III , urocortin III , Urocortin II , Urocortin III , urocortin 3 (stresscopin)

100057172 Equus caballus
100003848 Danio rerio
100169848 Oryzias latipes
114131 Homo sapiens
83428 Mus musculus
498791 Rattus norvegicus
751573 Bos taurus
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