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AA517634, AA545208, AI316805, AI839402, AI848451, Ehsh1, Ese1, ITSN, itsn-A, ITSN1, SH3, SH3D1A, SH3P17, si:dz173a8.1

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Mouse (Murine) Intersectin 1 (ITSN1) Interaktionspartner

  1. Immunohistochemistry and histological and morphometric analyses revealed a twofold increase in proliferative endothelial cells and a 1.35-fold increase in proliferative alpha-smooth muscle actin (zeige ACTG2 ELISA Kits)-positive cells in the lungs of ITSN-deficient mice.

  2. PRRT2 interacts with the Src (zeige SRC ELISA Kits) homology 3 domain-bearing protein Intersectin 1, an intracellular protein (zeige CKAP2 ELISA Kits) involved in synaptic vesicle cycling.

  3. Endocytic deficiency caused by ITSN knock-down modified Alk5 (zeige TGFBR1 ELISA Kits) endocytic trafficking and enhances its degradation

  4. It was concluded that miR (zeige MLXIP ELISA Kits)-194 regulates ROMK (zeige KCNJ1 ELISA Kits) channel activity by modulating ITSN1 expression thereby enhancing ITSN1/WNK-dependent endocytosis.

  5. ITSN1 enhances Cbl (zeige CBL ELISA Kits) activity, in part, by modulating the interaction of Cbl (zeige CBL ELISA Kits) with Spry2 (zeige SPRY2 ELISA Kits) through recruitment of Shp2 (zeige PTPN11 ELISA Kits) phosphatase to the Cbl (zeige CBL ELISA Kits)-Spry2 (zeige SPRY2 ELISA Kits) complex.

  6. This study demonistrated that Itsn1 mutant mice showed severe deficits in Morris water maze and contextual fear memory tasks.

  7. ITSN1 binds Pro-rich regions in both Cbl (zeige CBL ELISA Kits) and Spry2 (zeige SPRY2 ELISA Kits), and interaction of ITSN1 with Spry2 (zeige SPRY2 ELISA Kits) disrupts Spry2 (zeige SPRY2 ELISA Kits)-Cbl (zeige CBL ELISA Kits) interaction, resulting in enhanced ubiquitylation of the EGFR (zeige EGFR ELISA Kits).

  8. Data show that intersectin-SH3D interacts directly with a small region of CdGAP highly enriched in basic residues and comprising a novel conserved xKx(K/R)K motif.

  9. Swapping of SH3 domain binding partners might act as a switch controlling the actin nucleation activity of intersectin 1L.

  10. Cdc42 (zeige CDC42 ELISA Kits) and Ras cooperate to mediate cellular transformation by intersectin-L

Human Intersectin 1 (ITSN1) Interaktionspartner

  1. These findings provide the basis for further functional investigations of the ITSN/CR16 complex that may play an important role in actin remodeling and cellular invasion.

  2. Study suggests critical roles of ITSN1-S in malignant glioma proliferation, indicating a potential usage of ITSN1-S in the therapeutic intervention as a novel molecular target

  3. Our observations suggest that ITSN1 is an important general regulator of Cdc42-, Nck- and N-WASP-dependent actin polymerisation

  4. ITSN1 and ITSN2 bind similar proline-rich ligands but are differentially recognized by SH2 domain-containing proteins.

  5. Silencing ITSN1 significantly inhibits the anchorage independent growth of tumor cells in vitro.

  6. the neuron-specific isoform of the stable tubule-only polypeptide (zeige MAP6 ELISA Kits) (STOP) interacts with SH3A domain of ITSN1.

  7. ITSN-1s, via its SH3A domain has the unique ability to regulate dyn2 (zeige DNM2 ELISA Kits) assembly-disassembly and function during endocytosis

  8. ITSN1 has two isoforms: ITSN1-long and ITSN1-short. siRNA-mediated down regulation of ITSN1-short inhibits migration and invasion of glioma cells.

  9. study reveals a link between overexpression of specific ITSN1 isoforms and behavioral phenotypes

  10. This novel mammalian ITSN1 isoform possesses a significantly altered domain structure and performs specific protein-protein interactions.

ITSN1 Antigen-Profil

Beschreibung des Gens

The protein encoded by this gene is a cytoplasmic membrane-associated protein that indirectly coordinates endocytic membrane traffic with the actin assembly machinery. In addition, the encoded protein may regulate the formation of clathrin-coated vesicles and could be involved in synaptic vesicle recycling. This protein has been shown to interact with dynamin, CDC42, SNAP23, SNAP25, SPIN90, EPS15, EPN1, EPN2, and STN2. Multiple transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been found for this gene, but the full-length nature of only two of them have been characterized so far.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with ITSN1

  • intersectin 1 (SH3 domain protein) (itsn1) Elisa Kit
  • intersectin 1 (ITSN1) Elisa Kit
  • intersectin 1 (LOC100358300) Elisa Kit
  • intersectin 1 (SH3 domain protein 1A) (Itsn1) Elisa Kit
  • intersectin 1 (SH3 domain protein) (ITSN1) Elisa Kit
  • intersectin 1 (SH3 domain protein) (Itsn1) Elisa Kit
  • AA517634 Elisa Kit
  • AA545208 Elisa Kit
  • AI316805 Elisa Kit
  • AI839402 Elisa Kit
  • AI848451 Elisa Kit
  • Ehsh1 Elisa Kit
  • Ese1 Elisa Kit
  • ITSN Elisa Kit
  • itsn-A Elisa Kit
  • ITSN1 Elisa Kit
  • SH3 Elisa Kit
  • SH3D1A Elisa Kit
  • SH3P17 Elisa Kit
  • si:dz173a8.1 Elisa Kit

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SH3 domain , intersectin-1 , intersectin 1 , intersectin 1, isoform 1 , EH and SH3 domains protein 1 , Eh domain, SH3 domain regulator of endocytosis 1 , intersectin (SH3 domain protein 1A) , intersectin short form 2 variant 2 , intersectin-L , SH3 domain-containing protein 1A , Src homology 3 domain-containing protein , human intersectin-SH3 domain-containing protein SH3P17 , intersectin 1 short form variant 3 , intersectin 1 short form variant, 11 , intersectin short variant 12 , EH domain and SH3 domain regulator of endocytosis 1 , intersectin 1 (SH3 domain protein 1A)

368504 Danio rerio
698606 Macaca mulatta
100137549 Papio anubis
100358300 Oryctolagus cuniculus
16443 Mus musculus
6453 Homo sapiens
29491 Rattus norvegicus
394300 Xenopus laevis
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