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Synovial Sarcoma, X Breakpoint 4 Proteine (SSX4)

Could act as a modulator of transcription.. Zusätzlich bieten wir Ihnen SSX4 Antikörper (61) und viele weitere Produktgruppen zu diesem Protein an.

alle Proteine anzeigen Gen GeneID UniProt
SSX4 6759 O60224
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HOST_Wheat germ Human GST tag 10 μg Anmelden zum Anzeigen 7 bis 8 Tage
345,60 €
HOST_HEK-293 Cells Human Myc-DYKDDDDK Tag Validation with Western Blot 20 μg Anmelden zum Anzeigen 6 bis 8 Tage
748,00 €

SSX4 Proteine nach Spezies und Herkunft

Origin Exprimiert in Konjugat
Human ,

Am meisten referenzierte SSX4 Proteine

  1. Human SSX4 Protein expressed in Wheat germ - ABIN1321460 : Smith, Cronk, Lang, McNeel: Expression and immunotherapeutic targeting of the SSX family of cancer-testis antigens in prostate cancer. in Cancer research 2011 (PubMed)

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Human Synovial Sarcoma, X Breakpoint 4 (SSX4) Interaktionspartner

  1. SSX2, SSX3, and SSX4 are expressed only in 3.5% early-stage non-small cell lung cancer patients.

  2. The mRNA levels of SSX1 and SSX4 are associated with multiple myeloma clinical stage

  3. Our results suggest that GAGE, XAGE1 and SSX4 might each have a role in melanoma progression

  4. we found that the SSX4 and MAGE-A3 (zeige MAGEA3 Proteine) genes are frequently expressed in brain tumor cell lines

  5. existence of CD4+ T cells specific for multiple SSX-4 derived sequences in circulating lymphocytes from melanoma patients

SSX4 Protein Überblick

Protein Überblick

Could act as a modulator of transcription.

Genbezeichner und Symbole assoziert mit SSX4

  • synovial sarcoma, X breakpoint 4 (SSX4)
  • CT5.4 Protein

Bezeichner auf Proteinebene für SSX4

cancer/testis antigen 5.4 , protein SSX4

6759 Homo sapiens
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