T-Complex 1 (TCP1) ELISA Kits

The protein encoded by TCP1 is a molecular chaperone that is a member of the chaperonin containing TCP1 complex (CCT), also known as the TCP1 ring complex (TRiC). Zusätzlich bieten wir Ihnen T-Complex 1 Antikörper (250) und T-Complex 1 Proteine (10) und viele weitere Produktgruppen zu diesem Protein an.

list all ELISA KIts Gen GeneID UniProt
Anti-Maus TCP1 TCP1 21455  
Anti-Human TCP1 TCP1 6950 P17987
Anti-Ratte TCP1 TCP1 24818 P28480
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Weitere ELISA Kits für T-Complex 1 Interaktionspartner

Mouse (Murine) T-Complex 1 (TCP1) Interaktionspartner

  1. this study shows that CCTalpha (zeige PCYT1A ELISA Kits) is required for antigen-specific, germinal center-derived memory B cells

  2. Data show that T-complex protein 1 (TCP-1) may be a crucial downstream mo (zeige P2RX7 ELISA Kits)lecule (zeige P2RX7 ELISA Kits)of purinergic receptor P2X 7 (P2X7R) and plays a role in lymphoid neoplasm metastasis.

  3. The data presented here reveal an additional level of interplay between CCT (zeige FLVCR2 ELISA Kits) and actin mediated via gelsolin (zeige GSN ELISA Kits), suggesting that CCT (zeige FLVCR2 ELISA Kits) may influence processes depending on gelsolin (zeige GSN ELISA Kits) activity, such as cell motility.

  4. Host CCTalpha (zeige PCYT1A ELISA Kits) is required for efficient transcription and replication of rabies virus.

  5. Our data provide new evidence indicating the essential role of the chaperonin CCT in the biogenesis of vertebrate photoreceptor sensory cilia

  6. Results suggest that chaperonin containing t-complex protein 1 (CCT) is required for efficient delivery of enzymatically active toxin to the cytosol and are consistent with a direct role for CCT in translocation of LF through the protective antigen pore.

  7. Normal CCT function is ultimately required for the morphogenesis and survival of sensory neurons of the retina.

  8. TRiC (zeige MARVELD2 ELISA Kits)-peptide complexes of the heat shock protein 60 (zeige HSPD1 ELISA Kits) family are efficient vehicles of cross-presentation in assays in vitro and in mice in vivo; immunization with TRiC (zeige MARVELD2 ELISA Kits) purified from a tumor elicits specific protection against a challenge with that tumor.

  9. downregulated expression in T cells following treatment with bis (zeige BAG3 ELISA Kits)(tri (zeige VANGL2 ELISA Kits)-n-butylin)oxide (TBTO), an immunotoxic organotin

  10. cellular distribution of CCT during spermatogenesis; in the cytoplasm,it associates to the microtubule organizing center and the manchette; in the nucleus, it concentrates at highly condensed chromatin regions

Human T-Complex 1 (TCP1) Interaktionspartner

  1. Result suggest the positive correlation between purinergic receptor P2X 7 (zeige P2RX7 ELISA Kits) (P2X7R (zeige P2RX7 ELISA Kits)) and T-complex protein 1 (TCP-1) in lymphoma patients.

  2. Data suggest that biosynthesis and folding of leukemogenic fusion oncoprotein AML1 (zeige RUNX1 ELISA Kits)-ETO (zeige RUNX1T1 ELISA Kits)/RUNX1 (zeige RUNX1 ELISA Kits)-RUNX1T1 (zeige RUNX1T1 ELISA Kits) is facilitated by interaction with the chaperonin (zeige HSPD1 ELISA Kits) TRiC/CCT1/TCP1 and HSP70 (heat shock protein 70 (zeige HSP70 ELISA Kits)).

  3. Changes for CRMP2 (zeige DPYSL2 ELISA Kits), TCP1epsilon, TPM2 (zeige TPM2 ELISA Kits) and 14-3-3gamma (zeige YWHAG ELISA Kits) were confirmed in experimental tumors and in a series of 28 human SI-NETs.

  4. A role for the TRiC (zeige MARVELD2 ELISA Kits) subunits TCP1 and CCT2 (zeige CCT2 ELISA Kits), and potentially the entire TRiC (zeige MARVELD2 ELISA Kits) complex, in breast cancer.

  5. CCT8 (zeige CCT8 ELISA Kits) might be an oncogene (zeige RAB1A ELISA Kits) and participate in HCC (zeige FAM126A ELISA Kits) cell proliferation.

  6. identified 6 of the 8 components of the chaperonin-containing TCP-1 (zeige CCT6A ELISA Kits) (CCT) complex bound to LOX-1 (zeige OLR1 ELISA Kits) cytoplasmic domain

  7. Data suggest that specific molecular mediators involved in glucocerebrosidase (zeige GBA ELISA Kits) maturation and degradation, and abnormal interaction with TCP1 and c-Cbl (zeige CBL ELISA Kits), could be responsible for phenotypic variation among patients with the same genotypes.

