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anti-Topoisomerase (DNA) III alpha Antikörper (TOP3A)
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TOP3A 303194  
TOP3A 7156 Q13472
TOP3A 21975 O70157

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Human Topoisomerase (DNA) III alpha (TOP3A) Interaktionspartner

  1. The results show that Topo IIIalpha stimulates DNA unwinding by BLM in a manner that is potentiated by RMI1 (zeige RMI1 Antikörper)-RMI2 (zeige RMI2 Antikörper), and that the processivity of resection is reliant on the Topo IIIalpha-RMI1 (zeige RMI1 Antikörper)-RMI2 (zeige RMI2 Antikörper) complex.

  2. hTOP3alpha interacts with p53 (zeige TP53 Antikörper), regulates p53 (zeige TP53 Antikörper) and p21 (zeige CDKN1A Antikörper) expression, and contributes to the p53 (zeige TP53 Antikörper)-mediated tumor suppression

  3. MPS1 (zeige IDUA Antikörper) protein-dependent phosphorylation of RecQ-mediated genome instability protein 2 (RMI2 (zeige RMI2 Antikörper)) at serine 112 is essential for BLM-Topo III alpha-RMI1 (zeige RMI1 Antikörper)-RMI2 (zeige RMI2 Antikörper) (BTR (zeige GPR148 Antikörper)) protein complex function upon spindle assembly checkpoint (SAC (zeige ADCY10 Antikörper)) activation during mitosis

  4. TOP3A, a new partner gene fused to MLL (zeige MLL Antikörper) in an adult patient with de novo acute myeloid leukaemia.

  5. human topoisomerase IIIalpha functions as a decatenase with the assistance of BLM and RMI1 (zeige RMI1 Antikörper) to facilitate the processing of homologous recombination intermediates without crossing over as a mechanism to preserve genome integrity

  6. G-quadruplex ligand telomestatin impairs binding of topoisomerase IIIalpha to G-quadruplex-forming oligonucleotides and uncaps telomeres in ALT cells

  7. The Bloom's syndrome helicase stimulates the activity of topoisomerase IIIalpha

  8. The effects of TOP3 on telomere binding in human and S. cerevisiae cells are reported.

  9. BLM, Topo IIIalpha, and BLAP75 (zeige RMI1 Antikörper) constitute a dissolvasome complex that processes HR intermediates to limit DNA crossover formation

  10. BLM is stably associated with TOP3A.

TOP3A Antigen-Profil

Beschreibung des Gens

This gene encodes a DNA topoisomerase, an enzyme that controls and alters the topologic states of DNA during transcription. This enzyme catalyzes the transient breaking and rejoining of a single strand of DNA which allows the strands to pass through one another, thus reducing the number of supercoils and altering the topology of DNA. This enzyme forms a complex with BLM which functions in the regulation of recombination in somatic cells.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with TOP3A

  • topoisomerase (DNA) III alpha (Top3a) Antikörper
  • topoisomerase (DNA) III alpha (TOP3A) Antikörper
  • TOP3 Antikörper

Bezeichner auf Proteinebene für TOP3A

DNA topoisomerase 3-alpha , DNA topoisomerase III alpha , topo III-alpha , Top IIIa , topoisomerase (DNA) 3 alpha , topoisomerase 3 alpha

303194 Rattus norvegicus
7156 Homo sapiens
21975 Mus musculus
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