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Nucleotide Phosphorylation

Durchsuchen Sie unsere Antikörper, ELISA Kits und Proteine zu Targets aus der Nucleotide Phosphorylation.


Antigene in dieser Kategorie:
AK1 - Adenylate Kinase 1: AK1 Antikörper AK1 ELISA Kits AK1 Proteine
AK2 - Adenylate Kinase 2: AK2 Antikörper AK2 ELISA Kits AK2 Proteine
AK3 - Adenylate Kinase 3: AK3 Antikörper AK3 ELISA Kits AK3 Proteine
AK4 (Adenylate Kinase 4): AK4 Antikörper AK4 ELISA Kits AK4 Proteine
AK5 - Adenylate Kinase 5: AK5 Antikörper AK5 ELISA Kits AK5 Proteine
AK7 - Adenylate Kinase 7: AK7 Antikörper AK7 ELISA Kits AK7 Proteine
AK8 (Adenylate Kinase 8): AK8 Antikörper AK8 ELISA Kits AK8 Proteine
CMPK1 - Cytidine Monophosphate (UMP-CMP) Kinase 1, Cytosolic: CMPK1 Antikörper CMPK1 ELISA Kits CMPK1 Proteine
CMPK2 - Cytidine Monophosphate (UMP-CMP) Kinase 2, Mitochondrial: CMPK2 Antikörper   CMPK2 Proteine
DTYMK (Deoxythymidylate Kinase (Thymidylate Kinase)): DTYMK Antikörper   DTYMK Proteine
GUK1 (Guanylate Kinase 1): GUK1 Antikörper GUK1 ELISA Kits GUK1 Proteine
MPP5 (Membrane Protein, Palmitoylated 5 (MAGUK P55 Subfamily Member 5)): MPP5 Antikörper MPP5 ELISA Kits MPP5 Proteine
MPP6 (Membrane Protein, Palmitoylated 6 (MAGUK P55 Subfamily Member 6)): MPP6 Antikörper MPP6 ELISA Kits MPP6 Proteine
NME5 (NME/NM23 Family Member 5): NME5 Antikörper   NME5 Proteine
NME3 - NME/NM23 Nucleoside Diphosphate Kinase 3: NME3 Antikörper   NME3 Proteine
NME4 (NME/NM23 Nucleoside Diphosphate Kinase 4): NME4 Antikörper NME4 ELISA Kits NME4 Proteine
NME6 (NME/NM23 Nucleoside Diphosphate Kinase 6): NME6 Antikörper NME6 ELISA Kits NME6 Proteine
NME1-NME2 (NME1-NME2 readthrough Transcript): NME1-NME2 Antikörper    
NME1 (Non-Metastatic Cells 1, Protein (NM23A) Expressed in): NME1 Antikörper NME1 ELISA Kits NME1 Proteine
PNKP (Polynucleotide Kinase 3'-Phosphatase): PNKP Antikörper PNKP ELISA Kits PNKP Proteine
RP2 (Retinitis Pigmentosa 2 (X-Linked Recessive)):   RP2 ELISA Kits RP2 Proteine
TXNDC3 - Thioredoxin Domain Containing 3 (Spermatozoa): TXNDC3 Antikörper TXNDC3 ELISA Kits TXNDC3 Proteine
UCK - Uridine-Cytidine Kinase: UCK Antikörper