Western Incubation Box, Small

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Western Blotting (WB)
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Produktmerkmale Western Blot incubation boxes are ideal for incubating Western blots including near-infrared fluorescent Western blots and chemiluminescent Western blots.
Benötigtes Material Odyssey nitrocellulose (ABIN2737853) and 4X Protein Sample Loading Buffer and PVDF Membrane Kit (ABIN2169590)
Protokoll Incubation of chemiluminescent or near-infrared Western blots
As an example protocol we would mention the following:
I. Required Reagents
  • Blotted nitrocellulose (LI-COR, P/N 926-31090/926-31092) or Immobilon®-FL PVDF membrane (LI-COR, P/N 926-31099 or 926-31100)
  • Odyssey® Blocking Buffer (PBS) (LI-COR, P/N 927-40000, 927-40100) or Odyssey Blocking Buffer (TBS) (LI-COR, P/N 927-50000, 927-50100)**
  • Primary antibodies
  • IRDye® 800CW, 680RD, or 680LT secondary antibodies (LI-COR)
  • Tween® 20
  • PBS/TBS**
  • Ultrapure water
  • Methanol for wetting of PVDF
  • SDS

** IMPORTANT! PBS-based and TBS-based blocking buffers may be used with this protocol. Odyssey Blocking Buffer is available in both formulations. Be sure to keep your buffer system consistent throughout the protocol for blocking, antibody dilutions, and washes. For example, if you use a TBS-based buffer system, choose Odyssey Blocking Buffer (TBS). If you use a PBS-based buffer system, choose Odyssey Blocking Buffer (PBS).
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