Acylglycerol Kinase (AGK) ELISA Kits

The protein encoded by AGK is a mitochondrial membrane protein involved in lipid and glycerolipid metabolism. Zusätzlich bieten wir Ihnen Acylglycerol Kinase Antikörper (34) und Acylglycerol Kinase Proteine (8) und viele weitere Produktgruppen zu diesem Protein an.

list all ELISA KIts Gen GeneID UniProt
AGK 55750 Q53H12
Anti-Maus AGK AGK 69923 Q9ESW4
Anti-Ratte AGK AGK 502749  
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Human 0.081 ng/mL 0.15-10 ng/mL 96 Tests Anmelden zum Anzeigen 13 bis 16 Tage

Am meisten referenzierte Acylglycerol Kinase ELISA Kits

  1. Human Acylglycerol Kinase ELISA Kit für Sandwich ELISA - ABIN421826 : Abu El-Asrar, Mohammad, Nawaz, Siddiquei, Kangave, Opdenakker: Expression of lysophosphatidic acid, autotaxin and acylglycerol kinase as biomarkers in diabetic retinopathy. in Acta diabetologica 2013 (PubMed)

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Human Acylglycerol Kinase (AGK) Interaktionspartner

  1. The dual function of AGK as lipid kinase and constituent of the TIM22 (zeige TIMM22 ELISA Kits) complex reveals that disturbances in both phospholipid metabolism and mitochondrial protein (zeige COX6B2 ELISA Kits) biogenesis contribute to the pathogenesis of Sengers syndrome.

  2. Identify AGK as a bona fide subunit of TIM22 (zeige TIMM22 ELISA Kits) providing an exciting and unexpected link between mitochondrial protein (zeige COX6B2 ELISA Kits) import and Sengers syndrome.

  3. Acylglycerol kinase functions as an oncogene (zeige RAB1A ELISA Kits) and an unfavorable prognostic marker for human gliomas.

  4. We showed that AGK was over-expressed in cervical cancer cell lines and clinical tissues, and over-expression of AGK was associated with poor survival outcomes of early-stage CSCC (zeige CYP11A1 ELISA Kits) patients. AGK can be used as an independent prognostic marker for early-stage CSCC (zeige CYP11A1 ELISA Kits).

  5. Data suggest that acylglycerol kinase (AGK) has potential as a prognostic factor for overall survival in nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC (zeige NPC1 ELISA Kits)).

  6. AGK promotes the proliferation and cell cycle progression of oral squamous cell carcinoma.

  7. miR (zeige MLXIP ELISA Kits)-194 could reduce the phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K (zeige PIK3CA ELISA Kits))/AKT (zeige AKT1 ELISA Kits)/FoxO3a (zeige FOXO3 ELISA Kits) signaling pathway by suppressing acylglycerol kinase (AGK) directly.

  8. findings provide new evidence that AGK plays an important role in promoting angiogenesis and providing resistance to apoptosis in hepatocellular carcinoma

  9. compare our findings to those in 21 previously reported AGK mutation-positive Sengers patients, confirming that Sengers syndrome is a clinically recognisable disorder of mitochondrial energy metabolism

  10. AGK promotes cell proliferation and tumorigenicity in breast cancer via suppression of the FOXO1 (zeige FOXO1 ELISA Kits).

Mouse (Murine) Acylglycerol Kinase (AGK) Interaktionspartner

  1. AGK promotes cell proliferation and tumorigenicity in breast cancer via suppression of the FOXO1 (zeige FOXO1 ELISA Kits).

Acylglycerol Kinase (AGK) Antigen-Profil

Beschreibung des Gens

The protein encoded by this gene is a mitochondrial membrane protein involved in lipid and glycerolipid metabolism. The encoded protein is a lipid kinase that catalyzes the formation of phosphatidic and lysophosphatidic acids. Defects in this gene have been associated with mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome 10.

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  • acylglycerol kinase (AGK) Antikörper
  • acylglycerol kinase (agk) Antikörper
  • acylglycerol kinase (Agk) Antikörper
  • 2610037M15Rik Antikörper
  • 6720408I04Rik Antikörper
  • AI465370 Antikörper
  • CATC5 Antikörper
  • CTRCT38 Antikörper
  • fi38e09 Antikörper
  • MTDPS10 Antikörper
  • Mulk Antikörper
  • RGD1562046 Antikörper
  • wu:fi38e09 Antikörper
  • zgc:55462 Antikörper

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acylglycerol kinase , acylglycerol kinase, mitochondrial-like , acylglycerol kinase, mitochondrial , hAGK , hsMuLK , multi-substrate lipid kinase , multiple substrate lipid kinase , muLK

100064603 Equus caballus
463784 Pan troglodytes
100024230 Monodelphis domestica
100037870 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
100165096 Acyrthosiphon pisum
100401650 Callithrix jacchus
100557026 Anolis carolinensis
100585743 Nomascus leucogenys
55750 Homo sapiens
69923 Mus musculus
502749 Rattus norvegicus
418121 Gallus gallus
482764 Canis lupus familiaris
100233170 Sus scrofa
514693 Bos taurus
379163 Xenopus laevis
100171735 Pongo abelii
334270 Danio rerio
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