WEE1 Homolog 2 (S. Pombe) Proteine (WEE2)

WEE1 Homolog 2 (S. Pombe) Proteine (WEE2)
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Gm1065, im:5913035, si:ch211-238n5.5, wee1, wee1-b, wee1a, Wee1B, WEE2, wee2-b, wu:fi13b10, Xe-wee1, xwee1, xwee2, zgc:123074
alle Proteine anzeigen Gen GeneID UniProt
WEE2 494551 P0C1S8
Maus WEE2 WEE2 381759 Q66JT0

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Mouse (Murine) WEE1 Homolog 2 (S. Pombe) (WEE2) Interaktionspartner

  1. WEE1B acts as a direct downstream substrate of protein kinase A (PKA) and that Ser (zeige SIGLEC1 Proteine) 15 of WEE1B is a potential PKA phosphorylation target in the G2/M transition of mouse embryos.

  2. findings demonstrate that exit from metaphase requires not only a proteolytic degradation of cyclin B but also the inhibitory phosphorylation of Cdc2 (zeige CDK1 Proteine) by Wee1B

  3. Wee1B is a key maturation-promoting-factor inhibitory kinase in mouse oocytes, functions downstream of PKA, and is required for maintaining meiotic arrest.

Pig (Porcine) WEE1 Homolog 2 (S. Pombe) (WEE2) Interaktionspartner

  1. results suggest pWEE1B is activated after phosphorylation of the Ser77 residue, which is different from phosphorylation site that activates mWEE1B; that pWEE1B is localized in the nucleus; and that the nuclear localization is essential for its function

  2. insufficient amount of Cdc2 and continuous activation of Wee1 B are the cause of meiotic failure of small oocytes in pigs

  3. These results suggest that the inhibitory phosphorylation of CDC2 (zeige CDK1 Proteine), which is catalyzed by pigWee1B, but not pigMyt1, is involved in the meiotic arrest of porcine oocytes.

WEE1 Homolog 2 (S. Pombe) (WEE2) Protein Überblick

Protein Überblick

Oocyte-specific protein tyrosine kinase that phosphorylates and inhibits CDK1 and acts as a key regulator of meiosis during both prophase I and metaphase II. Required to maintain meiotic arrest in oocytes during the germinal vesicle (GV) stage, a long period of quiescence at dictyate prophase I, by phosphorylating CDK1 at 'Tyr-15', leading to inhibit CDK1 activity and prevent meiotic reentry. Also required for metaphase II exit during egg activation by phosphorylating CDK1 at 'Tyr-15', to ensure exit from meiosis in oocytes and promote pronuclear formation.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with WEE1 Homolog 2 (S. Pombe) (WEE2)

  • WEE1 homolog 2 (wee2)
  • WEE1 homolog 2 (S. pombe) (WEE2)
  • WEE1 homolog 2 (S. pombe) (Wee2)
  • Wee1B protein kinase (WEE1B)
  • WEE1 homolog 2 (S. pombe) (wee2)
  • Gm1065 Protein
  • im:5913035 Protein
  • si:ch211-238n5.5 Protein
  • wee1 Protein
  • wee1-b Protein
  • wee1a Protein
  • Wee1B Protein
  • WEE2 Protein
  • wee2-b Protein
  • wu:fi13b10 Protein
  • Xe-wee1 Protein
  • xwee1 Protein
  • xwee2 Protein
  • zgc:123074 Protein

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Wee1-like protein kinase 1 , wee1-like protein kinase 2-B , wee1-like protein kinase 1B , wee1-like protein kinase 2 , wee1B kinase , mWee1B , Wee1-like protein kinase 1B , Wee1-like protein kinase 2 , Wee1B kinase

398017 Xenopus laevis
494551 Homo sapiens
381759 Mus musculus
100048934 Sus scrofa
427918 Gallus gallus
475525 Canis lupus familiaris
327471 Danio rerio
100468598 Ailuropoda melanoleuca
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