  8. Expression patterns of chaperone proteins in cerebral cortex of the fetus with Down syndrome: dysregulation of T-complex protein 1.

  9. TRiC (zeige MARVELD2 ELISA Kits) chaperonin (zeige HSPD1 ELISA Kits) binds to HIF prolyl hydroxylase PHD3 (zeige EGLN3 ELISA Kits)

  10. the strong inhibitory action of PhLP (zeige PDCL ELISA Kits)(S) on Gbetagamma signaling is the result of a previously unrecognized mechanism of Gbetagamma-regulation, inhibition of Gbetagamma-folding by interference with TCP-1alpha

Cow (Bovine) T-Complex 1 (TCP1) Interaktionspartner

  1. The mammalian TRiC structure was determined at 4.7-A resolution.

  2. Results indicate that the kinetic mechanism of the allosteric transitions of chaperonin (zeige HSPD1 ELISA Kits) containing t-complex polypeptide 1 (TCP-1) differs considerably from that of GroEL

  3. unlike GroEL, TRiC does not close its lid upon nucleotide binding, but instead responds to the trigonal-bipyramidal transition state of ATP hydrolysis.

  4. Data show that chaperonin (zeige HSPD1 ELISA Kits) TRiC binding is specified by two short hydrophobic beta strands in the von Hippel-Lindau protein that, upon folding, become buried within the native structure [TRiC].

  5. antagonistic actions of PhLP3 and prefoldin serve to modulate CCT activity and play a key role in establishing a functional cytoskeleton in vivo

  6. one of the cytosolic chaperonin containing t-complex polypeptide 1 (CCT)/TRiC-specific targets is hydrophobic beta-strands, which are highly prone to aggregation

  7. Domain movements in TRiC are coordinated through unique interdomain contacts within each subunit and, further, these contacts are absent in prokaryotic chaperonins.

  8. analysis of the formation of a stable complex between chaperonin-containing TCP-1 (zeige CCT6A ELISA Kits) (CCT) and Hsc70 (zeige HSPA8 ELISA Kits)

T-Complex 1 (TCP1) Antigen-Profil

Beschreibung des Gens

The protein encoded by this gene is a molecular chaperone that is a member of the chaperonin containing TCP1 complex (CCT), also known as the TCP1 ring complex (TRiC). This complex consists of two identical stacked rings, each containing eight different proteins. Unfolded polypeptides enter the central cavity of the complex and are folded in an ATP-dependent manner. The complex folds various proteins, including actin and tubulin. Alternate transcriptional splice variants of this gene, encoding different isoforms, have been characterized. In addition, three pseudogenes that appear to be derived from this gene have been found.

Genbezeichner und Symbole assoziert mit T-Complex 1 (TCP1) ELISA Kits

  • Tcp1-like (T-cp1) Antikörper
  • t-complex protein 1, pseudogene 1 (Tcp1-ps1) Antikörper
  • T-complex protein 1 subunit alpha (cct-1) Antikörper
  • t-complex 1 (TCP1) Antikörper
  • t-complex 1 (Tcp1) Antikörper
  • t-complex protein 1 (Tcp1) Antikörper
  • AI528772 Antikörper
  • BEST:GH05123 Antikörper
  • c-cpn Antikörper
  • CCT Antikörper
  • CCT-alpha Antikörper
  • Cct1 Antikörper
  • Cct1-1P Antikörper
  • Ccta Antikörper
  • CCTalpha Antikörper
  • CG5374 Antikörper
  • D6S230E Antikörper
  • Dmel\\CG5374 Antikörper
  • gh05123 Antikörper
  • p63 Antikörper
  • T-cpl Antikörper
  • Tcp-1 Antikörper
  • TCP-1-alpha Antikörper
  • TCP-1alpha Antikörper
  • Tcp1 Antikörper
  • Tcp1-alpha Antikörper
  • TCPA_DROME Antikörper
  • Tp63 Antikörper
  • TRic Antikörper

Bezeichner auf Proteinebene für T-Complex 1 (TCP1) ELISA Kits

CG5374-PA , CG5374-PB , T-complex 1 , T-cp1-PA , T-cp1-PB , T-complex protein 1 subunit alpha , T-complex protein 1, alpha subunit , tailless complex polypeptide 1 , CCT-alpha , TCP-1-alpha , cytosolic chaperonin containing t-complex polypeptide 1 , T-complex protein 1 subunit alpha A , T-complex protein 1 subunit alpha B , TCP-1-A , TCP-1-B , t-complex polypeptide 1 , tailless complex polypeptide 1A , tailless complex polypeptide 1B , 65 kDa antigen , t-complex 1

42649 Drosophila melanogaster
21455 Mus musculus
174318 Caenorhabditis elegans
6950 Homo sapiens
512043 Bos taurus
24818 Rattus norvegicus
21454 Mus musculus
100689476 Cricetulus griseus
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