PPIA Protein Lysate (GST tagged)(expressed in E. coli)

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  • Cyp1
  • PPIA-2
  • fa93g09
  • ppia
  • wu:fa93g09
  • wu:fb05e11
  • wu:fb13h02
  • wu:fb15a05
  • CYPA
  • CypA
  • Cypa
  • CYPH
  • CYCA
  • CyP-A
  • MGC75715
  • 2700098C05
  • Cphn
  • CyP-18
  • MT-ND1
  • MTND1
  • NADH1
  • ND1
  • cypA
  • PPIase A
  • peptidylprolyl isomerase A
  • peptidylprolyl isomerase Aa (cyclophilin A)
  • peptidylprolyl isomerase A (cyclophilin A) L homeolog
  • cyclophilin A
  • cyclophilin a
  • peptidylprolyl isomerase A (cyclophilin A)
  • PPIA
  • ppiaa
  • ppia.L
  • Cypa
  • CNB01230
  • CNB01290
  • Tc00.1047053506925.300
  • Tb11.03.0250
  • CYPA
  • Ppia
  • ppia
Escherichia coli (E. coli)
GST tag
Western Blotting (WB), Control (Ct)
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Produktmerkmale This is a recombinant PPIA protein expressed in E. coli. It is suitable for western blot
Lysate Fraction Whole Cell Lysate
Lysate Type Protein Lysate
Andere Bezeichnung PPIA
Hintergrund The protein encoded by FABP7 is a brain fatty acid binding protein. Fatty acid binding proteins (FABPs) are a family of small, highly conserved, cytoplasmic proteins that bind long-chain fatty acids and other hydrophobic ligands. FABPs are thought to play roles in fatty acid uptake, transport, and metabolism.

Alias Symbols: CYPA, CYPH, MGC117158, MGC12404, MGC23397

Protein Interaction Partner: LNX1, HUWE1, UBC, TCF4, FUS, gag, MDM2, RPL23A, SRPK2, SRPK1, ESR1, UBD, TERT, RAD52, VCAM1, ITGA4, FN1, HCVgp1, LIG4, PAXIP1, RB1, APP, CPLX1, SNX3, TAGLN2, SOD1, RPA2, RAD23B, PTMA, IGBP1, ENO1, AKT1, USP4, CDK2, COPS5, CUL1, CUL3, CUL4B, NEDD8, CD99, C

Protein Size: 165
Molekulargewicht 18 kDa
Gen-ID 5478
NCBI Accession NM_021130, NP_066953
UniProt P62937
Beschränkungen Nur für Forschungszwecke einsetzbar
Format Lyophilized
Rekonstitution Add 100 μL of distilled water. Final concentration is 1 mg/mL.
Konzentration 1mg/mL
Handhabung Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
Lagerung -20 °C
Informationen zur Lagerung For longer periods of storage, store at -20°C. Avoid repeat freeze-thaw cycles.
Allgemeine Veröffentlichungen Yang, Robotham, Nelson, Irsigler, Kenworthy, Tang: "Cyclophilin A is an essential cofactor for hepatitis C virus infection and the principal mediator of cyclosporine resistance in vitro." in: Journal of virology, Vol. 82, Issue 11, pp. 5269-78, 2008 (PubMed).