PLA2G16 Proteine (PLA2G16)

HRAS-Like Suppressor 3 Proteine (PLA2G16)
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AdPLA, C78643, H-REV107-1, Hrasls3, Hrev107, HREV107-1, HREV107-3, HRSL3, MLP-3
alle Proteine anzeigen Gen GeneID UniProt
PLA2G16 11145 P53816
PLA2G16 225845 Q8R3U1
PLA2G16 24913 P53817

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  1. Human PLA2G16 Protein expressed in Escherichia coli (E. coli) - ABIN666725 : Nazarenko, Schäfer, Sers: Mechanisms of the HRSL3 tumor suppressor function in ovarian carcinoma cells. in Journal of cell science 2007 (PubMed)
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Human HRAS-Like Suppressor 3 (PLA2G16) Interaktionspartner

  1. study uncovers two competing processes triggered by Picornaviridae virus entry: activation of a pore-activated clearance pathway and recruitment of a PLA2G16 phospholipase to enable genome release

  2. Demonstrate increased PLA2G16 expression activates the MAPK (zeige MAPK1 Proteine) pathway to enhance osteosarcoma metastasis.

  3. our results revealed that H-rev107 (zeige HRASLS Proteine) is also involved in lipid accumulation in liver cells through the POR (zeige POR Proteine) pathway via its PLA2 (zeige YWHAZ Proteine) activity.

  4. Results show that osteosarcoma patients with metastasis showed higher expression of PLA2G16 at both the mRNA and protein levels and shorter overall survival suggesting it as significant prognostic factor for poor outcome.

  5. the flexible main loop of H-REV107, but not that of TIG3, is critical for its NTD to modulate its CTD in inducing cell death.

  6. crystal structure of the HRASLS3-LRAT (zeige LRAT Proteine) chimeric enzyme in a thioester catalytic intermediate state revealed a major structural rearrangement accompanied by three-dimensional domain swapping dimerization not observed in native HRASLS (zeige HRASLS Proteine)

  7. several mutant p53 (zeige TP53 Proteine) proteins bind the Pla2g16 promoter at E26 transformation-specific (ETS (zeige ETS1 Proteine)) binding motifs and knockdown of ETS2 (zeige ETS2 Proteine) suppressed mutant p53 (zeige TP53 Proteine) induction of Pla2g16.

  8. Our study further suggests that the PLA/AT activity of H-rev107 may play an important role in H-rev107-mediated RAS suppression.

  9. an alternate mechanism for AdPLA in promoting adipose tissue lipolysis that is not contingent on the release of arachidonic acid and that is compatible with its combined PLA(1 (zeige POU2F3 Proteine))/A(2) activity

  10. Data show that acyl-modified forms of HRAS (zeige HRAS Proteine)-like tumor suppressors HRASLS2 (zeige HRASLS2 Proteine) and HRASLS3 mimicking lipolytic activity of lecithin retinol acyltransferase LRAT (zeige LRAT Proteine).

Mouse (Murine) HRAS-Like Suppressor 3 (PLA2G16) Interaktionspartner

  1. several mutant p53 (zeige TP53 Proteine) proteins bind the Pla2g16 promoter at E26 transformation-specific (ETS (zeige ETS1 Proteine)) binding motifs and knockdown of ETS2 (zeige ETS2 Proteine) suppressed mutant p53 (zeige TP53 Proteine) induction of Pla2g16.

  2. H-rev107 (zeige HRASLS Proteine), through PTGDS (zeige PTGDS Proteine), suppressed cell migration and invasion. Data suggest that the PGD2 (zeige PTGDS Proteine)-cAMP-SOX9 (zeige SOX9 Proteine) signal pathway might play an important role in H-rev107 (zeige HRASLS Proteine)-mediated cancer cell invasion in testes.

  3. H-rev107 (zeige HRASLS Proteine) interferes with the biosynthesis of ether-type lipids and is responsible for the dysfunction of peroxisomes in H-rev107 (zeige HRASLS Proteine)-expressing cells.

  4. identification of an Sp1 (zeige SP1 Proteine)/Sp3-binding GC-box required for the transcription of H-rev107 (H-rev107 (zeige HRASLS Proteine))

  5. study found that AdPLA that was previously known as H-Rev-107 (zeige HRASLS Proteine)/HRASLS3 is an adipose-specific, calcium-dependent histidine PLA2 (zeige PLA2G2A Proteine)

  6. HRASLS3 as one of the downstream effectors of PPARgamma (zeige PPARG Proteine) action in adipogenesis.

Cow (Bovine) HRAS-Like Suppressor 3 (PLA2G16) Interaktionspartner

  1. Single nucleotide polymorphisms in the adipose specific phospholipase A2 are associated with growth traits in cattle.

PLA2G16 Protein Überblick

Protein Überblick

gene whose expression is suppressed by HRAS

Alternative names and synonyms associated with PLA2G16

  • phospholipase A2, group XVI (PLA2G16)
  • HRAS-like suppressor 3 (LOC100343759)
  • phospholipase A2, group XVI (Pla2g16)
  • AdPLA Protein
  • C78643 Protein
  • H-REV107-1 Protein
  • Hrasls3 Protein
  • Hrev107 Protein
  • HREV107-1 Protein
  • HREV107-3 Protein
  • HRSL3 Protein
  • MLP-3 Protein

Bezeichner auf Proteinebene für PLA2G16

HRAS-like suppressor 3 , H-rev 107 protein homolog , group XVI phospholipase A1/A2 , group XVI phospholipase A2 , Ca-independent phospholipase A1/2 , HRAS-like suppressor 1 , adipose-specific PLA2 , adipose-specific phospholipase A2 , renal carcinoma antigen NY-REN-65 , H-rev 107 protein , HRAS like suppressor 3 , LRAT-like protein 3 , Hras-revertant gene 107 (expression down-regulated in HRAS-transformed rat 208F fibroblasts)

451279 Pan troglodytes
476045 Canis lupus familiaris
100190820 Pongo abelii
100343759 Oryctolagus cuniculus
11145 Homo sapiens
225845 Mus musculus
506802 Bos taurus
24913 Rattus norvegicus
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