DBN1 Proteine (DBN1)

Drebrin 1 Proteine (DBN1)
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D0S117E, DBN1, LOC733967
alle Proteine anzeigen Gen GeneID UniProt
DBN1 1627 Q16643
DBN1 56320 Q9QXS6
Ratte DBN1 DBN1 81653 Q07266

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  1. Human DBN1 Protein expressed in Wheat germ - ABIN1351156 : Park, Yamada, Kojo, Sato, Onozuka, Yamamoto: Drebrin (developmentally regulated brain protein) is associated with axo-somatic synapses and neuronal gap junctions in rat mesencephalic trigeminal nucleus. in Neuroscience letters 2009 (PubMed)

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Human Drebrin 1 (DBN1) Interaktionspartner

  1. Drebrin reduces SMC (zeige DYM Proteine) activation through its interaction with the actin cytoskeleton but independently of its interaction with Homer (zeige HOMER1 Proteine) scaffolds to prevent neointima formation.

  2. Exploring the relationship between drebrin and cognitive function may provide insight into the early prevention of cognitive impairment and in the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

  3. Drebrin is critical for progranulin (zeige GRN Proteine)-dependent activation of the Akt (zeige AKT1 Proteine) and MAPK (zeige MAPK1 Proteine) pathways and modulates motility, invasion and anchorage-independent growth in bladder neoplasms.

  4. The study compared the proteome profiles of the human colon adenocarcinoma cell line HCT-116 with its metastatic derivative E1. DBN1 was found to be overexpressed in E1 as compared to HCT-116 cells.

  5. In basal cell carcinoma tissues, intense and homogeneous drebrin expression was observed mainly at tumor cell-cell boundaries. In contrast, drebrin was stained only weakly and non-homogeneously in trichoblastoma and trichoepthelioma tissue samples.

  6. Rab8a (zeige RAB8A Proteine) and Drebrin E act as key proteins in the regulation of apical trafficking in intestinal epithelial cells.

  7. drebrin has a role in HIV infection by modulating viral entry, mainly through the control of actin cytoskeleton polymerization in response to HIV-1

  8. These findings show that drebrin contains a cryptic F-actin-bundling activity regulated by phosphorylation and provide a mechanistic model for microtubule-F-actin coupling.

  9. decreasing the drebrin E levels disrupted the normal subapical F-actin-myosin-IIB-betaII-spectrin network and the apical accumulation of EB3 (zeige MAPRE3 Proteine), a microtubule-plus-end-binding protein

  10. Drebrin contributes to the maintenance of cell shape, and may play an important role in glioma cell motility.

Mouse (Murine) Drebrin 1 (DBN1) Interaktionspartner

  1. Drebrin reduces SMC (zeige DYM Proteine) activation through its interaction with the actin cytoskeleton but independently of its interaction with Homer (zeige HOMER1 Proteine) scaffolds to prevent neointima formation.

  2. Data suggest further studies to elucidate the effect of drebrin (Dbn) on the development and progression of Alzheimer's disease (AD).

  3. Study demonstrated that isoform conversion of drebrin is critical, and that drebrin A is indispensable for adult hippocampal synaptic plasticity and hippocampus-dependent fear learning; the phenotype of drebrin A knockout mice suggests functional differences between drebrin A and drebrin E

  4. These findings provide unprecedented experimental support for a role of drebrin in the regulation of memory-related synaptic plasticity and neurotransmitter receptor (zeige GRIN1 Proteine) signaling

  5. Dbn1 regulates systemic anaphylaxis and IgE/Fcgr1-induced degranulation in mast cells by regulating actin reorganization and actin dynamics.

  6. SAHA likely inhibits ADDL (zeige ADD3 Proteine)-induced drebrin loss from dendritic spines by stabilizing drebrin in these structures, rather than by increasing drebrin clusters or dendritic protrusions

  7. These results suggest that Cdk5 (zeige CDK5 Proteine)-p35 (zeige CDK5R1 Proteine) regulates neuronal migration through phosphorylation of drebrin in growth cone processes.

  8. Double knockout Psen1Psen2 leads to a decrease in immunoreactivity for drebrin A at both synaptic and nonsynaptic areas of CA1 (zeige CA1 Proteine) hippocampus.

  9. The density of drebrin-positive glutamatergic synapses formed on GABAergic neurons is lower than those on glutamatergic neurons.

  10. These results suggest that the actin-binding domain of drebrin is centered on actin subdomain 2 and may adopt a folded conformation upon binding to F-actin.

DBN1 Protein Überblick

Protein Überblick

The protein encoded by this gene is a cytoplasmic actin-binding protein thought to play a role in the process of neuronal growth. It is a member of the drebrin family of proteins that are developmentally regulated in the brain. A decrease in the amount of this protein in the brain has been implicated as a possible contributing factor in the pathogenesis of memory disturbance in Alzheimer's disease. At least two alternative splice variants encoding different protein isoforms have been described for this gene.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with DBN1

  • drebrin 1 (DBN1)
  • drebrin 1 (dbn1)
  • drebrin 1 (LOC733967)
  • drebrin 1 (LOC100224486)
  • drebrin 1 (Dbn1)
  • drebrin-like (DBNL)
  • D0S117E Protein
  • DBN1 Protein
  • LOC733967 Protein

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drebrin 1 , drebrin-like , developmentally-regulated brain protein , drebrin , drebrin E , drebrin E2 , drebrin-1 , drebrin A , developmentally regulated brain protein

100068529 Equus caballus
462307 Pan troglodytes
489088 Canis lupus familiaris
494829 Xenopus laevis
700375 Macaca mulatta
733967 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
100224486 Taeniopygia guttata
100434757 Pongo abelii
1627 Homo sapiens
505406 Bos taurus
56320 Mus musculus
81653 Rattus norvegicus
396496 Gallus gallus
493831 Felis catus
100008894 Oryctolagus cuniculus
607412 Canis lupus familiaris
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