Cathepsin E Inhibitor Screening Kit (Fluorometric)

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  • CTSE
  • ce1
  • ce2
  • cate
  • CATE
  • A430072O03Rik
  • C920004C08Rik
  • CE
  • CatE
  • CEA
  • CEB
  • Ctsea
  • cathepsin E
  • hypothetical protein
  • CTSE
  • TP03_0056
  • Smp_184930
  • ctse
  • PGTG_08035
  • Ctse
Binding Studies (Bind), Detection (D), Screening Assay (ScA)
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Nachweismethode Fluorometric
Produktmerkmale Cathepsin E Inhibitor Screening Kit utilizes the ability of Cathepsin E to cleave a synthetic MCA-based peptide substrate to release free MCA, which can be easily quantified using a fluorometer or fluorescence microplate reader. In the presence of a Cathepsin E-specific inhibitor, the cleavage of the substrate is reduced/abolished resulting in decrease or total loss of the MCA fluorescence. This simple and high-throughput adaptable assay kit can be used to screen/study/characterize the potential inhibitors of Cathepsin E.
Screen/study/characterize potential inhibitors of Cathepsin E
Bestandteile CTSE Assay Buffer
Human Cathepsin E
CTSE Substrate
CTSE Inhibitor (1 mM Pepstatin A in DMSO)
Andere Bezeichnung Cathepsin E (CTSE ELISA Kit Abstract)
Hintergrund Cathepsin E (CTSE, EC: is a gastric aspartyl protease that functions as a disulfide-linked homodimer. This protease has a specificity similar to that of pepsin A and cathepsin D. It is an intracellular proteinase that is found in highest concentration on the surface of epithelial mucus-producing cells of the stomach. It is the first aspartic proteinase expressed in the fetal stomach and is found in more than half of the gastric cancers.
Applikations-hinweise Screen/study/characterize potential inhibitors of Cathepsin E
Beschränkungen Nur für Forschungszwecke einsetzbar
Lagerung -20 °C
Haltbarkeit 12 months
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