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anti-Claudin 10 Antikörper (CLDN10)
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6720456I16Rik, CLDN10, Cldn10a, Cldn10b, CPETRL3, D14Ertd728e, DKFZp469F1626, OSP-L, si:busm1-52i16.3, si:dz52i16.3
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CLDN10 9071 P78369
CLDN10 58187  
CLDN10 290485  

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  1. Guinea Pig Polyclonal CLDN10 Primary Antibody für WB - ABIN2778039 : Gonzualez-Mariscal, Betanzos, Nava, Jaramillo: Tight junction proteins. in Progress in biophysics and molecular biology 2002 (PubMed)

  2. Human Polyclonal CLDN10 Primary Antibody für WB - ABIN522511 : Kammula, Mötter, Gorgels, Jonas, Hoffmann, Willbold: Brain transcriptome-wide screen for HIV-1 Nef protein interaction partners reveals various membrane-associated proteins. in PLoS ONE 2013 (PubMed)

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  1. These renal-derived features recapitulate several phenotypic aspects detected in mice with kidney specific loss of both claudin-10 isoforms. Our study adds to the spectrum of phenotypes caused by tight junction proteins and demonstrates a pivotal role for claudin-10b in maintaining paracellular Na+ permeability for sweat production and kidney function.

  2. localization of Cldn3 (zeige CLDN3 Antikörper), Cldn7 (zeige CLDN7 Antikörper) and Cldn10 proteins in the different compartments of murine endometrium up to day 8.5 of pregnancy (dpc) as well as in human endometrium and first trimester decidua

  3. An algorithm combining CLDN10, HMGA2, and LAMB3 (zeige LAMB3 Antikörper) transcripts was able to discriminate tumors from BTL (zeige CHIC2 Antikörper) samples (94% sensitivity and 96% specificity in validation set).

  4. Expression of CLDN1 (zeige CLDN1 Antikörper) and CLDN10 was lower in invasive lepidic predominant adenocarcinoma than in lung adenocarcioma in situ. Overexpression of CLDN1 (zeige CLDN1 Antikörper) and CLDN10 indicates a favorable prognosis in some patients with lung adenocarcinoma.

  5. Claudin 10 expression was down-regulated in gastric cancer.

  6. In claudin-10b, the F66L mutant reduced cation selectivity, and the F66A mutant lost pore conductance

  7. Claudin 10/18 are most commonly expressed in lung adenocarcinomas. Female patients and non-smokers express these claudins more commonly suggesting that they may play a part in the carcinogenesis of tobacco unrelated carcinoma.

  8. Claudin 10 protein is highly expressed in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC (zeige FAM126A Antikörper)) tissue and is closely related to angiogenesis. It could be a useful marker to predict poor prognosis of HCC (zeige FAM126A Antikörper) patients after hepatectomy.

  9. CLDN10 is a novel biomarker for detecting ovarian cancer in the chicken, a suitable animal model for investigating the effect and function of CLDN in human ovarian cancer.

  10. High Claudin-10 expression level is associated with recurrence of primary hepatocellular carcinoma

Mouse (Murine) Claudin 10 (CLDN10) Interaktionspartner

  1. localization of Cldn3 (zeige CLDN3 Antikörper), Cldn7 (zeige CLDN7 Antikörper) and Cldn10 proteins in the different compartments of murine endometrium up to day 8.5 of pregnancy (dpc) as well as in human endometrium and first trimester decidua

  2. These data identify claudin-10 as a key factor in control of cation selectivity and transport in the thick ascending limb, and deficiency in this pathway as a cause of nephrocalcinosis.

  3. Claudin-10 is expressed at the variety of epithelial tissues in the coclea of inner ear including Organ of Corti, stria vascularis, Reissner's membrane, and spiral limbus.

  4. alternative splicing of claudin-10 generates unique permselectivities and might contribute to the variable paracellular transport observed along the nephron

  5. Claudin-10 exists in six alternatively spliced isoforms that exhibit distinct localization and function.

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Beschreibung des Gens

This gene encodes a member of the claudin family. Claudins are integral membrane proteins and components of tight junction strands. Tight junction strands serve as a physical barrier to prevent solutes and water from passing freely through the paracellular space between epithelial or endothelial cell sheets, and also play critical roles in maintaining cell polarity and signal transductions. The expression level of this gene is associated with recurrence of primary hepatocellular carcinoma. Six alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been reported, but the transcript sequences of some variants are not determined.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with CLDN10

  • claudin 10 (cldn10) Antikörper
  • claudin 10 (CLDN10) Antikörper
  • claudin 10 (LOC100355124) Antikörper
  • claudin 10 (Cldn10) Antikörper
  • 6720456I16Rik Antikörper
  • CLDN10 Antikörper
  • Cldn10a Antikörper
  • Cldn10b Antikörper
  • CPETRL3 Antikörper
  • D14Ertd728e Antikörper
  • DKFZp469F1626 Antikörper
  • OSP-L Antikörper
  • si:busm1-52i16.3 Antikörper
  • si:dz52i16.3 Antikörper

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claudin 10 , OSP-like protein , claudin-10 , claudin 10A , claudin 10B , claudin-10A

368619 Danio rerio
418790 Gallus gallus
452626 Pan troglodytes
476963 Canis lupus familiaris
695638 Macaca mulatta
100173096 Pongo abelii
100355124 Oryctolagus cuniculus
9071 Homo sapiens
58187 Mus musculus
290485 Rattus norvegicus
506545 Bos taurus
101107876 Ovis aries
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