TCF21 Proteine (TCF21)

Transcription Factor 21 Proteine (TCF21)
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0610011B16Rik, ACYPI002601, bHLHa23, Capsulin, CRN7, epc, Epicardin, Msf-1, Pod-1, Pod1, tcf21, zgc:123313
alle Proteine anzeigen Gen GeneID UniProt
TCF21 79585 P57737
TCF21 21412 O35437
Ratte TCF21 TCF21 252856  

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Human Transcription Factor 21 (TCF21) Interaktionspartner

  1. Transcription Factor 21 is downregulated in adrenocortical carcinoma cells. Taken together, these findings support the hypothesis that Transcription Factor 21 is a regulator of steroidogenic factor 1 (zeige DDX20 Proteine) and is a tumor suppressor gene in pediatric and adult adrenocortical tumors.

  2. TCF21 binds to AHR (zeige AHR Proteine), promotes expression of AHR (zeige AHR Proteine) to upregulate inflammation-related genes in coronary artery smooth muscle.

  3. Association of miR-146a rs2910164 and TCF21 rs12190287 with CAD in an Iranian population.

  4. These findings show that POD-1/TCF21 regulates SF-1 (zeige NR5A1 Proteine) and LRH-1 (zeige NR5A2 Proteine) by distinct mechanisms, contributing to the understanding of POD-1 involvement and its mechanisms of action in adrenal and liver tumorigenesis.

  5. TCF21 may function as a tumor suppressor gene, which is downregulated through promoter hypermethylation in CRC (zeige CALR Proteine) development.

  6. The presence of significant hypermethylation of TCF21 supports the hypothesis that hypermethylation of TCF21 and/or decreased TARID expression lies within the pathogenic pathway of most CCSKs.

  7. our data provided the first evidence that TCF21 mRNA is significantly downregulated in breast cancer cell lines and tissues and regulates breast cancer cell proliferation and EMT (zeige ITK Proteine).

  8. Separate enrichment analyses found over-representation of TCF21 target genes among CAD associated genes, and linkage disequilibrium between TCF21 peak variation and that found in GWAS loci consistent with the hypothesis that TCF21 may affect disease risk

  9. Obese children had significantly lower methylation levels at a CpG site located near coronin 7 (CORO7), which encodes a tryptophan-aspartic acid dipeptide (WD)-repeat containing protein most likely involved in Golgi complex morphology and function

  10. TCF21 could inhibit the proliferation and migration of SMMC-7721 hepatocellular carcinoma cells and promote its apoptosis

Mouse (Murine) Transcription Factor 21 (TCF21) Interaktionspartner

  1. During normal heart development, spatio-temporal differences in contribution of WT-1 (zeige WT1 Proteine) and Tcf21-LacZ (zeige GLB1 Proteine) + cells to right versus left ventricular myocardium occur parallel to myocardial thickening.

  2. TCF21 may have a role regulating the differentiation state of SMC (zeige DYM Proteine) precursor cells that migrate into vascular lesions and contribute to the fibrous cap and more broadly, in view of the association of this gene with human Coronary Artery Disease

  3. Our results demonstrate a critical role for Tcf21 in the differentiation and maintenance of podocytes.

  4. Data indicate that loss of Pod1/Tcf21 leads to epicardial blistering, increased smooth muscle cell differentiation on the surface of the heart, and a paucity of interstitial fibroblasts, with neonatal lethality.

  5. The majority of Tcf21-expressing epicardial cells are committed to the cardiac fibroblast lineage prior to initiation of epicardial epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition.

  6. Data show that correct levels of expression of Myf5 (zeige MYF5 Proteine) and MyoD (zeige MYOD1 Proteine) during mouse craniofacial development result from activation by musculin (zeige MSC Proteine) and TCF21 through direct binding to specific enhancers.

  7. epicardin/capsulin/Pod-1 functions as a negative regulator of differentiation of myoblasts through transcription in cell growth arrest and lineage-specific differentiation

  8. findings identify MyoR (zeige MSC Proteine) and capsulin as unique transcription factors for the development of specific head muscles

  9. cell autonomous and non-cell autonomous roles for Pod1 in the differentiation of specific renal cell lineages that include peritubular interstitial cells and pericytes.

  10. Pod-1, which controls androgen receptor (zeige AR Proteine) transcription and function, may play an important role in the development and function of the testis.

Xenopus laevis Transcription Factor 21 (TCF21) Interaktionspartner

  1. Tcf21 functions as a transcriptional repressor to regulate proepicardial cell specification and the correct formation of a mature epithelial epicardium

  2. Distribution of a basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor (zeige HEY1 Proteine) expressed very early in the development of the pronephric glomus is described.

Zebrafish Transcription Factor 21 (TCF21) Interaktionspartner

  1. Capsulin has an essential role in zebrafish craniofacial myogenesis.

  2. Upstream sequences of the transcription factor gene tcf21 activate robust, epicardium-specific expression throughout development and regeneration.

  3. Endogenous Capsulin was distributed mainly in the epicardial cells of zebrafish.

TCF21 Protein Überblick

Protein Überblick

TCF21 encodes a transcription factor of the basic helix-loop-helix family. The TCF21 product is mesoderm specific, and expressed in embryonic epicardium, mesenchyme-derived tissues of lung, gut, gonad, and both mesenchymal and glomerular epithelial cells in the kidney. Two transcript variants encoding the same protein have been found for this gene.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with TCF21

  • transcription factor 21 (TCF21)
  • transcription factor 21 (tcf21)
  • transcription factor 21 (Tcf21)
  • Transcription factor 21 (tcf21)
  • transcription factor 21 (LOC100346722)
  • coronin 7 (CORO7)
  • 0610011B16Rik Protein
  • ACYPI002601 Protein
  • bHLHa23 Protein
  • Capsulin Protein
  • CRN7 Protein
  • epc Protein
  • Epicardin Protein
  • Msf-1 Protein
  • Pod-1 Protein
  • Pod1 Protein
  • tcf21 Protein
  • zgc:123313 Protein

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transcription factor 21 , TCF-21 , capsulin , epicardin , pod 1 , podocyte-expressed 1 , Transcription factor 21 , 70 kDa WD repeat tumor rejection antigen homolog , coronin-7 , class A basic helix-loop-helix protein 23 , pod-1 , Pod 1 , Podocyte-expressed 1 , MyoRa2

463151 Pan troglodytes
707680 Macaca mulatta
100126209 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
100161377 Acyrthosiphon pisum
100195288 Salmo salar
100303487 Saccoglossus kowalevskii
100346722 Oryctolagus cuniculus
79585 Homo sapiens
421697 Gallus gallus
6943 Homo sapiens
483993 Canis lupus familiaris
510873 Bos taurus
21412 Mus musculus
252856 Rattus norvegicus
444386 Xenopus laevis
558148 Danio rerio
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